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6/3 ODB Mailbag: Answered

Basketball is in the spotlight.

FYI - for the summer, I will be dropping the mailbag every other week.

GraysonDupre - Im curious whether or not will Mayer be a leading scorer over at Illinois. As well as if Dainja plays a big role to as a hope both do really well.

mattisbear: I will say this, it is likely to me that Illinois is bringing him in with both sides hoping he will be the leading scorer on this team. If he ends up their leading scorer, things likely went well. I’m not sure sure he does though. Reminder that Terrence Shannon from Texas Tech is headed to Illinois as well.

BNT: Mayer the leading scorer this season? I’m not so sure, but I do think he will be their best all around player and team leader. Great pick up for the Illini. Dainia certainly has the talent to be a key contributor. With the addition of former Tech player Shannon this team is one of the favorites to win the Big 10.

geezerbear - Another poor year for Baylor baseball. Isn’t it time for a coaching change?

BNT: Yes. Ok, not fair that I answered this after the fact. I will say that I figured the way we finished out the season there would be a coaching change. Rod is a good guy, cultural fit, and a pretty good coach. But Baylor needs someone who can take us to the next level and consistently battle for the Big 12 title while making the NCAA playoffs and not sacrificing cultural fit. There are folks out there that can accomplish all of that. I’m looking forward to seeing who Mack brings in next.

PioneerSkies - Is it ‘conference champions or bust’ for MBB now that Flagler is returning?

Joe Goodman: Absolutely no reason to think this team won’t have a serious shot at winning it. So yes.

Cody Orr: Absolutely. I think we’ll have one of the most talented backcourts in the country.

BNT: The rest of the Big 12 when hearing the news that Flagler is returning

PioneerSkies - What are your thoughts on MBB being selected to represent the United States at GLOBL JAM in July?

Joe Goodman: Its a huge advantage to get some game action in to allow a new group to mesh. Reps for the guys who were injured last year will be great as well. As long as everyone stays healthy, this is a great thing for this team.

BNT: What Joe said. Anytime you can get more game reps, particularly against some of the top young talent in the world, it’s a plus. One other thing to think about, it’s a great way to evaluate world talent in person for possible recruiting purposes.

PioneerSkies - can we FINALLY get an update about a new contract extension for mattisbear??? or is all the silence on this issue an indication that he will be leaving ODB for the SBNation site for USF??

Joe Goodman: Unfortunately we are not allowed to comment on this contract situation at this time. We love mattisbear and want him to retire as an ODBer, he’s done amazing things for this group. I can say that Peter Pope’s new deal is almost complete and it has a no buyout clause so he’s stuck with us forever.

BNT: Matt is cut from the same cloth as Aranda, his word is his bond. Sometimes they’re kinda crazy words, but he is a great fit and leader for ODB. He ain’t going anywhere. On another note, I’ve been waiting for my contract for a while

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