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Do NOT Let The Bears Get Hot

Bears Win 4 Straight Going Into Series in Austin


Jared McKenzie is hot, Tre Richardson and Jack Pineda never stopped hitting, and Kyle Nevin is reeeeeeeeeeal hot. After a disappointing Thursday night loss at home to Kansas, the Bears exploded to win the next two games, scoring a combined 25 runs in those two games. I stated and thought the Bears needed a sweep, but winning 2, along with 2 weekday games is nothing we can complain about. The Bears bullpen had its best week of the year by far, the starters were good again, and now Baylor has won 4 straight going into a series at #10 UT this weekend in Austin.

The pitchers were good to great all weekend and the two games during this week, as should have been expected against Kansas, Sam Houston, and Lamar. The surprise was the strike throwing from everyone who took the mound. The success will be greatly tested this week as we take on the Longhorns, who have power up and down the lineup.

Kyle Nevin has entered the chat. He homered in 3 straight games this week, and has picked up his offensive attack greatly in the last few weeks. This has been a great compliment to McKenzie, who has more than salvaged his season, as well as Richardson and Pineda all hitting well at the top of the order. The offense of the last two or three weeks is the offense we expected. To compete with Texas this weekend, the Bears will need to take advantage of the struggling UT pitching staff, who has struggled for answers since losing Sunday starter, Tanner Witt, to season ending injury.

Yes, Texas has 2 or 3 guys who have as many or more homeruns than our whole team, and they might have the most pure talent on any roster in the country, but they are stumbling through the last couple of weeks. They looked very out of sorts in Manhattan, KS last week, and had to salvage one win on Sunday in a series loss. We will see very talented pitching, especially the first two starters, and a solid end of the Bullpen for the Horns, but will need to take advantage of any long or middle relief pitcher who makes it into the game.

This is the weekend for the Bears, win the series and we are set up for a run against the top of the conference down the stretch, lose 2 or 3 games and the hole might be too large to dig out of.

6:30 Tonight

1 PM Saturday

1 PM Sunday