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Baylor Women Drop Second Straight Conference Game to West Virginia

Back and forth game with runs from both sides results in a 9-point win for the Mountaineers.

The Bugget attempts a shot with a WVU defender in her face. Twitter- Baylor Women’s Basketball

Sarah Andrews got us started today with a quick pull up to make the score 2-3 with 9:06 left in the first. Caitlin Bickle and Bella Fontleroy put some threes up this quarter for us which allowed us to stick around. West Virginia closed out the quarter with a 12-4 run, finishing with a lead of seven points with the score at 14-23.

Darianna Littlepage-Bugget hit a layup to kick off the second quarter scoring for the Lady Bears. This was quickly followed by a Bickle Bucket, making the score 18-25 with 6:57 left. WVU didn’t let up though, and quickly brought the score up to 20-32. A bucket from the returning Aijha Blackwell kicked off a run that Baylor rode all the way to the half. In the final five minutes of the second quarter, the Lady Bears outscored the Mountaineers 16-1, resulting in Baylor taking their first lead of the game and going into the half up 34-33.

Baylor trailed basically all half, but a late surge gave them their first lead. The Bears are here to play.

Sarah Andrews really began to heat up in the third, making a layup and back to back threes. This gave Baylor their biggest lead yet at 10 points, West Virginia followed this up with three uninterrupted buckets though, making the score 48-44. Andrews kept the points coming this quarter but so did West Virginia’s J.J. Quinerly. It was a dogfight down the stretch with five lead changes. With 0.5 seconds left in the quarter the Mountaineers made a free throw to tie it up and so the score going into the fourth was 57-57.

With back-to-back defensive stops by Bickle including one charge our ladies came out strong and showed that defense that Baylor is known for. Following this, the Lady Bears and the Mountaineers traded buckets making it 59-59 with about 8 minutes to go. WVU would not go away though, going on a 7-0 run and making it 59-66. Baylor was in foul trouble for a lot of this quarter with three players with four fouls. Baylor fought hard, but the Mountaineers held them off, forcing turnovers and making important shots. Final score ended up 74-65.

Our ladies led in just about every stat today, they just couldn’t close it out. Sarah Andrews had 24 points. Buggs had a dominant double-double. Baylor didn't shoot well from three today coming out with a 25% make percentage. They move to 3-2. Time to start planning for K State. Heads up!