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Baylor/BYU Football in GIFS and Tailgating in Provo.

Caters News Agency

It’s always tough on me when our Bears take an L, as I truly despise it with a capital D. But, and this might sound odd, because of my interaction with the BYU fans and experience at Lavell Edwards Stadium I had a great time despite the loss. The fan engagement and game atmosphere were off the charts. Those who know and follow me understand that my first love is and will always be the Baylor Family and McLane. Baylor fans are unique and amazing. Then there is the jewel we all know and love as McLane Stadium with its unparalleled beauty coupled with our fantastic tail/sailgating. I have many fun and heart warming stories about my interaction with BYU fans, but I’ll sum it up with a few of my tweets.

And here is a typical BYU fan response to my tweets (which were in the hundreds)

I literally was told “Welcome” and “Thank you for coming” several thousand times. Even a Provo cop walked over to me and asked “Where are you from?” Nervously I said, “Waco, Texas.” He smiled, shook my hand, and said “Welcome to Provo.” Here’s the most amazing part, these folks were genuinely happy to be our hosts and treat us like old friends. They were engaging, polite, and bent on making me feel at home. They also have a fun sense of humor. You know I’m going to poke a little fun at them in a respectful and playful way, but it was hard to do. Don’t get me wrong, they have great sense of humors and are quick to laugh. A few examples to how they react to my playful tweets:

That one did happen lol.

There were over 900 responses to that little tweet.

After their kicker missed the first game winning attempt

Even when I tried to trash talk them, it kind of back fired lol

A local business, Vandy Creations, evidently makes beautiful dog tags with the opposing teams logo on them and give them to visiting fans.

At the tailgate it was great seeing old friends and crashing, I mean being invited into some BYU tailgates while making new friends.

Enjoyed spending time with the guy who is the backbone of ODB, Mark Moore and his amazing wife Beth.

Our own Ted Harrison (TedVid) surprised me when he walked up. Love this guy.

I highly recommend crashing BYU tailgates next time you go to a game in Provo. Great food and better company. This is the group where I ate some of their yummy cakes (tweet shared somewhere above). Yes, I taught them all how to throw a Sic ‘em! lol

And this group made sure I tried the BYU brownie, a staple at all BYU tailgates. Evidently it’s better with mint.

The game itself didn’t have the outcome we desired, but I do think the team learned some things about themselves and the coaches will get a few things fixed.

Some quick thoughts:

  1. BYU is a legit team. They play hard and are disciplined. They will have an excellent season. We want them to win!
  2. Hall is everything they say he is. Skilled, smart, and doesn’t make mistakes. He was the difference maker.
  3. Penalties killed us. When we had clean drives (which only happened a few times) we scored. Have to clean it up moving forward.
  4. We MUST pass more. This is why we went with Shapen. I got tired of seeing 7-8 of their D in the box. Even at that, I thought the O Line did a good job...but, you have to stretch the D. This will get fixed.
  5. I thought the D played well. They were gassed and the altitude didn’t help, yet the still brought it.

On to the game itself in Gifs

When you were walking up to Lavell Edwards stadium, EVERY single BYU fan you passed said

followed by

When you heard the BYU band lead the Baylor fans in Baylor Fight before the game (very classy).

When their fans would get ear splitting loud (and it was insane) on Baylor’s 3rd down plays you would quietly ask them to

When we had another drive killing or extending penalty

When we thought we would go into the half with a 6-3 lead only to see BYU run the 2 minute drill to perfection and give them a 10-6 lead

When we took the opening drive of the 2nd Half and methodically drove it down the field to score and take back the lead, you and your fellow Bears relaxed a bit

BYU fans when they missed the game winning field goal in regulation taking us into overtime

Baylor fans on the same play

Watching Shapen scramble around only to throw it out of bounds on the last play leading to the loss

Post your gif reactions below.