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ODB MAILBAG: Football Begins Edition Answered

Baylor football, Baylor basketball, Big 12 Media Rights, Baylor sports questions answered.


Which Big 12 coach(es) will be fired before Thanksgiving?

Name the highest profile player(s)—in addition to Arch Manning—who will enter the transfer portal during the season?

How many Big 12 schools will make a bowl game?

What conference realignment developments will be announced during the season?

Which Big 12 team(s) will lose this weekend (aside from possibly WVU who face a top 20 team)?

Which service academy will win the Commander in Chief’s trophy?

Joe Goodman:

  1. Neal Brown
  2. Hudson Card
  3. 6
  4. None, there will be lots of speculation but nothing until bowl season at the earliest
  5. Big 12 goes undefeated in week 1
  6. Go Navy, beat Army


  1. None... not before Thanksgiving.
  2. During the season? Shoot. I have no idea. I’d go with Joe’s pick, but there’s a chance he is the starter by the end of the season.
  3. 7.
  4. Big 12 gets a solid media deal, a number of Pac 12 teams petition to join the Big 12, OU/UT will be released from their GOR obligations before the expiration of the current deal.
  5. Agree with Joe
  6. Navy


  1. Sark as UT will experience another loss the week before at the hands of their bitter rival KU
  2. UT’s Quinn
  3. 7
  4. Interesting that Yormark opened up the media deal bidding early. I think we could see a quick strike once the numbers come out.
  5. All the wins
  6. Anchors away my friends...

PioneerSkies: Seeing Nebraska blow a double-digit 2nd half lead to a double-digit underdog in their week zero conference matchup against Northwestern in Dublin was just delightful. In the aftermath though, I got the feeling that a similar type of misfortune might be about five years away for the Longhorns. When they finally limp off to the SEC, to what extent will the Longhorns (like Nebraska and Missouri before them) end up being a small fish in a big pond?

pbpope: The Longhorns are a fascinating case. I’m genuinely curious to see what happens when they’re not in control of their conference like they have been over the past 50 years or whatever. I don’t think they just accept being the “small fish” like you’ve seen with Nebraska and Mizzou, but they also won’t have the on-field performance to back up being anything else. How quickly will their fellow conference mates grow to hate them?

BNT: Wait, what?! I thought they were already mediocre. As I told my aggy friends when they left for the SEC, “Good luck trying to win the conference over there, because you sure can’t win over here.” Same to the ‘whorns.

aintathangbutachickenwing: Shouldn’t the B12 expand Northeast rather than West? To be a complete conference Shouldn’t we acquire Pitt and VT?

pbpope: Should it? Maybe... But this isn’t a game of Risk, and the ACC’s locked into their TV contract until 2035. I don’t see anything changing that during this round of realignment. It will be interesting to see what happens in the future with them, for sure.

BNT: Agree with the Pope.

PioneerSkies: So, the Big 12 has decided to explore an early extension of their broadcast rights. It’s being reported that these discussions will address an early departure for Texas and Oklahoma. Would the converse also make sense? Specifically, will these discussions contemplate the addition of other schools (besides UH/BYU/UCF/Cincy)? If that is indeed the case, could these negotiations be the death knell of the Pac-12, since although that conference is renegotiating their own broadcast rights, they are doing so from a position of weakness—selling low if you will?

Joe Goodman: It absolutely could, no way the Big 12 doesn’t work to get numbers they can bring to a number of different expansion options, not just the Pac teams. Could also go the other way and weaken our stance if the offer isn’t great. But we have something more valuable (OU and UT) that ESPN wants

pbpope: I honestly don’t believe that the Big 12 makes this move without a strong idea that they will not be getting a weaker offer. There’s a ton going into this calculation, but I think that yes, it’s partly about getting a solid number to be able to show to Pac 12 remnants. The OU/UT departure issue is a bargaining chip that the Big 12 holds, and it strengthens their hand, so yeah... it’s definitely part of the discussions.

BNT: I think the Big 12 has something of great value to ESPN, other than media content. That is the early movement of OUUT to SEC and getting rid of the stinker money trap LHN. Yormark the Shark is on the move and will be ready.

dOols II: Doyle…the Plato quoting stud jumped to the mid level course. These scrubs aren’t ready for Plato, gotta first start em off with Aristotle and defining what good is with Nicomachean ethics. Philosophy basics aside, Doyle is, famously, a four way player. He also happens to to play both ways. So if the space time continuum fractured and Doyle the backer and Doyle the Fullback we’re both on the field how many plays would we run where Doyle was responsible for Doyle?

pbpope: The multiverse is collapsing in on itself.

Cody Orr: I felt inspired by this question:

BNT: Don’t know, but I imagine it would look something like this:

PioneerSkies: How bout Jason Asemota yall??

Branden MacKinnon: Asemota is going to be special. He’s not quite as skilled as Keyonte (not a a knock on Asemota but a praise to Keyonte). Asemota is more skilled than Sochan but with Sochans frame. It’s going to be special. What we are seeing is that even years removed from a national title Drew’s staff is still elite.

David Hornbeak: I think Branden gave a good read, but I want to highlight the momentum an early commitment of this level can create. Asemota is the first Top 30 player in that class to commit. Fantastic first building block for the Baylor class. For that reason I am very excited, almost as much as I am for his skills.

BNT: I’m really excited about Asemota. He will bring many things to the team, but he’s also an excellent 3 pt shooter...which we love.

Your_Bailey_Bear: What are the most unexpected children’s stories that Aranda could use to inspire his players this season?

Cody Orr: The BFG by Roald Dahl.

pbpope: Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?

Goodnight Moon

Hop on Pop

David Hornbeak: Gotta be “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.” If we a reference to it this year, I’ll go on OurDailyPodcast and do a dramatic reading.

BNT: Dave Aranda and the 3 85 Baylor Bears

PioneerSkies: What are your CFP picks? Who will win the Natty?

Joe Goodman: Bama, Ohio State, Georgia, BaylorOhio State wins

deppsrightsteps: Bama, Ohio State, Baylor, UtahOhio State champs

Cody Orr: Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, Georgia

Alabama wins.[Pac 12 champ has only one ranked win. Big 12 champ has 2 losses. CFP has all they need to put 1-loss Georgia in after losing to Alabama in the SEC championship.]

BNT: Baylor, Bama, Georgia, Ohio State

Baylor gonna shock the world y’all!

aintathangbutachickenwing: When was the last time Baylor had this many TEs listed as “OR” on the depth chart? And, when was the last time Baylor had this many tight ends??

pbpope: Never, and never!

BNT: Dunno and dunno. What I do know is we need to develop some of the youngun’s.

GraysonDupre: Heisman favorite, dark horse candidate, and most likely non qb to win the award.

Joe Goodman:

CJ Stroud

Adrian Martinez

Bijan Robinson


Fav - Bryce Young

Dark Horse -TreVeyon Henderson

Non QB - Will Anderson Jr.


FAV - Young

Dark Horse - Blake Shapen...that’s right

Non QB - this guy

Chilimac: 2 part question: 1) who do you think could be a G5 world beater this year and end up top 10 at season end? 2) which p5 team sneaks up on some people and finishes top 10 in a surprise season? (We know it won’t be Nebraska)

Joe Goodman:

  1. Houston
  2. Washington



2) Florida


  1. Cinncinatti
  2. Texas Kidding! Oklahoma State

dOols II: What’s everybody’s student loan reimbursement’s going to?

Joe Goodman: My student loans

BNT: That ship sailed many, many moons ago.