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Baylor football, Big 12 expansion, and a little Scott Drew.

Chilimac: Is ESPN actually dropping the B1G? If so do they just push the SEC and Clemson now?

IrvingParkBear In reply to Chilimac: It appears based on this article that FOX games are #1 (Fox 11am), #2A (CBS afternoon), #2B (NBC-night). ABC/ESPN has previously committed to SEC mostly with a bit of ACC. I suspect that leaves the Big12/Pac 10 with Fox-related (PM) mostly. SEC has previously been ESPN only in the PM, but that restriction changes with ABC doing afternoon and PM games (most likely). So, look for national broadcasts on FOX (PM) or ESPN (and lesser) moving forward. CBS really hasn’t shown an interest in PM games previously and NBC has ND mostly in the afternoon.

BNT: To clarify, ESPN isn’t dropping the B1G. They are dropping out of the bidding as it seems the stakes have become too pricey as FOX, NBC, and CBS have dramatically upped the ante. One thought is they may be keeping their powder dry with the anticipation of the Playoffs expanding and focusing their energy on winning those rights.

dOols II: I for one believe OU is overrated this year. Am I right, or even more right?

Joe Goodman: Depends on what you mean by overrated. They weren’t picked to win the conference this year, so that’s a down year by their standards already. I don’t think this will be a dominant OU team, new coach, new QB, lots of transfers, but the roster is still loaded and they can absolutely compete for a spot in the conf title game. Don’t overlook them.

Peter Pope: The Coaches’ Poll has them ranked at #9, the highest-ranked Big 12 team. I think that many are overrating them simply based on history. I’m not here to tell you that they aren’t going to be that good... I’m simply here to say given the absurd amount of turnover they’ve had on the roster AND the coaching staff, it’s incredibly difficult to trust what any ranking or forecast says about the team. As Fank said on the podcast, this team just has a giant question mark over the entire situation.

BNT: You are right. I’ll even go with you are more right.

aintathangbutachickenwing: is there any truth to the rumor that CSD is going to be Alabama’s next coach?

Joe Goodman: No

BNT: Come on wing my friend, you know me well enough that you have to be specific as to which sport he would be coaching.

CactusBear: There’s a lot of talk on Austin Novosad lately and Blake Shapen but not much discussion on who they will be throwing to this year and years to come. What can we expect from the the wide receiver and tight end positions this year and for years to come in terms of potential?

Joe Goodman: Armani Winfield, Armani Winfield, and Armani Winfield

Peter Pope: There’s a tremendous amount of young talent in the WR room this season. That’s exciting and, of course, a bit scary. Two things I take comfort in with respect to the WRs: 1. Our leading receiver last year in Tyquan Thornton didn’t have over 1,000 yards receiving, and 2. Ben Sims and the TEs bring a stabilizing presence to the passing game that will, hopefully, allow the WRs to sort themselves out in the early portions of the season.

BNT: Although they don’t have much game experience at WR, I’m very high on this current group and the youth on the team. We will be pleasantly surprised by the production as their athleticism is off the chart. Also, it helps that our QB1 has a good arm and can make every throw. This definitely makes a difference. We are in good hands with Monray Baldwin, Josh Cameron, Hal Presley, Jaylen Ellis, ArmaniWinfield, and Javon Gipson. Add in Seth Jones to the talented youth movement. Our TE’s will be elite this season and fun to watch. I am a little concerned about the group after this season without Sims and Dabney being a Senior. We definitely need to develop our younger TE’s.

TarBear69: If a Big 12 team (other than OU/TX) were to win the CFP this year, would that cement our conference as a member of the Top Tier (Power 3/4/?), no matter how that shakes out? Would just a CFP Title Game appearance have the same effect? (Of course, I hope I’m speaking of the Bears). Thanks!

Joe Goodman: Unfortunately not. Now, sustained success and multiple titles over a few years that brings in casual viewers who want to watch Big 12 teams over the B1G and SEC, absolutely. But a one off won’t do that. If Cincy had won it all last year the B1G wouldn’t have suddenly changed their mind. The power structure in CFB is less about winning and more about how many people care about you across the country. See: Texas.

Peter Pope: Would a CFP win/appearance raise the brand? Sure. But there’s no cementing the Big 12 as a “Top Tier” conference... and it has absolutely nothing to do with on-field results. Like Joe said. It’s about brands.

BNT: I agree with Joe. If they aren’t a “blue blood” the media (and most fans) will treat them as an outlier. There must be sustainable success to change that narrative.

This Is My Next Post: Texas recently received a first place vote in the preseason USA Today Coaches Poll. Do you have any thoughts around who might have cast that vote, and how close to the mark do you think it will be at year end?

Joe Goodman: I firmly believe it’s Saban boosting Texas’ rating so the beatdown later this year looks even better on his resume.

Jenna Patteson: 100% Nick Saban voted for Texas. He knows good and well they’re nowhere close to deserving a #1 ranking.

BNT: One of the funniest answers to this I saw was KU coach Lance Lepold in the ultimate troll as it will give KU a bump when they beat Texas in football...again. My guess is that it’s Patterson now that he’s on the UT staff as he has such an inflated ego to go with his belly.

PioneerSkies: do you plan to buy Cale Gundy’s new rap album?

BNT: Actually it is a country & western album and I’ve heard it’s pretty good according to Baker Mayfield.

BearButtocks: How do you expect the style of Big 12 football will be described by the end of the season? Offensive with lots of points, defensive slug fests, or somewhere in between?

Joe Goodman: This is a super interesting question. We have Lebby back in the conference, and no matter what we all think of him, they will score some points. TCU is also shifting from a D minded coach to an offensive one. But, this conference has spent years rebuilding it’s defenses and hiring coaches who can make that work. I expect a good balance this season with both some old Big 12 high scoring matchups and some B1G style slugfests as well. The Big 12 has a little of everything

BNT: Agree that it will be balanced. Baylor will be at the top on both sides of the ball.

PioneerSkies: Precisely how significant to the program is the (re)commitment of Austin Novosad?

Joe Goodman: I don’t think it can be overstated. Baylor beat out Ohio State, Notre Dame, and A&M. In the NIL era. In the middle of conference uncertainty. The commitment is huge.

Jenna Patteson: Novosad sticking with Baylor is a major win. He bought in to the Baylor coaching staff and program so much that he couldn’t be swayed by other big name schools. His firm commitment shows Baylor means business and we can compete with the best when it comes to recruiting.

BNT: Oh, you mean the best QB recruit we’ve ever had who turned down traditional blue bloods (and aggy) to stick by his commitment to Baylor? Massively significant. I made a meme since aggy was so sure they would land him:

PoppyBear: Is it true Brett Yormark reached out to you for consultation on the conference’s media rights negotiation strategy? Either way, what do you see as the best approach for the Big 12 going forward to get the best possible deal for its members?

BNT: When you hear “unnamed source” related to Yormark, take a guess who they’re talking about. Although I think the Big 12 will be ok, I am a bit nervous now that the B1G is about to announce a 1 Billion+ tv deal. If this is true it’s the game changer of all game changers. The PAC has to be feeling the same way, but worse. FOX bowing out of the PAC bidding leaves only ESPN who can low ball or just focus all of their energy on the Big 12. Either scenario would force some of the PAC schools to move to the Big 12. It will be interesting to see how Yormark navigates this.

Leave any additional questions and comments below. Thanks and Sic ‘em!