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ODB Mailbag: Answered (Including Last Weeks Questions)

Football, basketball, baseball, and all questions have been answered!

Josh White and Jaxon Player

I read that Jaxon could play DE or NT, but wondering what position/s coaches plan for Josh White. No doubt he will be a huge addition and fill a need! It’s just so much fun to be a BU football fan these days. Oh, and are you going to cover the Spring Game and bring a thorough report? I sure hope so. Thanks BNT and friends.

Posted by BrentBear

BNT: Player has been playing more NT right now, but he will slide out to DE as well. As for White, he can play either WLB or MLB and would excel at both. With Doyle at Mike, he will probably play Willie this season.

NCAA Tournament review and catharsis

BNT: I’ll call this the season of “What could have been”. All teams have to deal with injuries, but our Bears were particularly snake bit. How I look at it is that a healthy Bears team would beat any healthy team in the country. Oddly even though it was a loss, the Bears being 25 down with 10 minutes to play and coming back to force natty runner-up North Carolina to overtime shows how good we could be.

Predictions for KU’s sanctions from the NCAA

Joe Goodman: Nothing really. Maybe a couple game ban for Self and a fine. Don’t expect much with a blue blood.


Best memories of the ‘21-’22 season

Cody Orr : “He didn’t make it! He didn’t make it? HE DIDN’T MAKE IT! HE DIDN’T MAKE IT!” - Me watching the Big 12 Championship.

BNT: There are many, but I would have winning the Big 12 Championship and the comeback against Carolina as 1 and 2.

Final thoughts about Our Time

Cody Orr: I haven’t worked up the energy to watch the final episode.

BNT: Seemed to be a fair look at both programs and showed us in a favorable light. Definitely enjoyed every episode.

What was the dunk of the year?

Branden MacKinnon: Kendall brown baptizing the poor folks at Nichols

BNT: Love all the dunks, but I’ll pivot to the favorite bully play of the year

Why the season was a big success (conference & tournament championships, plus other accolades)

BNT: Winning the Big 12 is huge as it’s the premier MBB conference in the country. On the women’s side, winning their 12 straight Big 12 championship is downright mind boggling. Even though both teams exited the tournament early, it should not overshadow those significant accomplishments. As for the accolades, I don’t really have an issue with the awards on the men’s side other than I would have added Matthew Mayer’s to the Big 12 All Defensive team. For the women, Queen Egbo should have been named to the Big 12 second team and Nalyssa should have been the NCAA Women’s Basketball POY.

Baylor & Big 12 related NBA Draft predictions

BNT: Of course Sochan and Brown will go in the 1st round. Akinjo will probably hone his skills in the G League or play in Europe with the hopes of getting to the NBA. I think Mayer will come back. The other 2 players drafted from the Big 12 are Kansas’s Agbaji and Braun, who should both be 1st rd picks.

Power ranking the ‘21-’22 team compared to Baylor teams of the past

BNT: If healthy, #4. 1. ‘20-21, 2. ‘19-’20 (derailed by COVID), 3. ‘2009-2010 (it wasn’t a charge).

What the lineup and rotation could/should look like in the fall

Branden MacKinnon: This is super dependent on what happens with Mayer and LJs feet healing. I think we will see a ton of 4 guard play. However if Mayer comes back I would love to see what he and Bridges look like on the court together

BNT: G Flagler, Cryer, George, F Bridges/Mayer, C Thamba - that’s a salty starting 5. Drew likes to have a starting 8, so with Bridges/Mayer, Love, and Bonner he has it.

Transfer portal speculation!

Branden MacKinnon: Bridges was a HUGE get. We’ve got a post running on that. I expect 1 or 2 more players, but probably mid tier transfers that are bench guys for depth.

BNT: Say hello to Jalen Bridges! Jalen Bridges Chooses Baylor, also Branden will have a great article posted today.

Way too early Big 12 predictions for next season

BNT: Baylor, KU, Tech, UT, ISU, KSU, TCU, OU, WVU, OSU

Starting Five: best Tex-Mex entrees

Joe Goodman: Tex Mex? Let’s go. I’m willing to be told I’m an idiot.

  1. Chips and queso. A snack, a meal, good anytime.
  2. Beef fajitas
  3. Enchiladas al Carbon
  4. Chimichanga
  5. Crispy beef taco

I will not be taking any questions.

BNT: Since Joe gave you the entrees, I’m going to take a different tack and give you 5 good TexMex restaurants where they have great entrees. 1 - Mexicano Grille (Hewitt), 2 - Mexicano Taqueria (China Spring), 3 - Casa De Castillo, 4 - La Fiesta, 5 - Chuy’s

Posted by PioneerSkies


Tang to KSU reaction/analysis/breakdown/prognosis

Posted by PioneerSkies

Joe Goodman: Stoked for him, I think he’ll do great. Good for the conference.

BNT: He will definitely make KSU competitive and a threat. He’s already added two portal transfers in former Top 150 guard Camryn Carter and big man Jerrell Colbert, both should contribute immediately. The bigger news is that he added former UT top assistant Ulric Maligi as his top assistant. Maligi is a highly respected coach and excellent recruiter.

What solutions are there for the Baseball Bears??

BNT: Apart from our pitching problems, maybe a new coach?

Posted by PioneerSkies

Football vs Basketball

Who do you predict to be more successful next year between our MBB and Football, I personally think our basketball team as the mix of talent and veterans will help with a deep run while I’m a tad bit worried about some of our road game win the Big 12.

Posted by GraysonDupre

BNT: Even though I think the football team can win the Big 12 back to back this coming season, I give the nod to basketball as they should get to the Final Four.

What is the date for this year’s Green and Gold football game again? I really want to attend.

Posted by Bowlinmonk13

BNT: This Saturday at noon.

Never Too Early For Football

What do y’all predict for the 2022 football season? How much of a step back will the loss of Jalen Pitre and Abram Smith and other key members be? Or with our dominating O line and with both Gerry and Blake coming back, do y’all thing we can keep up our dominance? Texas will be an Easy dub, but with XII Championship win, will we be the target of all our fellow conference members?

Posted by SicEmOSo

BNT: You know you’ll have to wait for my August “Preseason Preview and BNT’s Bold Prediction” article. lol I agree that Texas will be an easy dub.

Football Power Index has the traditionally underachieving team from austin ranked #6 for 2022.

Is the FPI broke?

Posted by PoppyBear

Cody Orr: Per ESPN, “In the preseason, [FPI] components are made up entirely of data from previous seasons, such as returning starters, past performance, recruiting rankings and coaching tenure”.Prior performance includes the last three years, but more weight is placed on the most recent year. UT’s last rankings were 9.5, 19.5, and 13.0.Returning starters include Xavier Worthy, Bijan Robinson, and DeMarvion Overshown, but overall Texas has just 62% of returning production on offense (77th in the country) and 74% of returning production on defense (37th in the country) per ESPN.Recruiting rankings must play a big part this year. Texas signed the 5th best recruiting class and 8th best transfer class.Coaching tenure...Texas hasn’t fired Sark yet!So to answer your question: a projected FPI of 17.4, which is way above the average of the last 3 years, with a middling to above average rate of returning starters, only makes sense if recruiting rankings comprise the majority of the preseason projections. Alternatively, FPI treats transfers like returning starters? Either way, it may need some recalibrating.

BNT: Lol, just another way for FPI to make Alabama look untouchable by beating the #6 team in the country by 30. Everyone knows what’s going on here.

What are your thoughts about the possibility of Gonzaga joining the Big 12 as a basketball-only member or having some kind of scheduling alliance?

Posted by PioneerSkies

Joe Goodman: No. I don’t want to have a 9pm game played in a gym smaller than a Texas 6A high school.

Cody Orr : I don’t think it helps the Big 12 at all. We already play a round-robin schedule in the toughest conference in the country, so our teams don’t need the extra experience against a top school. In addition, many Big 12 schools already have a marquee out-of-conference game in November/December. (sometimes against Gonzaga!). Seems like a move that really only benefits one side.

BNT: Even though I’m not opposed to the idea, it will never happen as the Big 12 (while being the top MBB conference in the country) is still about football.


Posted by PioneerSkies


Spring football

What are you most excited to see in the Green & Gold game? What area are you most interested in seeing addressed? Etc.

Posted by westjef

BNT: Very excited! Who is the next great Baylor running back definitely interest me. Let me be clear, I don’t think our running game will drop of this season. Another thing I’ll be watching with interest is will be our WR’s. The athleticism and talent are off the charts, so I’ll be interested in seeing how they click with the QB’s. On the defensive side, I’ll be watching our DB’s.

Who is your pick for starting QB right now?

And why?

Posted by BrentBear

BNT: GB reportedly has stepped up his game. His leadership is unparalleled and has the highest ceiling (for now), while his passing has improved dramatically.

Now that Jay Wright is retiring....

who would you say is the second best coach in college basketball behind Scott Drew?

Posted by PioneerSkies

BNT: After Drew, I’d have to go with Houstons’ Kelvin Sampson and Gonzaga’s Mark Few at the top of the list. Add in North Carolina’s Hubert Davis, Purdue’s Matt Painter, and Indiana’s Mike Woodson and you have a pretty salty group. Keep an eye on Tech’s Mark Adams as that guy can coach.

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