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DBR: Tuesday, August 23rd, 2022

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Football Boasts Two AP Preseason All-Americans

Offensive lineman Connor Galvin and defensive lineman Siaki Ika were both named to the second-team.

Luke Simons Named Director of Operations

Today Baylor announced Luke Simons will become the new Director of Operations for men’s basketball.

Mailbag Answered

Check out the answers to your mailbag questions!

Drip or Drown?

Men’s basketball assistant coach Alvin Brooks III shared some first day of school pictures from the team. I’ll be ranking their level of drip, comment your own thoughts!

Jaylen Bridges

Drip: 7/10

Thoughts: Love the shirt, but had to take some points off since we couldn’t see the full fit. He also dropped the link to the shirt, a true man of the people!

Keyonte George

Drip: 5/10

Thoughts: I like the fit, nothing crazy but a solid first day. I just know his socks got wet though, makes me sick just thinking about it.

Langston Love

Drip: 9/10

Thoughts: Love the hoodie, also props for finding good lighting. Point off because we can’t see the shoes.

Josh Ojianwuna

Drip: 5/10

Thoughts: I respect keeping it casual for day one. I also like the Jazz shirt (love you Jared Butler!) but again I am thinking of his poor white sneakers and the flash flooding on campus today.

Matthew Mearse

Drip: 6/10

Thoughts: I like the shirt and love his shoes, but once again I cannot stop thinking about how dirty they were by the end of the day.

Overall, I’m proud of the first day drip, aside from the shoe choices that were lacking in functionality for a rainy day. Waco had the worst weather and heavy rain all day, so ultimately in the question of drip or drown, we’re all drowning at Baylor today. Here’s hoping for more drip and less rain this week!