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BNT’s Annual Upcoming Preseason Football Preview and Bold Prediction

Baylor football game by game prediction.

College football is finally here and the time has come to drop my season prediction for our 2022 Baylor football team. This is the first time our Bears heading into the season are in a place they’ve never been before. Baylor is the preseason favorite to repeat as Big 12 Champs. Yes, this is not a typo as our Bears are the Big 12 favorites. Not only that, but most preseason Top 25 polls have us ranked anywhere from 4th to 11th heading into play. Even Desomond and Herbie (Kirk Herbstreit) picked Baylor to be in the CFP this season last Saturday on ESPN Gameday. Wow! How far we have come. Most Bear fans have jumped on the hype train and think we will win the conference as well, but I’m going to take it one step further and here’s why.

1. Baylor’s D is going to be better than last season. Keep in mind we’re not talking about a D that struggled last season and will be taking a step forward this year. What we are talking about is an elite defense getting better. Folks, that’s scary…for our opponents. Returning players receiving preseason honors from various sports sites are LB Dillion Doyle, DL Siaki Ika, LB Matt Jones, DL TJ Franklin, and CB Al Walcott. Our depth is nasty at most every position. An insider told me that BU not only has the best starting DL in the conference, but the 2nd best with backups like Jaxon Player, Chidi Ogbonnaya, Brayden Utley, and TJ Franklin.

2. Baylor’s O is going to be better than 2022. Grimes is about to unleash his full play book this season and it’s gonna be fun to behold. Our 1st team O Line will take another big step forward only losing one starter (Xavier Newman-Johnson), but they have added depth with some key backups in Elijah Ellis, Timothy Dawn, George Maile, Tate Williams, and Mose Jeffrey. Connor Galvin is a pre season All American and Jacob Gall added All Conference preseason 1st team honors. Shapen is made for the RVO scheme and will stretch the defense. First BNT Bold prediction, Shapen will be All Conference by the end of the season. Sqwirl, Taye McWilliams (preseason All Conference), Qualan Jones, and Richard Reese are going to get theirs on the ground as the line will open massive lanes. Ben Sims is the best TE in the Big 12 and has also received recognition as a 1st Team preseason selection. Although our WR’s are inexperienced, they’re very athletic and will be a plesant surprise. Watch for breakout seasons for Hal Presley, Javon Gipson, Monaray Baldwin, Josh Cameron, and Jordan Neighbors.

3. The X-Factor. Shapen being named QB1 after the Spring game was huge as he’s been taking 1st team reps all camp. He has arm strength and accuracy, high football IQ, and intuitive scrambling ability to execute Grimes offense. Blake will more than manage the team, he will make the Baylor offense dangerous again as we won’t get bogged down as we did last season when we faced 3rd and long.

4. Motivation. It’s incredibly hard to repeat as back to back Big 12 Champs. In fact in the history of the Big 12 only two teams have repeated. OU and Baylor. To repeat a second time is special This team is focused and I don’t see any slip ups.

Now for the season prediction. Before you think I’m crazy, let me remind you of my predictions prior to the 2022 season: BNT’s 2019 Season Prediction and BNT’s 2021 Season Prediction articles. 2020 was shortened by COVID with many players missing games, so it doesn’t factor in.

Albany – Baylor mauls the dogs. BU 1-0

@BYU – Baylor fights the good fight in the Holy War Part II. BU 2-0

Texas State – Baylor does it on the field and A/V room. BU 3-0

@Iowa St – Baylor doesn’t need tents to help. BU 4-0

Okie Light – Baylor turns OSU’s paddles on them. BU 5-0

@WVU Hillbillies – Baylor…finally. BU 6-0

KU – Baylor sets the stage for MBB. Win 7-0

@TT – Baylor reminds Joey he’s little brother. Win 8-0

@OU – Baylor will get number 2 in Norman and I’ll be there. Win 9-0

KSU – Baylor’s claws are bigger. Win 10-0

TCU – Baylor will have frog eyes bleeding. Win 11-0

@UT – Hahahahahahahahaha. Win 12-0

We will play a gritty KSU in the Big 12 Championship. Win 13-0

Now for the last Bold Prediction:

Baylor will earn a birth in the playoff!

Agree? Disagree? What do you predict? Sic ‘em forever!