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ODB Mailbag - 2023 Baylor Sports Edition: Answered

Baylor football, QB, Portal, and Men’s and Women’s basketball questions answered.



PioneerSkies: Nicknames....

With his new hairstyle, should we call him Fro Thamba?

With the energy he brings, at what point do we start calling him “Everyday” Ojianwuna?

BNT: lol

PioneerSkies: What do yall think of the Powledge hire? And is there anything to be read in between the lines when two starting DBs enter the portal in the days following his hire?

Joe Goodman: I like the hire. He understands Aranda and the two appear to have a lot of respect for each other. That’s important. The players appear to love him too. For the second part of the question, I’d say no. One of those guys openly liked the hire. Those transfers I believe had other reasoning behind them.

pbpope: I was very up front about not being overly enthused about the hire to start. That being said, I’ve warmed to it, and am at a point of genuine curiosity and cautious optimism on how he will perform as DC. I do not lay the transfers at his feet one bit, like Joe said. There were other circumstances there, I believe.

BNT: The two transfers don’t bother me. As for the hire?

BrentBear: I see that Oregon has a highly rated 2020 recruit at QB who entered the portal. Do you think he just might follow Powledge to BU?

Joe Goodman: Doubtful. Powledge was a 1 year Co-DC there. I doubt that’s enough to have built a strong relationship with a backup QB.

BNT: I agree with Joe. Also, DCP’s focus is on the defensive side of the ball.

aintathangbutachickenwing: How bad is our QB situation as it stands today?

Joe Goodman: Today? This moment? Not great. But we aren’t playing any football games for a while, so that’s not the worst thing in the world. We have time, and this weekend transfers can begin visiting campuses. Expect to see some movement soon.

pbpope: Joe nailed it here. It ain’t good this moment! But the 2022-2023 season isn’t technically over yet, with one game left to play... so we still have some time here. You’ll see movement. It may not be in the direction you want or expect, but I believe we’ll see movement.


325Bear: Heading into conference play, what are your top New Year’s resolutions for our men’s and women’s BB squads?

Jenna Patteson: New Year’s resolution for women’s basketball — get/stay healthy. In non-conference we’ve had lots of random bang ups that caused girls to miss a game or two. Also Aijha Blackwell is still out, and getting her back on the court ASAP is important. We’ve done well despite injuries, but being healthy would take the squad to a whole new level.

Joe Goodman: Jenna took WBB so I’ll snag MBB. An ability to stop runs. Each of our losses have included HUGE runs against us. We need to learn how to take a big punch and keep going without it becoming a knockout blow.

pbpope: MBB: Defensive development and team cohesion.

BNT: WBB to win their umpteenth straight Big 12 title. MBB to win this Saturday vs TCU.

BrentBear: After watching the last week of bowl games and the CFP first round, what do you think are the odds that Blake can come close to matching the quality of QB play we have seen? Is there a 50-50 chance Blake can get to that level? 25-75? 75-25? 100?

Joe Goodman: Interesting question. If you’d have asked me the chances of Duggan being this year’s Duggan before the season, I’d have said 1%, only because nothing is impossible. Blake has talent. He has mechanical issues as well. A good offseason to work without planning for games could be huge for his improvement. So I’ll be an optimist and say 51%.

BNT: Does anyone remember that Chad Morris was named the starting QB by Dykes? He got injured and Duggan backed into the starting position. I wonder what TCU’s season would have looked like with a healthy Morris. Duggan didn’t even win the job during Spring and Fall camp. So if you want a comparison, I’m not going to say that Blake can turn into Cinderella like Duggan, but he can definitely improve and lead us to a good/great season next year. We’ll see what another off season and QB competition will bring out in him. I’m hopeful.

CactusBear: Why can’t we get that transcendent QB and receivers? Rhule got some good receivers and obviously past regimes good QB’s, or is it this scheme is does not fit our players?

Joe Goodman: We just brought in a super talented WR from Arkansas. And to QB, this staff had Novosad in the fold until the last minute, and I doubt scheme was involved with his jump. I think part of it is that in the last 4 years we’ve had 3 OCs. Grimes being around for his 3rd year will allow him to pitch some consistency on the recruiting trail, and he’ll have built up some relationships with kids that were underclassmen when he first got here.

BNT: Ditto to what Joe said.

Chilimac: Does TCU advancing to the CFP final mean good or bad things for recruiting in the big 12? Will it help since kids can play for the championship in the big 12? Or will it hurt because TCU will be perceived as the new power?

Joe Goodman: They’ll have a short term boost, but consistency is what’s required. It’s probably a net positive because a team besides OU made it, and it’ll show some legitimacy for the Big 12 without them around. I don’t think it makes TCU a powerhouse though, it’s one year, show it to me again and we will talk.

pbpope: It’s good for the Big 12. It’s bad for us specifically, as we recruit directly against TCU. We’ve already lost out on a potential recruit or two.

BNT: Like Joe said, good for the Conference but short term for TCU. With the new Big 12 (and even recently in the old Big 12) you’re not going to see a team dominate conference championships like OU. This is a tough conference that has leveled out regarding parity. I do expect Baylor to consistently be in the upper tier of the conference moving forward.

PioneerSkies: How do you reckon TCU will fare against Georgia on Monday night?

Joe Goodman: Georgia by 3 TDs

pbpope: Honestly the only outcome that would surprise me would be a TCU blowout. But I could absolutely see them shocking the world and playing Georgia close.

BNT: I hope they lose, but that TCU voodoo is real.

Feel free to post other comments and questions below. Sic ‘em!