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Football, basketball, baseball, and other Baylor sports questions answered.

aintathangbutachickenwing: BNT, when are you going to answer all these questions???

BNT: Now

westjef: What is your favorite thing to do in Waco in the summer?

BNT: Stay cool. The Backyard usually has some really good concerts like Jodi Messina and Robert Earl Keene. I would say kayaking on the Brazos, but you all know I’m too lazy to do that. But let me give a shameless plug for one of my businesses. I own Brazos Tours ( and we have a nationally recognized award winning Fixer Upper Tour, a Foodie Tour, a Wine Tour, and a Haunts and Legends tour. So those would be my favorite things to do not only in the summer, but year round.

GraysonDupre: What are you early thoughts on who you think has the edge in the Big 12 SEC challenge? As well as Baylor matchup against Arkansas as I in particular am thrilled to see this matchup as I’m from Arkansas and all my friends and family around me are Arkansas fans except me being the lone Baylor fan.

BNT: There are going to be some good matchups, but I’m giving the edge to the Big 12. I’m definitely going to be at our game against Arky. This should be a very good contest, but I’m confident that our guard rotation will be more like the ‘21 Bears and our D will be elite.

CactusBear: What do you think will be considered a successful season in year three under CDA in terms of number of wins and not losing those stinker game, i.e. WVU and Iowa State this year.

Cody Orr: Expectations are sky-high for the season, and rightfully so. A successful season is a 10-win season, playing in the Big 12 CCG, and being in the playoff conversation. We’re not in the “playoff-or-bust” realm, but we should see Baylor’s name in the top 8 spots in November and December.

BNT: Our Bears team have a high ceiling. I think if we go 11-1 and win the Big 12 we’re in the playoffs. That would be the ceiling. The floor for me would be a 9 win season. Btw, WVU might be tough as we always struggle in Morgantown (Hillbilly Haven) and landing UGA QB JT Daniels in the portal.

PioneerSkiesConsidering Baylor has long and storied hockey tradition (including seven championships!! who do you think will take home the Stanley Cup this year? Gotta be the Avs, right?

BNT: Av’s for the comeback wins to take the series! Obviously I know nothing about hockey.

aintathangbutachickenwing: BNT, admit that i was right to question the QB competition between Shapen and GB past few months.....also admit that there is cause for concern that a new contract for CSD has not been announced yet.

BNT: You were right. You are also wrong.

PoppyBear: Mr. BNT, excluding Provo for the BYU game, which away location would be your preference to go to for a Baylor regular season away game this fall?

BNT: I would encourage everyone to try and make it to the OU game in Norman. I was there in 2014 to witness our only win ever in Norman and it was a glorious 48-14 beatdown. The OU fans were friendly and many came up to me and thanked me for making it to the game. Even afterward they were complimentary of our Bears. Why would this be my pick for this upcoming season? Let me share:

  1. Opportunity to visit a blue blood program
  2. Probably be the last time we play there, or play them at all
  3. We will secure our second victory in Norman...that’s right, I said it
  4. Easy drive for a big game

When you go, some good food venues right around campus are Blackbird’s Gastropub, Hideaway Pizza, Louie’s Grill and Bar, and Pepe Delgado’s. Or you can do like I do and crash one of the OU tailgates.

PioneerSkies: There have been a lot of infra-Big 12 MBB transfers, including Tyrese Hunter (ISU to UT), Kevin McCullar (TTU to KU), and Jalen Bridges (WVU to BU). Each of these players will be scheduled to play their former team twice. From a sportsmanship perspective, do you think these players should be healthy scratches in those games? Why or why not?

Cody Orr: As a fan, I would hate to see a former Baylor player have meaningful (and productive) minutes against us, but that’s of secondary importance to doing what’s right for the players. No, a player who transfers to another school in the same conference should not have to sit out in any way.

BNT: They should play. The main reason is that it’s a team sport and if they scratch it could hurt the team as coaches spend a great deal of time figuring out the line ups and chemistry to give their teams the best shot at success. Also, why penalize an athlete 2 games because they took advantage of the portal rule.

FunkycoldMD: BNT, does Baylor’s fall success in football/MBB/WBB overshadow the 2 defectors spring success in sports like golf, tennis, softball, and baseball? Methinks that it does, although recency bias makes me wonder.

Cody Orr: UT and OU fans would likely trade their 2021-2022 athletics season for Baylor’s, and as a Baylor fan I wouldn’t even consider it.

BNT: Agree with Cody. No matter what the “dark side” fans might say, they would give up all the swimming trophies (and other spring sports) combined for a Big 12 Championship in football or basketball.

Pioneer Skies: What are your thoughts on the reported Mitch Thompson hire?

BNT: I’m excited about the Thompson hire as it was a great move. He has been and always will be a Bear and a heckuva coach. No doubt he was the driving force behind our recruiting and on field success when he was at BU as an assistant coach. He carried that same success to MCC. He not only coaches like crazy, but recruits and fund raises like crazy. These are a must in todays athletic programs. I predict it won’t take him long to turn the program around and be competitive in the Big 12 and the national scene.

As aways leave any other questions or comments below and Sic ‘em!