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ODB Mailbag-Green/Gold Game Wrap-Up Edition: Answered

QB 1, Bears in the NFL Draft, Baseball, Tennis, and other questions answered.

What is the future of coaching for our beleaguered baseball program?

BNT: Even though Mack spoke about supporting Coach Rod during his weekly press conference this week, I think CSR is on the hot seat and it’s getting blistering. I mean, we were annihilated by UT last weekend...which isn’t acceptable. CSR has had enough time to turn the program around and hasn’t gotten it done. I know Mack from back in his days at UH and I can say for a fact he is committed to providing the best culture and program, meaning winning is a big part of the equation. I like CSR and think he’s a great guy with excellent values. Having said that, there are others out there that fit that description and are transformative coaches. IMO, the rope is very short as CSR and our Bears would need to pretty much win out to salvage the season and maybe his job.

Also, is it fair that on top of all of our other conf titles this school year, Baylor found a way to win men’s tennis also?

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Who leads the team in rushing yards and receiving yards in 2022?

Posted by Oso Maravilloso

BNT: If you asked me last week I would have said Taye McWilliams without blinking. After watching the Green/Gold game I’m now leaning towards Sqwirl. He’s just too electric and a threat every time he touches the ball. I saw him as an 8-10 carry back this season, but I’m now thinking he could be totting the rock 15-18 times per game. Grimes will find ways to get him touches. My biggest concern is his durability. Hopefully he’ll finally have an injury free season. On the WR side, I was impressed by the athleticism of our receivers. The guy that stood out for me was walk-on Josh Cameron. He’s big, bullies DB’s, runs good routes, and has a knack for the ball. This guy is a star in the making.

Hypothetical Question

How much will our MT team shine if it was on Texas’s rooster where they don’t know how to play Football and Basketball

Posted by SicEmOSo

BNT: They’d be on the same level and almost as popular as the UT Assassin’s Pole monkey.

Now for the obvious follow up as of this morning

Now that CDA has made the decision to start Shapen, what is your take on how this will impact the team this year? Both emotionally and practically with the offense. Thanks!

Posted by BrentBear

BNT: First of all, with GBo in the portal I wish him the best of success. He’s a proven leader and winner and gave it all for Baylor. He will forever be a Bear...a Bear legend. GBo’s biggest asset was what he added to our running game. On the passing side, he was much more cautious and as we saw late in the season and the Sugar Bowl, teams stacked the box and dared us to throw. Fortunately our RVO is built to run over people and usually did, but to get to the next level (consistently win conference titles and the College Football Playoffs), you have to be able to spread the field agains elite defenses. Shapen is a natural passer with a great arm and very precise. He is comfortable in the pocket and works his progressions well. Even though he’s not the runner GBo was, he is more than capable and a natural pocket scrambler both in stepping up and taking off as needed. I think the ceiling is higher with Shapen and we have some very good back ups in Drones and Rogers.

Did we disrespect Flagler by not talking about his pro prospects more?

BNT: It’s not unusual for a player to declare, but not hire an agent, so that they can go through the evaluation process and receive feedback as to what they need to work on to improve their game. This is what Mayer did last year. I fully expect Flagler to come back and be a key piece to our championship run this coming season.

Will it be normal every year to talk about how many MBB players are going pro? 2? 4? 5?

Posted by Your_Bailey_Bear

BNT: I do think we will continue to be attractive to elite players and will be an NBA pipeline. Scott Drew and his staff have a great reputation for developing players. How many per year? Heck if I know.

The NFL Draft starts Thursday. What are your final Baylor related draft predictions??

Posted by PioneerSkies

BNT: Baylor should have a very good 2022 NFL Draft. Here are my projections:

Jalen Pitre - 3rd Rd

Terrel Bernard - 4th Rd

Kalon Barnes - 4th Rd

Tyquan Thorton - 5th Rd

Abram Smith - 6th Rd

Xavier Newman-Johnson - 6th Rd

JT Woods - 7th Rd

Tristan Ebner could sneak into the 7th Rd as he would be valuable on special teams as an all-purpose player.

Please leave any other questions or comments below. Thanks and Sic ‘em!