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ODB Mailbag - Basketball Stretch Run Edition: Answered

Football, basketball, and other Baylor sports questions answered.

IrvingParkBear: So, what’s the injury status on Langston Love. Clearly, he’s the scoring bench guy. Bonner is afraid to shoot.

Joe Goodman: Honestly haven’t heard anything new on Love, but you’re correct he’s a key bench piece the team needs. As for Bonner, he isn’t afraid to shoot, he’s getting better at understanding his game. Not all guards are shooters, and that’s fine! You wouldn’t want a slow QB always escaping the pocket, in the same way you don’t want a guy who can’t shoot taking a bunch of 3s.

BNT: Believe Love has a hip contusion and should be back Saturday...hopefully.

Drallen1845: So what’s the injury status on Adam Flagler? Clearly his hand seems to be impacting his shot....

Joe Goodman: He’s playing, beyond that I’m not aware of anything official.

BNT: I hope having almost all week off will do the trick getting him back on track. If Flagler is back to form, I think we win the conference again.


willdb26: realistically we should very well go 8-4 or better. txst-W, utah-L, long island-W, texas-L, ucf-W, ttu-W, cincy-W, isu-W, houston-W, k state-L, tcu-L, wvu-W. i feel like this isn’t a stretch at all, and I think that this team could possibly steal one or two of the road games i marked down as losses as well.

Joe Goodman: 12-0. Next question.

BNT: You know good and well I won’t answer this question until I drop my BNT Season Preview and Bold Prediction article in late August. Also,

CactusBear: The Big 12 SEC challenge I thought was a great showcase for the Big 12 in what seems to be a bit of a regional power struggle. Do you think a good play for the Big 12 to lure PAC schools would be to have challenge against them to show them how conference life in our conference could be, the great atmospheres, and just how great our basketball product is. Seems like a sneaky good angle?

Joe Goodman: That may make fans more open to a move, but the schools care about the money, not the atmospheres.


PioneerSkies: Both teams in the Superb Owl will be starting QBs who attended Big 12 schools. Who do you think prevails? Who are you hoping prevails? Aren’t we all getting sick of the Chiefs already??

Jenna Patteson: I’m pulling for Jalen Hurts because HTown and also he’s gorgeous. Go Eagles!

Joe Goodman: I disagree with Jenna, and it does Hurt (get it) as a Houstonian to root against Jalen. But I would laugh so hard if Philly loses the MLS Final, World Series, and Super Bowl all in a few months.

BNT: Being a lifelong Cowboys fan, which is not only sad but I have officially dubbed them as the Texans of the playoffs, I can say

Drallen1845: What’s the latest on JTT return likelihood and timeline? Thoughts on how his return would impact the rotation?

BNT: I’m in the camp that thinks he will return. Drew himself in an interview did not rule it out. Even though he would be rusty, his energy, D, and activity around the rim would be an immediate help. Josh and Caleb would be the 2 players seeing shrinking minutes if he were to return. Caleb mostly.

Your_Bailey_Bear: Despite the 0-8 start, are Tech fans still happier than if Chris Beard was still their coach?

Joe Goodman: A clean, non fired Beard? They would be happier with him. As it stands in reality? They are much happier with Adams.

BNT: 100%

Bearsalwayswin: Any word on how Sawyers fitting in?

Joe Goodman: I’m betting he’s still figuring out where Old Main is and where he should be parking every day.

BNT: Students literally just came back and began classes, so I have no On the other hand there is an update on another new transfer

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