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ODB Mailbag - Let’s Talk Basketball, Football, and Baylor Stuff Edition: Answered

Baylor football, basketball, portal QB, and Big 12 questions answered.

PioneerSkies: Which commit is/will be more impactful: Yves Missi or Sawyer Robertson?

Joe Goodman: Quarterback is probably the most important position in sports. So the quarterback.

BNT: With you asking about specific players it depends who has the most impact. If Robertson wins the QB1 spot while at Baylor (even if it isn’t this season), then he will. If he remains a back up, then it will be Missi.

BrentBear: Now that the 2022 football season is finally over, how do you describe the state of the Big 12? Looking at the bowl results and the very predictable result for tcu last night, where do you rank the Big 12 among the conferences? Also, do you think that adding 4 so-so football programs (based on records last year) will make the Big 12 better on the national stage? Finally, do you have any insight on the possibility of the Big 12 adding more schools (e.g. Colorado, ASU, AU, and Utah)?

Joe Goodman: I’d say the Big 12 as a whole is right around the 3rd best. More competitive in football than the ACC and Pac as a whole, stellar basketball, and solid all around in the other sports. As to the additions, we had to do something, we couldn’t be an 8 team league, and honestly we snagged the “best of the rest”. There’s a reason the Pac hasn’t jumped on expansion yet, the options left aren’t great. To further expansion, it’s a waiting game. Yormark has made it clear his goal is to head west, but you need those schools to want to come. The next year or so will be impactful, but it will really come down to what kind of money the Pac gets. No one leaves for less money, and it’ll be hard to poach if it’s even money to leave.

BNT: Big 12 is definitely still the 3rd best P5 conference. I think overall the 4 additions will make the conference better on a national stage. At the end of the day it’s more about eyeballs, followings, and $$$ than performance. Not do diminish performance. No real insight, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we started to see some PAC 12 schools beginning to make moves next month.

aintathangbutachickenwing: Is TCU the worst team ever in the CFP?

Joe Goodman: No, they won a CFP game. Worst team in the CFP final? Yes.

pbpope: Yes. I would bet that advanced stats would back that up, too. They were #8 in SP+, #12 overall in FEI.

BNT: Most embarrassing for sure and I will constantly remind TCU fans how much they embarrassed the Big 12.

PioneerSkies: Do you think that Monday’s result will lead to even more SEC bias from the playoff committee?

pbpope: I don’t think so. Sure, the narrative will be what the narrative is, but is anyone thinking that the narrative is any different if the margin of victory is smaller?

Joe Goodmans: I think this could happen, especially considering the B1G gets a pass for whatever reason. But man that game was just so bad. I think it’ll be minimal impact though, especially with playoff expansion.

BNT: Even more SEC bias?! lol I don’t think that’s possible. Playoffs will ensure at least 1 and possibly 2 Big 12 teams will get in every year.

PioneerSkies: How much do you think that the historic Natty beatdown helped push Sawyer Robertson to Baylor over TCU?

pbpope: I legitimately hope not much. I prefer to think Baylor is a great school and a great program and doesn’t need TCU to suffer a colossal beatdown to win recruiting battles.

Joe Goodman: Agree with Peter. It definitely didn’t help TCU, but I think most recruits look for what will benefit them at a program. Plus, I don’t think someone is saying man that national championship participant looked terrible, but that 6-7 looks so much better, so I doubt it had any impact.

BNT: Robertson said he prayed about it (which I appreciate). That’s it. That’s the answer.

BNT side note, once he said that TCU was immediately at a disadvantage.

PioneerSkies: If a basketball game is played, but it was only broadcast on ESPN+, did it ever really happen??

Joe Goodman: Yes. If it’s on Flo Sports though, maybe not.

BNT: Was it a W or an L?

GraysonDupre: With the bears starting 0-3 in conference and having 5 losses at the start of January, what do you think a realistic goal for a final seeding in March should be for us?

pocketchange: Realistic goal? A three seed still feels attainable, especially with four games against Kansas/Texas on the schedule. If the Bears go on a real roll, a two seed feels possible. Most likely is that the Bears get a 5/6 seed once the season levels out.

Joe Goodman: I’m no Lunardi. Maybe a 4 or 5? Who knows how this works.

BNT: I agree between a 3 and 6 seed. Every big 12 game has been/will be a Quad 1 game. Add in Arky, another Quad 1 game. We’re in a good position.

bufb2007: Will it be more of the same next season with the secondary in terms of performance with a number of starters leaving and it being young?

pbpope: I don’t think so. Baylor picked up a portal transfer in the secondary, and I would think they’re going after at least one more. Powledge back as Safeties coach is a decided upgrade over Wheat, too. While there may be growing pains, and you probably won’t see something on the level of 2021, I don’t think you’ll see the strife and just absolute blown coverages due to communication breakdowns and other issues that you saw this season.

BNT: I agree with Peter. The youngsters will have more experience than last season and we will add at least 1 more portal player. Powledge knows what he’s doing.

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