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Baylor football game expressed through gifs.

Caters News Agency

What a great way to start the new season with a dominating 69-10 performance by our Bears. Reminder, my prediction was 63-7.

It was also great to experience the wonder of McLane tailgating/sailgating as I crashed, I mean visited some really good ones before the game. Shout out to a couple of tailgates that invited me (with a little urging) to hang out with them.

Thanks to Chad and the Baylor Crew for the wonderful brisket and home made salsa (I would literally buy it if I had to, but since I’m BNT I get to enjoy it for free). These 4 families were great host with awesome food and libations. Love the little guy’s game face in the pic. Yep, that’s BNT in the middle.

Had a great time with the fun Straight Outta Chapel group. What a name and what a wonderful bunch of Bears. Shoutout to my buddy Bo Mello on the far left. Again, great food and drinks with compassion to share it all with a fellow Bear.

Even got a photo op with their beanie Bear. The beanie still looks as good on me in 2022 as it did in 19XX.

Now to the game in gifs

When you rolled up to McLane with your fellow Bear(s) after a long off season

click on arrow to see and hear

When you see the Line run for the first time this season

When you hear the BUGWB play anything!

Watching Shapen throw his first deep pass, a dime to Baldwin, you have all the feels

Seeing how elusive true freshman running back Richard Reese is in tight spaces you think of a football royalty comparison (Barry Sanders)

Leaving McLane and thinking about the next home game

Post a gif below showing how you feel about the Albany game. Sic ‘em!