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ODB Mailbag - Let’s Do It Again MBB Edition: Answered

Baylor Men’s basketball, Women’s basketball, opposing teams courts, and hair styles questions answered.

PioneerSkies: Whither Chris Beard? Your thoughts on the charges being dropped? Does he get another HC gig? If so, how soon and at what level?

BNT: In today’s culture, not right or wrong, I don’t see him being hired again as a HC.

membry412: What is the number posted in front of the student section? I believe it was 076 on Monday.

pocketchange: That is the total number of missed opponent free throws on the season.

mattisbear: One of my favorite additions to the fan experience in a good long while. #BringBackRedJak

BNT: I didn’t know that. You learn something new every day. I’m just glad the number isn’t

PoppyBear: Give us your game by game Win/Loss projections for the Bears’ remaining conference slate, PLUS BU’s final ranking in the Big 12

Joe Goodman: Undefeated, champs. Next question.

mattisbear: If Baylor goes 3-2 down the stretch, I’m thrilled. It’s a tough slate with 3 away games. Just get ready for March.

Branden MacKinnon

@Kansas: L

@ K State: W

Texas: W



Tied for 2nd in the Big 12 w Texas

BNT: KU W (even w Higgins reffing), KSU W, UT W, OSU W, ISU W

Champs once again

aintathangbutachickenwing: How far can MBB go if Flagler and/or George have an off night during the tournament?

pbpope: It depends heavily on the performance of the rest of the team and at what point the off night comes for those two, but I think the team is deep enough to survive an off night from any one individual.

Joe Goodman: What kind of night do Cryer and Love have? We are in trouble when they’re all off, but we have plenty of reinforcements to hold things down if one guy is off.

mattisbear: We’ve seen 4 straight wins with 1-2 of the guards having off nights. That’s why having 4-5 great guards is a cheat code.

Branden MacKinnon: That’s why they call him Big Dale Bonner


PioneerSkies: The Chief’s championship is fraudulent because of that bogus holding call on Bradberry, right??

pbpope: Of course not. A) There’s no guarantee that Philly wins it even if KC has to kick the FG a minute earlier. 2) Poor officiating, unfortunately, is a fairly common occurrence. There were multiple missed/bad calls throughout the game. Don’t want it to impact the game, don’t let KC back in it in the 2nd half. D) It was against Philly, so you can’t call it fraudulent.

Joe Goodman: I thought it was a fair call, no one woulda been mad if that call was made with 11 mins left in the 2nd quarter. Game situation shouldn’t dictate calls, they are what they are.

BNT: I saw it and it didn’t really matter to me one way or the other. It may or may not have been a missed call, but frankly there were several plays that both sides could have complained about.

FunkycoldMD: What can be done to improve our MBB’s team performance in the paint? TCU had their way inside with too many uncontested layups and dunks.

Joe Goodman: We are moving more toward a zone style (which I think is the right move) and this happens with that kind of defense. Team will improve though ad they get better at the zone.

mattisbear: TCU had their way with a lot of teams when they bring a healthy Mike Miles Jr. But we weren’t fully healthy during that first game either.

Branden MacKinnon: I think we are going to continue to see issues with interior defense when you play 3 guards and an undersized 4. As long as we aren’t giving up kick out threes we should be straight.

BNT: TCU has a really good team that’s quick and makes excellent off ball cuts to the basket. Basketball is a game of match ups and TCU is a tough match up for us. But, we took care of business. EJ keeps gaining confidence around the rim and that will help on both O and D.

westjef: What do you think about the early departures of OU and UT from the Big 12?

pbpope: Bye, Felicia. I’m happy. They weren’t leaving if they had to pay the full exit fee, so we cut a bit of it and now we can move on.I wish that it didn’t mean the end of significant regional rivalries, but that’s the sport right now.

Joe Goodman: It was inevitable, they were never going to spend 2 years with the added 4 teams.

BNT: Getting rid of the toxic stink and being paid at the same time is

CactusBear: Years ago this website wrote about how Baylor will probably never be a blue blood but if we win our third straight Big 12 title to add to our National Championship in 2021 what steps do we need to take to get there? Conference Tournament Title? Another National title?

pbpope: This is a philosophical question that we could spend multiple long-form posts debating. It all depends on what the definition of “blue blood” is. If you’re talking complete basketball royalty (i.e. Kentucky, Kansas, Duke, North Carolina), Baylor has a long way to go because that definition is less related to immediate success and more about sustained success over an extended period of time.On the other hand, if it’s about recent sustained success, then another conference championship would do it good, but I think it would take at least another FF appearance and maybe another natty. IDK. (whispers) I think you can even make an argument that there are blue blood coaches, not schools.

Joe Goodman: Baylor is a modern blue blood. But it will take a couple decades at our current level to reach overall blue blood status. You’re talking about the greatest teams of all time with that status.

Branden MacKinnon: The blue blood thing does obviously point to on court success as a huge metric. But recruiting is just as much of a consideration. If we keep pumping the pipeline with talent we will enter the conversation.

BNT: We are referred to as New Blood, which is the equivalent to a current Blue Blood (not historic). That means we’re consistently winning and making deep runs in March Madness. I’ll take it over historic Blue Bloods (which haven’t been nearly as consistent...with the exception of KU). My affectionate reference to BU MBB is Green and Gold Blood. Sic em!

Your_Bailey_Bear: How infuriated would you be if Texas wins the Big XII championship in MBB and WBB?

pbpope: Infuriated is a strong word. I’d be annoyed.

Joe Goodman: Honestly I don’t know if their fans would even notice.

mattisbear: I can’t be annoyed too much this season. They are playing super consistent defense (with one exception) and are getting what I did NOT think they would get out of the backcourt. Guards are sharing the ball, they have bench contributors, the whole schabang. I just don’t want Brock Cunningham to win... anything. I’m cool with everyone else getting a share of the title.

Branden MacKinnon: As long as they don’t win a natty I’m down


GraysonDupre: If you had to pick one team to the win the national championship right now who would it be, as well as one top 3 seed to get upset.

Joe Goodman: Honest answer, I like Bama. They’ve lost a couple recently but man are they good.

Branden MacKinnon: I really really think Houston is the best team in the country still. I see Purdue getting upset in the round of 32.

BNT: Baylor for the natty. I’m not sold on Purdue. B1G MBB isn’t that great.

PioneerSkies: Which is the worst eyesore: TCU’s basketball court or Jamie Dixon’s hair?

pbpope: TCU’s court and it’s not even close.

Joe Goodman: Court

mattisbear: While I sportshate TCU as much as anyone, I will not tolerate Jamie Dixon slander. The man took a team of young men that should’ve played football at Pitt and turned them into a really dangerous basketball team.

Branden MacKinnon: OOOOOOOOOOF. The court lol this question is funny lmao

BNT: If you’re holding a gun to my head, because both are not aesthetically appealing, the court. Also, Dixon’s hair reminds me of one of my beloved Looney Toons characters

Bearsalwayswin: Will John’s scoring come with time?

pbpope: There was thought that he’d never be able to return, and even if he did he wouldn’t be the same. The fact that he’s back is amazing, and he’s only two weeks into his return. He’s hitting threes. The team is reaching a new level with him back in the lineup (see Evan Miya’s tweets on the subject). I’m not sure what more we’re expecting out of him at this point, but I expect he will only get better as his minutes increase and he rounds into his own mid-season form.

Joe Goodman: We don’t need him to be KD. We need him to be exactly what he is, energy incarnate. Points are a bonus.

mattisbear: With time!? He went 5/7 for 11 points on limited minutes vs WVU. The scoring is there, the MINUTES are what will come.

Branden MacKinnon: I need an EJ screen and roll lob so bad


geezerbear: What’s happened to women’s basketball? Since Kim Mulkey left for LSU, the program has declined from a consistent powerhouse into mediocrity and unranked status.

pbpope: We’re in Year 2. Last year was still Kim’s team, and they’re still a good bit shorthanded. I think it’s premature to declare the decline of the program. It’s still rebuilding. Give it some time and we’ll see.

Joe Goodman: Lol, it’s the 2nd season. A team had to be completely rebuilt. Add in the polar opposite philosophy from Mulkey, you gotta expect transition time. 4 years minimum in my mind undil Coach Collen can really shine with what she wants to do.

mattisbear: Go look at what the younger players are doing. The future is astonishingly bright.

BNT: I like the youth on this team. They’re going to develop into another power house. NC is doing a great job recruiting and through the portal in getting long athletic players. They are learning a more pro oriented scheme. Also Edwards being ineligible, due to Kentucky not releasing her this season, has been a huge loss. You’re talking about a 2nd team All SEC player who averaged 17 pts a game last season.

yourbearman: What’s your best bet on March Madness seeding if we win out? Is a 1 seed still possible?

pbpope: If Baylor wins out (even if we’re just talking the regular season), they’re the Big 12 champion and don’t even have to share it. They’d be a 1-seed.

Joe Goodman: Heck, they might even be the 1 overall seed if they win out.

mattisbear: It would take winning out to be a 1-seed, which I won’t rule out, but I’m thrilled with anything that is a 3-seed or better.

Branden MacKinnon: We were having legit talks about Baylor as a 5-7 seed like a month ago loool. This team is a BUZZSAW. I know this doesnt answer the question, but we need to acknowledge how sick this run has been.

BNT: Win out and 1 seed is a lock. No if’s, ands, or buts.

Leave your comments or other questions below. Sic KU!