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Baylor Football Players Announce Waco NIL Club

Multiple Baylor football players have taken to twitter to announce the launch of the Waco NIL Club. The club will allow fans to directly contribute NIL money to players on the Baylor football roster in return for access to chats with players, a message board, and content created by the football team. There are also subscription levels that allow you to receive an RG3 jersey ($25 per month commitment) or a steak dinner with the players this fall ($100 per month commitment). There are no commitment requirements, and any monthly amount is accepted.

According to a post by safety Lorando “Snaxx” Johnson, the clubs benefits will also include financial support to the team, meet and greets and Q&As with the players, and film breakdowns and other player-created content along with the chat and message board functionality on the site. The proceeds from the club will equally support more than 75 members of the football team who are participating in the club.

This is the latest NIL opportunity announced to support Baylor athletes. Earlier this summer GXG from Startup Waco and Opendorse were announced as ways to directly connect athletes with NIL opportunities. Opendorse allows fans, media, and companies to directly contact players across Baylor athletics to offer NIL opportunities, such as autographs, meet-ups, or interviews.

What makes the Waco NIL Club different is its direct tie to the football team, and that the money earned through the club is distributed to all the players that are in the club, where sites like Opendorse require you to pick and choose individuals you would like to work with. There have been a number of clubs like this popping up across the college football landscape this summer, including at LSU, Oklahoma, and Texas A&M. These clubs are set up through a company called Yoke, which was founded by former Notre Dame Players Mick Assaf and Nic Weishar. Yoke is working to help FBS Football teams set up NIL clubs, and is looking to expand beyond FBS Football in the future.

This is certainly welcome news in the Baylor sports sphere, as NIL opportunities will continue to play a pivotal role in the perception programs have across the country, as well as being a huge factor in recruiting and in the transfer portal. If you want to directly support the football players you watch every Saturday in the fall, and get some cool access and perks in return, the club is the perfect place to look. The players have set a goal to reach $50K per month in support, which matches the current goals clubs at schools like Iowa State and Texas A&M have set. With the reach and alumni base that Baylor has, it will be interesting to watch the levels of support the team will receive and how it will compare against other Yoke NIL clubs. It will be a great way to show how much a school’s alumni support their athletes during a time of unknowns across college football when that support matters more than ever.