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ODB Mailbag - Big 12 Basketball Championship Run Edition: Answered

Why do you say TTU has the worst fanbase in the conference? And why isn’t it ISU’s fanbase?

Sic ‘em Bears!

Posted by PioneerSkies

BNT: Tech fans show up (usually drunk), home or away, and have vileness in their DNA. In 2018 when they made it to the NCAA Championship, during conference play their fans almost took over the Ferrell. They were loud, rowdy, and obnoxious. That is, until our Bears slammed the door on them with about 2 minutes left winning by 9. Then they were quiet, but still defiant. Walking into the arena I saw a carload of Tech students pulling into the parking lot as they were screaming F Baylor at every elderly couple, family with small kids, etc, they saw. I’ve certainly seen and heard that from other fan bases, but not with the consistency and intensity I have through the years from Tech fans. Can’t explain it, maybe it’s the constant smell from the cattle pens wafting across Lubbock that creates a chemical imbalance in their brain. My good friend FunkycoldMD has to put up with it all the time!

Wing and I were conversing on which team(s) in the BIG12 has/have the most obnoxious fans. Would you (and yours) be so kind as to rank them with worst being first? While even having their names in our mouths elicits the gag reflex, the question must be asked. Experience tells me that y’all have the intestinal fortitude to supply the answer(s).

Posted by AleanUFOpilot FTLcertified

BNT: My list of shame:

1 - UT. The arrogance of being mediocre is pathetic. They don’t care who gets destroyed to elevate themselves, yet they’re still average. I have renamed them as the University of Austin, because they certainly don’t represent our great state.

2 - Tech. See my answer above.

3. - ISU. I guess you’d be surly too if they only thing you were really known for is your water.

4 - TCU. They have big brother envy...bless their hearts.

5 - WVU. Obviously too much moonshine consumption.

6 - OU. Actually every time I go to Norman the fans are pretty nice. But, that is cancelled because of their betrayal of the Big 12.

7 - KU. Only obnoxious in basketball.

8 - OSU. I think there is a mutual respect between fan bases, but it’s fun crushing their hopes.

9 - KSU. Manhatten is a fun place to attend a game. I’d recommend it.

Honorable mention for those of us old enough to remember the delusional view they have of their athletics...none other than your Aggies. lol

Kendall Brown & Jeremy Sochan

What is the chance that Kendall Brown or Jeremy Sochan or, dare I dream, both return for another season? I know it’s a long shot but they could each use more development and we would all love to have them play with the Bears next season.

Posted by BU87

mattisbear: If I am being biased here, I’d love to see Kendall Brown come back and develop a little more aggression on offense and clean up some ball watching on defense. But you know where else he can develop those skills? The NBA. I’m not passing on potential for either guy if I’m a front office exec for a smart NBA team.

BNT: I think they’re gone. The NBA definitely takes players based upon athleticism, high ceiling and how that can be developed. Just the fact they have oodles of both and just turned 18, the NBA scouts are drooling.

What’s the best strategy for a free meal at the Baylor Club?

Posted by MarkTBower

BNT: Take me with you...obviously.

Are you too old and grumpy for Nikki Collen to call you “baby”?

Posted by daddingo

BNT: What if I told you I already have been?

With all the changes conference wise Baylor has gone through which former SWC or Big 12 opponent would you like to see them schedule if it was possible?

Posted by FunkycoldMD

Cody Orr: Texas. Always nice to win your out-of-conference games.

mattisbear: I personally love playing Arkansas for some reason. I have no basis for this, but they feel like the public school version of us… to me at least.

BNT: My aggie friends think they’d whip us if we played. Of course, this is only because they don’t play us. Lol, that’s like the little guy acting like he’s being held back by his friends so he won’t get pummeled by the bigger guy. Typical aggie delusional bravado. Let’s remove the argument and play them. They’d become subdued pretty fast.

Who’s our biggest out-of-state conf rival across the board?

Posted by FunkycoldMD

Cody Orr: I’m tempted to say Oklahoma State. Each school has won multiple big games against the other in recent years. Think about 2013 in football, the MBB conference tournament last year, this last season in football (twice), and this current season in MBB.

BNT: Across the board, no one. Basketball is KU of course. Football I’d have to say OSU. They consistently have a good team and play us tough.

Who makes the deepest run in the NCAA tournament?

Nikki Colins’ Bears or Scott Drew’s Bears?

Cody Orr: Both teams should be 1 or 2 seeds, so they’ll be favored up until the Elite 8, but given the wider talent gap in WBB, I think Nicki Collen’s (put some respect on that name!) team is more likely to make it there.If both teams make it to the Elite 8, I’d still give the nod to the Women’s team. They have one of the best players in the country and a defense that has stifled great competition.

BNT: Love the job that Nicki has done and certainly enjoy watching the top player in the country (Naylssa). But, I give the nod to Drew’s Bears. I’m more concerned about WBB’s lack of depth than I am about the Men’s team. We have as good a chance as any top Men’s team to win the Natty again.

And which is more likely:

Men’s team meets Gonzaga this tournament or Women’s team meets Kim Mulkey’s squad?

Posted by PoppyBear

Cody Orr: I think it’s more likely that Gonzaga and Baylor are both 1 seeds, so they wouldn’t meet until the Final Four or Championship game, than Baylor and LSU both being 1 seeds. If Baylor is a 1 and LSU is a 2, they could be in the same bracket and meet in the Elite 8.

BNT: First, I would love to get revenge on Coach K and Duke for the 2010 Elite 8 game that the refs stole from us (I was there grrrr). It would be so sweet for our Bears to close the door on his storied career. But to answer your question

What should we do with fans who were saying two weeks ago things like:

“This MBB season is over. What a disappointment!”

“Get ready for the NIT.”

“Kendall Brown is the worst recruit in Baylor history.”

Has ODB ever banned anyone from the boards for just being a bad fan?

Posted by Your_Bailey_Bear

Cody Orr: Cheer along with them in the Ferrell Center.

BNT: If we banned every obnoxious ODB poster, than I probably wouldn’t be here.

Baylor just beat two tournament teams (KU & UT) in back-to-back games without LJ Cryer.

Why are people still making the argument that we can’t make a deep NCAA run with the current roster?

Posted by Your_Bailey_Bear

Cody Orr: Anything can happen in March, and the more ways a team has to win, the more likely they make a deep run. Last year, we had five to six players that could go off for 15-20 points, so if one or two went cold, the others stepped up. Right now, this team really only has three players that can go win us a game.

BNT: There is no other sporting venue like March Madness. It’s truly the place where any team can win on any given day. But, teams with depth seem to last longer because of the one and done format against quality teams. Having said that, the Hickory Huskers did it with 6 guys in Hoosiers so I think we can too!

Last question. Who is UT most likely to lose to in the first round?

Posted by Your_Bailey_Bear

BNT: Doesn’t matter, take the points and place your bet as UT will be back. Sent back to Austin that is.

Will MBB win a Big 12 championship on Saturday?

Or a co-championship?

BNT: I’m leaning outright champs. ISU only put up 36 pts on Senior Night at the Hilton...36! 7th grade teams can do better than that. I really think our guys will show much better on their Senior Night. On the flip side, KU still has to get past TCU again and UT. Both teams beat them in their first meetings, so they know they can. UT would be the best shot and after being embarrassed on Senior Night along with closing the Frank Erwin Center by Baylor, they’ll be up for KU. It should be noted that this will be KU’s 3rd game of the week.

Also, who will be the star of the game on Senior Night?

Cody Orr: Iowa St has a really good perimeter defense, and they force a lot of turnovers, so unlikely to be one of the guards. I’m going to go with Flo Thamba. He’s the biggest guy on either team, has the most experience, and should dominate the glass.

BNT: It will be the man in the mullet! Mayer’s time!

More importantly though, will my five year old’s dance recital end in time to be home before the first half is over??

Posted by PioneerSkies

BNT: You know good and well you won’t be home in time. You’re going to be taking her for a treat after her you should!


I don’t totally understand the philosophy that some college basketball coaches have with respect to walk-ons. It seems like Baylor (men and women) has had more than a few players over the years that have no chance of ever being a starter or even getting consistent minutes. Why do we reserve a roster spot for them? Isn’t there someone out there that could be sitting and/or red shirt and learn and make significant contributions as an upper classman in the future as opposed to just having players sit around for 4 years? Or do the coaches actually believe they do have a potential shot. For example, I loved Jackson being on the team last year. Such a great person. But, (if you are looking to fill out the roster) is there not someone out there that would agree to come to BU and sit for a while with much more potential at being a contributor down the road?

Posted by AkronBear

mattisbear: There are a lot of factors here, but I think the main one boils down to the fact that you can only play 5 players at once, and a healthy rotation of 8-9 players is about where you want to be.If you want talent from the top-x % of players in the country, you can’t expect those players to agree to sit on the bench for two years before getting to play.Walk-ons provide real value to the team by practicing hard and putting the team first.

BNT: What Matt said, but it’s always nice to see walk-ons be awarded scholarships from time to time for their hard work, effort, and value to the former walk-ons John Heard and Jackson Moffat.

Next man up

The men have been unbelievable since Jon went down. What is the #1 reason that the men’s basketball team didn’t just fold? Why/how did they come through the injuries looking so focused and formidable?

Posted by AkronBear

Cody Orr: My best guess is veteran experience. We lost our leading scorer? Good thing we have a RS Junior, Adam Flager, who’s been with the program for three years and can get us a bucket when we need it. We lost our leading rebounder, Jonathan Tchamwa Tchatchoua? Good thing we have a senior, Flo Thamba, who’s been with the program for four years and is able to increase his minutes and productivity at the same time.Another good answer is, “Scott Drew can coach”.

mattisbear: What Cody said, plus “positional flexibility”. The freshman plus Mayer provide a ton of defensive flexibility, while not falling off on offense.

BNT: To piggy back on Cody and Matt’s answers, we have an incredible program for player development and a culture the players buy into. Culture is more important than people think. These guys believe in their coaches, believe in themselves, and believe in their teammates.

Drum banged for the last time

We beat UT in the last game in their old arena. Who do you most want to play when the Ferrell Center closes it’s doors to basketball as the last game?

Posted by AkronBear

Cody Orr: If UT is still in the conference, probably them. If they’ve already left to go win 10-11 conference games a year in another conference, then I want to beat Kansas to cement another conference championship. Would it be 4 in a row by then?

BNT: In conference or not, let’s go ahead and schedule UT now. It’s an easy win to close the Ferrell.

Do you expect Cryer to play again this year?

He played a few minutes in one game, then has been shut down since.

Posted by IrvingParkBear

BNT: I still have hope, but my gut is no.

Thanks for the questions. If you have any comments or other questions, please leave below.