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ODB Mailbag: Answered

Baylor football, NIL, Big 12 Conference strength moving forward, Women’s golf, and other questions answered.

BrentBear: Does CDA have any other transfer targets at this point?

BNT: No name to mention, but they would definitely be interested in a productive WR who would be a good cultural fit.

PioneerSkies - What are your thoughts on transfer portal/NIL reform?

pbpope: I personally am a fan of the 1-time transfer rule. It’s always chafed me that the non-HC coaching carousel typically happens AFTER National Signing Day - once kids are locked into their letters of intent. I like the 1-time transfer rule and feel that Baylor has the chance to be a beneficiary of it as we go forward into this brave new world of insanity.As for NIL - I have no idea how they put the genie back in the bottle on this front. I hope that the NCAA does something to regulate it so that it actually allows players to profit off of their name, image, and likeness. I am not a fan of the way that the seedy underbelly of recruiting has been legitimized in the name of NIL. But I honestly don’t know what the NCAA does to fix it. We’ll see if any of their planned steps make any difference.

Cody Orr: I have a lot of thoughts...Actually started writing an article about it! Haven’t had the chance to finish it, though.

BNT: Both are in need of reform in my opinion. How that happens, I have no idea. I find it funny that Nick Saban called out A&M’s Jimbo Fisher for paying every recruit in their signing class with big NIL money. Why do I find it funny, because Nick said “we did it the right way.” Hey Nick!

TheTexan88 - Do you think that the perception of the Big 12 is changing/ will change with the addition of the new schools? I’m not seeing a whole lot of enthusiasm outside the conference, but I really think this could be the start of one of the most entertaining conferences in college football.

westjef: In reply to TheTexan88

I’m not BNT but I think this will take some time. To the casual fan, the loss of UT and OU is huge because they are the big nationally known brands in the conference. But I think to more serious fans, the renewed Big 12 will indeed be highly entertaining even to folks who don’t have a tie to it other than hoping for fun games to watch. My dream is that the other eight schools manage to keep Sooners and Longhorns out of the championship game in their remaining years, which would be a fantastic prequel to the new alignment.

Cody Orr: Unfortunately, I think perception is driven by two things: brand recognition, and winning. We lose the two schools with the most brand recognition, and we don’t pick up a school that’s won it all. That said, I agree that the product on the field will likely improve, and it should be a more competitive conference!

BNT: I’m seeing it play out a little differently as the Big 12 will become more competitive and a stronger national brand. On the flip side, OU will be good but not great in the SEC and Texas will become the KU of the SEC. Brand only takes you so far if you don’t consistently win (see UCLA in basketball).

Bowlinmonk13 - Q1 & Q1a - Has the new comment format done what nothing else could do? What do I speak of? The silencing of ain’tathangbutachickenwing of course! Voted ODB’s most vocal follower for several... seasons... wing is very noticeably silent. I hope nothing bad has befallen wing to cause this emptiness that he used to fill.

BNT: I’m a big fan of

Q2 - Can we schedule OUnUT to be on the road against all 4 of the newcomers in 2023? It would only be fitting for the attempted murderers to be thusly sentenced for their heinous and likely criminal attempts to kill the BIG12 in such a chickenshiRt way. That would be the only way I would agree to lessening each of their exit fees, but only by 8 cents each. I think each of the hateful 8 would cut loose of 2 cents to see both blowbloods on the road for 8 games against our newly acquired conference mates. All of which I might add that OUnUT conspired against to keep them from joining our BIG12. I’m sure the 4 newcomers would relish such an opportunity as much as I would.

Cody Orr: I can’t believe you wrote this whole post and didn’t include a pun about offering your own two cents!

BNT: I like it. I would add, no tents for them on hot game days and no heaters on cold game days. Oh, and lock them out of the visitors dressing room after they emerge at the beginning of the game. Treat them like a Middle School team where they have to spend halftime huddling in the end zone with their coaches.

Q3 - Would such a schedule cause OUnUT to leave before the 2023 season? If yes then let’s make it happen...with each paying their entire exit fee of course.

BNT: Dunno, but it’s worth a try!

D0olsII - What is the optimal absorbent item to wipe my tears with as I weep about being in the dark days of the off-season?

pbpope: The 95°+ rays of the summer sun basking down upon you.

BNT: lol to what Peter said. Because they are whiney babies they need to use an adult diaper.

SicEmOSo - How disrespectful would it be to UT Arlington to rename the rich university in Austin UTA?

BNT: Pretty disrespectful as it would be an upgrade for the Austin school and total dis to the Arlington school.

PioneerSkies -How well do you think the women’s golf team will fare in the NCAA championship?

BNT: They have a legitimate shot and are peaking at the right time. Winning their regional by 14 shots is massive. Of their 5 players, 3 finished tied for 2nd (Kauer, Snyder, Belsham), another T for 19th (Bagarly), and the final T for 35th (Karg). That’s pretty salty. They are definitely one of the favorites.

Thanks for the questions. Leave any other questions or comments below. Sic ‘em!