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ODB Mailbag - 1-0 in Conference Play Edition: Answered

Baylor football questions vs OSU along with butt slapping.

PioneerSkies: How many interceptions will Spencer Sanders throw this weekend??

Cody Orr: A below average number for Sanders: only 2

Jenna Patteson: I’m gonna say 3, but hopefully more.

Joe Goodman: I think he’ll be overly conservative. 1 pick

Branden MacKinnon: 2 picks - 1 in garbage time 1 that is a back breaker

BNT: Sanders facing our D pressure Saturday

Your_Bailey_Bear: What is up with Baldwin? I only saw him for one play this week. What is hurting him?

Joe Goodman: Think he was still off last week. And with the offensive gamelan he wasn’t necessarily needed. We are really focused on spreading the ball. Expect to see him more involved this week

BNT: He’s listed as starting over Holmes, so I’m pretty sure he’s back to full speed.

Your_Bailey_Bear: What’s a bigger advantage in the championship rematch this weekend: Okie Light’s bye week to prepare or Baylor’s momentum from a big win?

mattisbear: With a better defense, Gundy and Company had 2 months to prepare for facing Baylor a second time in 2021.Also, last week was just a regular degular ol’ win.

Jenna Patteson: I don’t see either as being a super huge advantage. If we learned anything from the BYU game, the real advantage will come from a rowdy home crowd. Y’all know what to do Baylor Nation.

Joe Goodman: Baylors momentum is big to me. Gundy doesn’t have a great bye history in either winning or losing. He’s lost to us after a bye before, in fact. But beating ISU on the road, that gives confidence and belief that Aranda has spoken about since the BYU loss.

BNT: This ain’t the same OSU team as last year. Good, yes. Great, no. Beatable, very.

5StarCouchQB: How does the osu defense compare to isu this year? And was that be best defense Baylor will face in the big 12?

pbpope: Oklahoma State’s defense has the double whammy of losing a TON of production and having to learn a new scheme on top of it. Their defensive line is the anchor of the defense and is very good, but their LB corps is not nearly as good as they were last year (point of reference: their ILBs were #1 & #2 in tackles against Baylor in the regular season game and #1 and #3 in the CCG). Both Arizona State and Central Michigan were able to move the football on them. All of that to say, I do not think that they are as good of a unit in 2022 as Iowa State is.

Joe Goodman: BYU may be the best defense we’ve faced this year once all is said and done. I also think ISU’s is better, for all the reasons Peter mentioned. That said it’s going to still be a solid unit.

BNT: ISU is better defensively than OSU and we grabbed ISU by the throat right out of the gate and never let go. Peter’s reference to their inexperienced linebackers along with their DL not being great against the run is correct and makes me think we’re going to be able to run the ball. Their strength is their edge rushing, which is elite. Our O will give them fits.

SicEmOSo: what should we call Texas?

Joe Goodman: The school for NIL money and kids who wanna money good

BNT: I have a warm spot for Not Back U...T

If you follow me on twitter (and you should if not @BearNTex) I posed this question. Click the tweet and follow the thread as the responses are pretty funny.

dOols II: I have several questions. Pick and choose as you see fit.Which is more responsible for the downfall of the KU-UT rivalry:

1. Texas’ irrelevance in football

2. Texas’ fear-filled retreat to the SUC

Joe Goodman: I think Kansas is to blame here. They got good. It’s not near as funny when Kansas is good. Still funny, but we coulda had so much more with a bad KansasWho does CDA have to butt pat to get KU ranked?

BNT: Gotta say it, but it’s actually kinda sad that UT gets bullied by KU now. Bless their hearts.

Who does CDA have to butt pat to get KU ranked?

mattisbear: It’s okay to say “spank” on the internet.

pbpope: IDK Matt it might get the Mailbag shuttered...

mattisbear: LOLLLL


If the Kansases…kansi…win against UT and OU does that mean that UT and OU have to ask for permission to accept any conference titles they get in the future?

Joe Goodman: It means Austin and Norman are now run by the state of Kansas

BNT: In all fairness, UT has to always ask KU’s permission since KU owns them.

The lines looked definitively better this week. Is this backed up by anything other than the OL ocular assessment device mark I?

pbpope: Defensive Line has looked good all season. Offensive Line was very good, I thought, though according to Cody’s Advanced Stats post, it didn’t necessarily translate. Byers had his best game of the season on Saturday, so here’s hoping that’s the mark of an upward trajectory for him.

BNT: What Peter said, but to add to that Grant Miller is back at right guard. Mose Jeffrey moves back to back up at left guard giving us nice depth.

BYU is joining the conference next year right?…are we gonna get them at home and keep the pattern going?

Joe Goodman: No clue on this yet, I’m very intrigued to see how the conference scheduling works moving forward

BNT: Ditto

aintathangbutachickenwing: Hey BNT, how stupid do those people look now who were calling for Drones to replace Shapen after the BYU game?


bufb2007: How does Baylor attack OSU’s defense. How does our defense stop their offense?

pbpope: I wouldn’t be surprised to see a game plan similar to what we saw last Saturday against Iowa State, depending on what looks OkSt opens up in. Throw the ball to soften the defense up if they stack the box. Then run it on them. If you can get past their edge rushers and Tyler Lacey, you can run on this defense.

BNT: Agree with Peter. On offensive look for a similar game plan as we executed against ISU. We can run on OSU. On D, OSU likes to run but that will be very hard to do against our D front. This will make their passing more predictable, which again will play to our favor. It will all start up front.

PioneerSkies: Most important of all, how many butts will Coach Aranda slap on Saturday??


Post any comments or questions below. Remember, if you’re going to the game WEAR GOLD! Sic OSU!!!