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ODB Mailbag - Homecoming Edition: Answered

Plenty of Baylor football questions answered.

Why have we been so bad lately at McLane?


Your thoughts about the personnel adjustments on the offensive line?

pbpope: Some progress was nice to see. We’ll have to see how it holds up week over week going forward. The problem is that the gameplan against Cincy was unique and won’t work in other situations, so it’s hard to take too much away from it. It will be interesting to see how they hold up against Iowa State this weekend.

BNT: It helped, but still has a long way to go. The bright spot is (R)Fr Colton Price taking over at center. He is pretty raw, but I think he’s going to become an anchor.

Let’s talk men’s basketball. What are this team’s biggest weaknesses and strengths? How much do you expect John to improve? How much do you expect Josh to improve? With Yves, can our big guys truly dominate against good competition?

BNT: I wouldn’t call it a big weakness, but it could be an issue as I’m curious about the team chemistry. this was a big problem last season. By all accounts, this team is unified. Hope so. Jon should not be limited by his injury this season and will give opponents fits. Josh has been going up against Jon, Yves, etc, every single day and word is he has come a long way. Yves is being discussed as a possible one and done. Yep, he seems to be that good. As we all know our front court was a glaring weakness last season. This season they will be a strength on O and D.

Hear me out... Texas is going to be without a quarterback for a few weeks and could very likely drop a game or two. So as we win out for the remainder of the season how do you like our chances against OU in the conference championship?

BNT: lol, but seriously

Also... is there any easy way to stream the homecoming parade?

BNT: Dunno, maybe ask Peter to stream it from his phone?

You didn’t think Baylor could run an air raid offense. Are you happy with the new scheme? Have you seen anything from the O-line to make you think we should try running the ball again the rest of the season?

BNT: You better believe I liked it for the Cincy game, but ISU will be different as Cincy’s secondary was trash and ISU’s is really good. We’re going to have to run it to open up space.

What is your favorite Homecoming tradition?

pbpope: As a student? I’d probably have to go with Mass Meeting, followed by guarding the flame as a Freshman on fountain mall (do they still do that? Not sure).As an adult with a family, hard to beat the parade. It was a can’t-miss for us when the kids were much younger. Watching the kids’ wonder and seeing friends on 5th street is always a great time.

Jenna Patteson: My favorite homecoming tradition is Friday night!! I love going to the stroll off and bonfire, you really can’t beat it. Honorable mention goes to the parade, I get to help carry the basketball balloon which is always a fan favorite.

BNT: Definitely guarding the flame as I secured (some of you will know what that means) a sweet fully decorated axe handle.

What is the #1 thing Baylor needs to do to beat Iowa State?

pbpope: Hard to ID just one, given the state of both the O and D. I’d say run the football effectively on offense, and get stops (i.e. probably stop the run) on defense.

Jenna Patteson: score more points than they allow to be scored, and all that that entails

BNT: We HAVE to establish the run! Which is scary to think about.

Post comments or other questions below and Sic ISU!