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ODB Mailbag: Answered

Baylor QB1, preseason Big 12 football rankings, draft thoughts and more.

Chilimac - Am I a bad fan for being worried about Shapen’s durability? Any official word on if we will see the same level of QB run?

BNT: It’s perfectly understanding to be a bit worried about Shapen’s durability and every Baylor fan should be at least a little concerned. Our RVO (Reliable Violent Offense) is a run first scheme, but it is an iteration of the more commonly used RPO (run pass option) across the country. So we’re still going to be run first, but unlike utilizing our QB to run like we did with GBo, because that was his strength, we will spread the field with Shapen as his strength is passing accuracy. That doesn’t mean he won’t run, because he will and he certainly can. It means we will have a true run/pass option with him. Even though Shapen will probably run less than GBo, he should be more effective as the D will have to account for his strong arm. Let me add, GBo was a stronger runner but I think Shapen is a better and natural pocket scrambler. He has that intuitive sense as to when he should stay and deliver or take off and get the 1st down.

PioneerSkies - Will the ESPN+ show Our Time receive a blu ray release?

BNT: I really enjoyed the series, and you can watch it again and again on ESPN+. Will it be released on blu-ray?

BrentBear - Is someone at ODB figuring out why comments load about half the time when clicking on an article? And why the home page shows 1 comment on this article, but there are 4? I promise I am computer literate! But my flip phone is wearing out and my 8 track player quit a couple of years ago.

BNT: Me trying to figure out this new SBN format

Bearsalwayswin - WHY USF. WHY

BNT: GBo should thrive in USF HC Jeff Scott’s offense as it will maximize his running ability and athleticism. They immediately upgraded at QB, and I mean in a huge way. OC Travis Trickett is known as a QB whisper and will enjoy working with Gerry.

IrvingParkBear - CBS Sports latest NCAA football post-spring early rankings has Baylor at #5. Seems wildly optimistic, but I guess you never know. OU was #4, TU #17 (BOO!), OK St. #20. Future Big12 entrants BYU, Houston and Cincinnati were #22, #23 and #25 respectively. Whoa. Your take?

BNT: I would put BU in the top 5 and think this is going to be a special year. OU at 4 is too high, TU at 17 is laughable, OK St. at 20 is too low, BYU, UH, and Cincy are about right.

BearButtocks - Piggyback question: In which week of the season does austin junior college’s “Texas is back!” change from battle cry into punchline?

BNT: In week 1 they’ll beat ULM by 40 and they’ll be discussed as CFP contenders. Then comes week 2...’Bama...and

GraysonDupre - How much of an immediate impact do you except all the drafted bears to make in the NFL.

BNT: Pitre immediate impact player, Thorton immediate, Woods immediate, Bernard will see significant playing time, Ebner should immediately take over special team reps, Barnes will be a bit of a project. Even though Smith was signed as an unrestricted free agent, I think he will see playing time and could work his way into the RB rotation.

aintathangbutachickenwing - When are they going to announce CSD’s contract extension, and what in the world is taking sooooo long???


PoppyBear - Any truth to the report CSD is in talks with with USF?

BNT: Fake news. I have it on reliable sources that he will be going to his dream job and taking over at Blinn Jr. College. Rumor has it that he’s always been an Aggie at heart and Blinn being a feeder into Aggieland is as close as he can get.

Please leave other questions and comments below. Sic ‘em!