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Football, realignment, recruiting, and other questions answered.

HillCountryBear: If you are the president of Northwestern, Vandy, Purdue, etc., do you really think you’ll be at the big boy table in 2030? What do you think they are doing behind the scenes right now?

mattisbear: I mean, are they truly at the “big boy table” now? Are conferences really basing decisions off of their opinions at this point anyway? Wouldn’t an “elite education” conference kinda be fun? Also they do play real roles (albeit small) in keeping conference education up to....standards.

Cody Orr: The Ivy League doesn’t want them, either, Matt

mattisbear: Sorry, not the “OOPS! Only Nerds!” conference.

CodyOrr: In all seriousness, I can envision a world where ESPN/FOX convince the SEC and Big Ten to cut some fat, and the “big boy” schools might play along for a bigger share of the conference revenue. Will they willingly let go of a conference punching bag, though? Can their egoshandle replacing 2-3 almost certain victories per season with toss up games?

BNT: “Nerd Only Conference” lol . A glimpse into what the Nerds Only conference Athletic Directors meetings would look like:

westjef: As realignment continues to play out, how do you think it will impact Baylor and the Big 12? What should Baylor/the Big 12 do (if anything) at this time?

mattisbear: Acquire by force as many of the Pac12 schools as possible. Simple as that. Baylor should, as it seems to be the plan, be involved in making that happen. Gather as much conference political capital as possible.

Cody Orr: #PillageThePac12

pbpope: BIg 12: What these guys said.

Baylor: Keep options open for the future. Continue to improve the brand.

BNT: Agree and in the wise words of Michael Scott

Chilimac: Why does SP+ rank is so low?

Cody Orr: I’ll cheat and quote Bill Connelly himself.”No. 30 Baylor (16th in the Way-Too-Early top 25). Here’s a reminder that the returning production formula puts heavy emphasis on turnover at receiver and defensive back, and Baylor is dealing with a ton of that. But an experienced quarterback and fantastic lines still could take Dave Aranda’s Bears pretty far.”

pbpope: (also worthwhile to take any advanced metric with a grain of salt before we’re well into the season)

BNT: The SP+ should be viewed as descriptive and not prescriptive. It’s shouldn’t be used as a crystal ball for the season, but more like a this is where we are at and this is what we know right now kind of metric.

Chilimac: What are the odds of Baylor going to the SEC? Or some other conference/incarnation of the big12??

mattisbear: We ain’t’supposed to be SEC. No thanks. Call it running from the grind, that’s okay.

Cody Orr: In the next 5 years? Near 0%. I doubt the SEC expands again so soon, and if they do, it’s to capitalize on an imploding ACC. 10 years from now? It’s possible the fears of ESPN and FOX 20+ team mega conferences come to fruition, and Baylor should be on the bubble.

pbpope: I peg it at higher than near 0%, but not significant. We are starting to see a growing number of pieces that put Baylor as one of the attractive remaining programs. That’s always a good thing. But yeah. Unless the SEC wants to lock down Texas as a bulwark against the B1G (why would they?), I don’t think there’s a significant chance anytime soon.

BNT: Could it happen? Yes, but not in the near future. That would be a scenario where B1G and SEC expand to 24 teams each and have a 2 Super Conference league. This isn’t that far fetched. Will it happen? Probably not if the Big 12 makes strategic moves, adding PAC 12 teams and becoming a viable 3rd Power Conference.

IrvingParkBear: What’s your take on the hiring of new Big12 Commish, Brett Yormark from NYC and with zero college athletics experience?

mattisbear: I dig it. You don’t have to be an expert in a particular field to be exceptionally proficient in that field.

BNT: Right guy at the right seems. He’s been described as fearless, aggressive, deal maker, and outside of the box thinker. Hiring someone with “college experience” hasn’t worked out so well for the Big 12, so why not try a different direction? Besides, college experience might not mean anything in this changing landscape.

CactusBear: Baylor is on a hot streak of recruiting as of late, although many of these players aren’t four or five star guys, how much of that do you think has to do with them possibly going unnoticed by bigger schools so not getting the respect from the rankers?

BNT: Mark dropped a good article about our recent recruiting run here and is worth the read. We have a combo of high to medium rating ranges. Part of rating disparity is the disrespect we get from the rating services. If a player commits to a blue blood they immediately get a rating bump. It is what it is. But, like our coaches I don’t put much stock in the ratings and look at the fit (both skill and culture), potential, and room for growth. I’m ok with that.

PioneerSkies: how long until Arch Manning enters the transfer portal?

BNT: The season after Quin Ewers does.

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