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ISU Game In Gifs and Tweeting With BNT

Baylor’s football victory over ISU in gifs with a few tweets thrown in.

Caters News Agency

This game was huge as many were nervous and had a gut feeling that the Bears would leave Ames with an L. Not that the concerns were unfounded, after all ISU came into the game 3-0 with a very talented team, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. Add to that the Cyclones hadn’t lost a conference game at Jack Trice Stadium in almost 3 years. Road game, in an extremely hostile environment, against a talented and motivated team and we not only get the W but in a convincing fashion.

So many great takeaways from this game:

  1. OL dominated a very good DL
  2. Took shots down the field
  3. Shapen found his rhythm
  4. DL looked like the DL of last year in the 2nd H
  5. Winning in Ames is extremely difficult, but we had them by the throat from the first drive
  6. 1-0 in conference play

If we take care of business this Saturday, I think we will have placed ourselves firmly in the drivers seat for another Big 12 Championship

Since I couldn’t go to the game and tailgate, I was active on twitter (which isn’t unusual lol) and had some fun:

Twittering With BNT:

Accomplished all 4 Keys to the Game

Still did a BNT Ticket Exchange

One of these coaches is not like the other...thankfully

OL Coach Mateos retweeted the above tweet lol...if you aren’t following him on twitter, you’re missing out @CoachMateos

Had a fun interaction with @BaylorSpirit which is another Twitter account you should follow

You know I had to give some folks a hard

ISU fans salt was burning their eyes

And had some sweet interactions with a few of their fans

Game In Gifs:

How you felt before the game and your response when asked if we were going to win

But then you saw us take the opening kick and methodically march 75 yds on 13 plays and eating up over 6 minutes of the clock while being capped off with a Richard Reese touchdown you

Watching Shapen find his rhythm

Seeing our OL dominate from start to finish

Watching our D Line finding their form in the 2nd H looking like the D Line of last season

I invited y’all to post a comment on the game along with a Gif on Twitter and chose a couple to share

When Shapen hit Holmes on the Flea Flicker for a TD

Watching Dabney do this

You were

Your mood after the big win in Ames

Post your gif reaction below. Sic OSU and WEAR GOLD this weekend!!! #GoldOut