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ODB Mailbag: Answered

Baylor football, basketball (men’s & women’s), baseball, and Big 12 Commissioner questions answered.

Who’s going to transfer out?

With so many QB’s coming in and already having so many on the roster, who’s going to go? After Gerry leaves, it’s a wide open race (mainly) between Blake Shapen, Austin Novosad, and Kyron Drones. So who do y’all think is going win the job and who’s going to leave?

Posted by Bearsalwayswin

BNT: I don’t think anyone transfers out at this point. Gerry will be a senior, Shapen a redshirt sophomore, Drones a sophomore (who very well could redshirt this season), and Novosad won’t even be on campus for another year. I’ve even heard that the staff sees preferred walk on CJ Rogers as a scholarship type athlete who has the tools to play. Not taking a QB in the last recruiting class certainly helped create a little room. GB will probably be named the starter. But Shapen having 3 more years will keep him at Baylor. The next big battle will be between Shapen and Drones. So, let’s revisit this question next year.

Haven’t heard anything about the facilities

Is there anything new regarding football facilities?

Posted by aintathangbutachickenwing

BNT: Mark did a good article on the Fudge Football Operation Center.

Does BNT bank pay for all of Baylor’s NIL deals?

Posted by SicEmOSo

BNT: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Not a exactly a Baylor question but,

would you care to make a prediction on how Kansas’ National Championship will impact their looming punishment?

Posted by 5StarCouchQB

PioneerSkies: NC State has sanctions in place right now stemming from the same FBI probe. Also, the fact that NIL deals exist now didn’t prevent OSU from being banned from the postseason this year. Five level 1 NCAA violations were enough to get Will Wade fired at LSU and Sean Miller fired at Arizona. KU, however, gave Self a lifetime “sanction-proof” contract, despite three of the violations naming him personally. I doubt the NCAA appreciates such an affront and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them throw the book at Self and KU.

BNT: Disagree and think KU will get away with just a slap on the wrist, which is a shame if they do. Best comment I’ve seen

Along those same lines....

Do you reckon the championship will end up being vacated?

Posted by PioneerSkies

BNT: Unfortunately no, but it will be tainted.

Who would you like to be the next Big 12 commissioner?

Posted by PioneerSkies

BNT: Out of the five P5 conferences, the Big 12 is right in there as #3. This gives us the luxury of going after someone who would be really good. We need a high level person that can organize, negotiate, and take the conference to the next level in expansion and TV GOR (to mention a few). I have no doubt some heavy weights will toss their names into the ring as it is a coveted position. As long as Mack is on the search committee, I have great confidence that it will be a good hirer....because that’s what Mack does. But, who would I like to see?


Do we have a shot at winning the conference or going to the college world series? Its been a few weeks since we win a championship and I need another hit.

Posted by JustinAllison16

BNT: Unless our pitching becomes consistent, no and no.

Who fills Alinkjo’s spot

Which would you prefer from maybe Flagler, a highly touted transfer, Bonner, or even Dillon Hunter.

Posted by GraysonDupre

Cody Orr: My guess (hope?) is an experienced transfer plays point next season. No disrespect to our current guards; I think they all played better when someone else was handling and distributing the ball.

BNT: I think they have 2 guys on the roster who could be good point guards in Flagler and Love. Flagler was hampered with by his hand and then knee and of course Love was out with an ACL tear. With the guard rotation we have, we will look a little more like our championship season back court.

Do you think Coach Collen will stick around? In the Our Time series, she talked about how her husband & kids did not move with her & how difficult it is to be in separate states. How long do you think she stays?

Posted by oolaladybear

Andrew Miner: There were some tremendously powerful moments in that series, but none more than the episode where she flew home. It struck me as very surprising that she left home to embark on a long distance relationship with her family. I think there may have been some toxicity in the Dream organization, and Coach Collen just saw it as a perfect opportunity to leap at. Maybe she sees it as one more year long distance before the twins go to college and then her husband and youngest move to Texas? So it could be short term suffering for long term success. I think she will be around for awhile—hard to say if that’s five years or 20.

BNT: I don’t think Nicki sees Baylor as a stepping stone to the next place. We are a true blue blood program in Women’s basketball and viewed as a plum position by coaches around the nation. Nicki knows this and I’m certain Mack did his due diligence and didn’t hire a short termer. Also in the last Our Time episode, she just moved into the new house she had built which shows some commitment to staying around.

How much of that ten million bag

Is to keep Mack away from the big XII commish job?

Posted by dOols II

BNT: Don’t see it as a factor as he’s happy at Baylor, But, we definitely want to keep Mack and compensate him appropriately. So,

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