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Texas State Game In Gifs and Tailgating With BNT

Baylor football game against Texas State told in Gifs.

Caters News Agency

The game went pretty much as I expected as our Bears closed the day with a 35 pt victory. Yes there are things the team still needs to work on, but I think we are in good shape heading into conference play...maybe even a bit ahead of where we were this time last season.

Tailgating With BNT

There is nothing I enjoy more than crashing, I mean joining in and tailgating with the Baylor Family. Love the hospitality, food and drink, and warm (no pun intended regarding yesterday) experience.

Appreciate Bill Vahrenkamp and his crew taking me in. Been tailgating since the Floyd Casey days!

Enjoyed Boozer-Clemons tailgate. Not sure if the first name is a proper noun or just a noun, but they are a fun group.

Always enjoy seeing my buddy Yodes as he invited me to sailgate with his Oso Del Rio Brazos group. Just call me Captain BNT!

Before the game I make sure I’m in my seat to watch the Line run. Love the energy they bring to start the game.

Before the run. Train up a I right?

I never get tired of see this as it gets me super amped for the game

Texas State Game In Gifs

When you saw that we had another 11am game

What it felt like sitting in your seats at game time

How you felt when we took the opening kick off and methodically marched down the field capping it off with a Richard Reese touchdown

When we scored again to make it 14-0, but Tx St counter punched and scored to cut the lead to 14-7 it felt like

And as we seemed to stall offensively and ended with a fairly lackluster half, the darkness in you popped back up

But then you see the offensive line gelling in the 2nd half and totally dominating the line of scrimmage you’re relieved

And watching our DL dominate the entire game led by Apu

Watching Reese cap the game off with his 51 yd TD run and realizing you are watching the next great Baylor RB develop before your very eyes

Leaving McLane you’re feeling a bit better heading into conference play and you tell your buddies

Drop your gif reactions below and Sic ISU!