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Bears Beat the Colonels in a Dominant Display

Didn’t think the 3pt shooting could get better did you? 61%.

Caleb Lohner slams it home against a very defeated Nichols State basketball team. Baylor Men’s Basketball-X

Langston Love really led the charge tonight with 23 points, going 5-7 from 3, and a cool 8-10 from the field. Many other Bears followed his lead; we had seven different players with a made three tonight including the people’s favorite, Austin Sacks. Baylor had the pedal down all game and it didn’t fare well for Nicholls State resulting in a final score of 108-70.

Not only were our guys hot from three, but they showed off some crazy athleticism underneath. They tallied seven dunks, three of which were alley-oops! Caleb Lohner showed us just how explosive he really is with three of those dunks and even an alley-oop. Do not sleep on the walking bust of Julius Caesar.

Caleb Lohner didn’t just do it inside though...he was also 2/2 from deep, had two assists, AND had four rebounds following some incredible defensive play. If we continue to see play like this from him, I’m not sure what we expect the other teams to do!

Yes, there’s more. Our beloved point guard, RayJ Dennis, had a double-double with 14 points and 10 assists, while only turning the ball over twice. I believe Baylor found a TRUE point guard in RayJ Dennis, and we are lucky to have him.

The last Bear in double digits was Jayden Nunn who tallied a sneaky 13, making a couple shots inside and outside the arc. He also played great defense, had a rebound on both ends of the court, and had a monstrous block.

If the Bears wanted to, they could’ve held this team to probably under fifty points. Their pace in this game allowed the Colonels lots of offensive possessions, and if you keep throwing it up, it’ll go in eventually. Nicholls State took two more threes than Baylor but made six less(8/25). They were also held to just 41% from the field. The Colonels were also out-rebounded 46-27. The one positive note for them is that they only missed a single free-throw out of the 15 they took, not too shabby!

Something to look at: Dantwan Grimes only found himself in the game for seven minutes today. In those seven minutes, I wouldn’t quite say the basketball he played was pretty, but he collected three steals and also put up eight points on 75% shooting. I’m not sure if there was a reason for his limited time today, but he came in with the attitude to make an impact, and he did!

It was an all-around great win for the Bears over this sub-par Nicholls State team. It is awesome to look at the support that everyone on the team shows each other, and how each of them seems truly JOYful watching their brothers succeed. I think we could be in for a really fun season Baylor Nation. Who’s got popcorn??

This game moves Baylor up to 7-0. They are one of the ten teams in Power Five left undefeated. Let’s keep this momentum rolling all the way through March! Sic ‘em Bears!