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ODB Mailbag - Baylor Sports What’s Next Edition: Answered

Baylor Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Football, and March Madness questions answered.

PioneerSkies: Did Aaron Rodgers see his shadow when he emerged from his darkness retreat? If so, does it mean six more weeks of retirement speculation?

BNT: Don’t know about the retirement stuff, but I do have footage of him emerging from his darkness retreat.

Your_Bailey_Bear: What is the status of Aijha Blackwell? Any chance we will see her play again in the postseason?

BNT: I have no update on her status, but it would be a boost if her leg was ready for postseason. With the incredibly talented freshmen we have, think what this team would be with a healthy Blackwell and eligible Edwards.

aintathangbutachickenwing: Do we finally have a B12 commissioner we need to hold on to at all costs?

pbpope: Yormark’s moves have been impressive. Really interested to see what happens in the near future, both in realignment and making the Big 12 more relevant as a brand.

Joe Goodman: Agreed. It’s nice to have someone who seems proactive rather than reactive and is willing to take risks rather than cater to the big names.

BNT: I’m not surprised as he has the best consultant advising him

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PioneerSkies: To what extent do you think that the collapse in Lawrence led to a mental/emotional/physical letdown in Manhattan? How should the team go about regaining focus with three tough games still to be played before the tournaments? How difficult will that be with the regular season conference title all but out of reach, being two games back with only three left to play? Will these losses lead to better performance in March?

Joe Goodman: I don’t think what happened in Lawrence caused anything in Manhattan. There’s smart ways to defend us, and both of those places have high effort teams with great coaching and are really tough places to get a win. We’ve only won once in the Phog I believe, and K State has only lost once in the Octagon all year.

BNT: I agree with Joe that there wasn’t a connection. I do HOPE those performances will lead to a better performance in March.

Your_Bailey_Bear: Is MBB missing the Josh O energy in the rotation to jump start bench production?

Joe Goodman: I love Josh O, but he’s still raw. I would like him to get more minutes but it’s gotta be a tough decision for the staff because right now our bigs aren’t offensive producers and if you’re not shooting well, like we haven’t in recent second halves, it’s difficult to justify putting less offensive production on the floor. Can’t wait to see what Josh develops into though. This isn’t a national title team this year, at least in my opinion. They’re great, but I’m really excited about seeing them escape playing some Big 12 teams in the tourney

BNT: Josh O is going to be a good one, but he still has a lot to learn as he’s only been playing organized ball for a couple of years. EJ brings the energy off the bench, not Josh...and EJ will continue to get better/stronger.

PioneerSkies: Also, with Lohner having what seems like several rough games lately, should more of his minutes be going to Josh O?

mattisbear: Lohner has the potential to be a VERY impactful force come March. He does so many things well, but he’s struggled in the most visible areas on the court (finishing around the rim, etc.) I want as many minutes as possible for him this season so he can either:

  1. Contribute in March
  2. Contribute even more next season

An earlier question referenced energy from the bench. He brings it EVERY single game. Every Day Caleb if you will.

BNT: Lohner is still learning his role at BU as BYU had him playing on the blocks with his back to the basket and Drew has him at the stretch 4 facing the basketball. It is a much better use of his athletic ability. Once the light turns on he’s going to be a force, which we’ve seen flashes.

Your_Bailey_Bear: Which MBB players besides Keyonte and Flo will enter the NBA draft after this season?

Joe Goodman: Flagler

BNT: Yep

Your_Bailey_Bear: Considering the drop off in 2nd half production last two games, does HCSD need to change up his halftime speech?

Joe Goodman: Nah. 2 of the toughest places to play in the toughest conference.

BTN: I’d be down with him giving this halftime speech

yourbearman: Do you think that we will be able to draw Kansas in the B12 tourney and get our revenge?

BNT: I would love to beat them on their home court at least once this season.

aintathangbutachickenwing: Has Sawyer been named QB1 yet?

Joe Goodman: No he was wearing number 8 in his recruit photo

pbpope: I wouldn’t expect a QB starter announcement this spring... But if it happens, I think it will probably be Shapen, not Robertson. I am excited to see how the competition shapes up in spring ball.

BNT: I don’t see a starter being named until right before the first game.

aintathangbutachickenwing: What needs to happen for MBB’s defense to get better?

mattisbear: A great question, and one that I am breaking down for a piece coming out on Friday!

BNT: Let me answer this way

Feel free to post your comments or other questions below. Sic ‘em!