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Baylor football, basketball, and other questions answered.

PioneerSkies: According to CNN a prisoner exchange has been offered for Brittney Griner. Do you think this will finally lead to her safe homecoming??

BNT: All politics aside, I hope so.

PioneerSkies: Gold out! Your thoughts?

Joe Goodman: Wear gold. Wear yellow. Wear whatever you wanna call it. It’s one of our colors, it pops on TV, and it shows we care. There are so many options available now and so much time to prepare, no excuses not to be in the right stuff on gameday.

pbpope: I’m with Joe. Plus my feelings are pretty well published at this point. Wear it. Take one for the team.

BNT: All the cool Baylor fans do it, and certainly you are a cool Baylor it!

Chilimac: Which football team in our conference is the biggest surprise this year? I mean which one with low expectations has a chance to really exceed them?

Joe Goodman: I think Kansas is the hot pick for a lot of people here because it won’t take much for them to really exceed expectations. I’m going in a different direction. Give me West Virginia. They have some early tests in non con that could boost their confidence and get the crowd in Morgantown fired up. Add in an experienced, known commodity at QB, which is something they’ve been missing, and they could absolutely outperform that 8th place spot they got in the preseason poll.

BNT: Wouldn’t be a huge surprise if it happens, but I think KSU will play us in the Big 12 championship. The huge surprise is that KU will win at least 3 conference games and make a bowl game with 6 total wins. We already know one is in the bag, Texas, and they proved they could win on the road in conference last season (again, see Texas). It will take some breaks and a bit of luck, but I like what Leipold is developing up there. So, my pick is the state of Kansas.

PioneerSkies: Do you reckon that some Pac-12 teams will actually join the Big 12 at some point? If so, which schools? And when? How do you think it will all play out? If not, what do you think will end up transpiring instead?

Joe Goodman: If I was gambling I’d say yes. I don’t think they necessarily WANT to, but if the rumors about the paltry offering they’ve gotten regarding the new TV deal and that Oregon and Washington would demand unequal revenue shares, I think some schools will have no other choice. My guess is Arizona and Colorado would move first, and that would force the hand of a Utah and AZ State. I don’t think you’ll ever see UW, Oregon, Cal, or Stanford in our conference though, too different ideologically and that matters to those 4 more than the 4 corners schools.

BNT: If you follow me on Twitter (@BearNTex), you might have seen the meme I put together regarding this very question

PioneerSkies: With their run to the championship game of GLOBL JAM, can we rightfully say that this season’s MBB team has already garnered international acclaim?

BNT: Yes

GraysonDupre: What did you think about josh performance and how our centers on the team will compete for spots with flo, Big Jon, Loveday and Ojianwun?

BNT: I’m very high on Oijanwun and think he will be a big contributor for us this season. As for competing for spots, JTT is out this season rehabbing. I don’t see Loveday playing much once we get into conference play. The steady rotation, when we have our bigs in will be Flo and Josh. Don’t be surprised to see Oijanwun playing during the crunch time as we get deeper into the season. His athleticism, elevation, and motor are off the charts. He is also the player I tab for developing the most during the season.

BrentBear: When does Fall football practice begin? And who is your pick to be the true freshmen who plays the most snaps on offense and on defense? Thanks.

BNT: I think they start on Aug 4th (can’t get here soon enough). True freshman who plays the most on off and def? On offense I would love to see what Roberts-Day (6’3” 269lbs) can do at running back, but my pick is Amani Winfield who will be a key contributor in the WR rotation. Defensively safety Devyn Bobby.

GraysonDupre: I am concerned about Austin Novosad switching his commitment . Where do you think he lands?

Joe Goodman: I’m rarely concerned about a recruit. They should go where they think they fit the best, even if that’s not Baylor. But at the end of the day, I think he stays put. We have been there the whole time, we’ve got everything to offer, and we are close to home.

pbpope: Joe is wrong. But only insofar as Baylor is the best fit for all of the players that the staff is recruiting. :)

BNT: It’s unanimous, Baylor.

redbeard25: Is being picked to win the conference a blessing or a curse?

Joe Goodman: For the players and staff I think it’s a nice little thing they look at for a day and then move on. For fans it’s a curse. Expectations will be higher and the rest of the conference will be ready to pounce the moment we don’t finish at the top. Mostly I’d say just be happy it happened, but don’t put too much stock in it.

BNT: That’s really more for the fans than the coaches and players. As a fan, I love it that we are getting the respect we deserve. We are used to being dismissed as a non contender, but I truly would love to see the narrative change like it has with Men’s Basketball. The coaches don’t pay attention to it and keep the players focused on the job at hand. I have no doubt we will be well prepared and ready each week. Yeah, the schedule isn’t in our favor and the Big 12 is a gauntlet. But, that’s pretty much the way it is every season. So, as a fan enjoy it.

PioneerSkies: How would you power-rank the ten projected starting QBs in the Big 12?

BNT: I’ll do it from bottom to top (last to first):

10. Hunter Dekkers, ISU

9. Tyler Shough, TT

8. Chad Morris or Max Duggans, TCU

7. Quinn Ewers, UT (another all hat, no cattle ‘horn)

6. Jalon Daniels, KU

5. Adrian Martinez, KSU

4. Spencer Sanders, OSU

3. JT Daniels, WVU

2. Dillion Garbriel, OU

1 Blake Shapen, BU - Just like he shocked the conference in the Big 12 Championship, he’ll do the same in conference play this season.

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