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Baylor Rides to Victory Over the Red Raiders

After runs for both teams, Baylor finished strong and grabbed a ten point win over the Red Raiders.

Catarina Ferreira lays it in. Twitter- Baylor Women’s Basketball

Aaand Bella Fontleroy secured the tip, but nothing came of the first possession. Texas Tech scored the first points in this game. This lead didn’t last long, as Ja’Mee Asberry quickly busted a three, leading to a 9-0 run. 9-2, Lady Bears up with six to play. Ja’Mee Asberry later went down pretty hard, and was replaced by Jana Van Gytenbeek. Jana came in and quickly blew past a defender and dished it perfectly, setting up a Bugget. 17-9 with just under four left in the quarter. Texas Tech ended the quarter with four points, closing the gap a little bit. Baylor still up, 17-13 after the first.

The lineup included Catarina Ferreira to start the second quarter, who quickly drove to the basket and found the hole. Catarina kept it going, scoring six points in the first three minutes, all layups, no misses. Lots of paint points coming this quarter from all around. Saying this as we get a Bickle Bucket off of a dazzling post move from Caitlin. And another. Baylor bigs are feasting. Bears up ten with 2:12 left in the half. This doesn’t mean that points aren’t coming from other places. Sarah Andrews made one from behind the arc to prove this. Baylor went on a little run to end the half, as they take their lead to double digits. 38-28, Baylor out in front.

The ladies shot very well this half, making it hard for Texas Tech to place any foothold in momentum. Once Baylor took the lead, they never gave it back. Keys to win this game are to keep the paint secure and limit turnovers. Baylor should pull this one out.

It took the ladies quite a while to score in the third, with their first points coming from Caitlin Bickle with 6:21 remaining. They are still up though, 40-35. The Red Raiders continued to fight and ended up taking the lead 42-43 later in the third quarter. This quarter has been very sloppy on offense and defense for our ladies. Baylor was outscored 20-6 this quarter, resulting in a score of 44-48 moving to the final quarter.

But the Bears came out HOT to start the fourth, with Bickle drilling a three and Buggs laying it in down. Bears back on top with just under nine. And the Bickle Buckets kept coming, with a lay-in followed by a three! Someone stop her! And the lead is extended to six after a Bugget down low. 60-54, 3:44 left. With a minute to go, the ladies busted open a fast break and found Buggs down low who made a bucket to put the Bears up twelve. This seemingly dwindled the hopes of the Red Raiders and they filed out of the Ferrell. The women pulled this one out, 71-61. Yep! 71-61. Final score: 71-61

Player of this game and a lot of the others is definitely Caitlin Bickle. Her impact is so evident when she’s on vs. when she’s off the court. Her bucket at the beginning of the fourth really got the Lady Bears back in it. Buggs also played very well today, both of them in double digits. Quick turnaround for for Baylor, as they play Monday also. Keep the momentum ladies! Go take Austin!