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ODB Mailbag - We Compete, We Win Edition: Answered

Baylor Basketball, Football, Transfer Portal, Equestrian, and Jimmy Hoffa Questions Answered.

Am I the only one who thinks it’s asinine that the Big 12 Tournament is in Kansas City every single year?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the burnt ends from Gates, but there are NBA arenas in Oklahoma City, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Why not have a five year rotation through all of these cities??

Posted by PioneerSkies

Joe Goodman: I think it really boils down to fan bases that buy the most tickets. KU fans buy tickets like crazy, ISU travels well when something is close, as well as KSU. The Oklahoma and Texas schools haven’t been historically rabid bball fanbases, so KC makes the most sense on how they can maximize the money. I went in 09 in OKC to the whole tourney, there were more KU and Mizzou fans than anyone else by far.Same reason why football stays in Dallas. Oklahoma and Texas schools will show up for that, especially if it’s close.

BNT: I actually could see it rotating for basketball, particularly with UH joining. But at the end of the day, it’s proximity to programs that will fill the seats that will matter. Dallas will stay the location for football, because

How much improvement do you foresee for Baylor’s NFL draft prospects

with their blistering fast 40yd combine times?

Posted by PioneerSkies

Joe Goodman: I would guess Kalon and Tyquan were low on a number of boards. They definitely showed up and raised eyebrows. They’ll be drafted for sure now.

BNT: I agree with Joe, but J.T. Woods will probably move up the boards as well.

Someone has to ask.

What happened to Jimmy Hoffa?

Posted by westjef

BNT: It was the Baylor Mafia. A prominent figure on this site may or may not be part of it. When you google Baylor Mafia and select images, there might be a clue in an image. Also, the claim by TexAgs of a BM in the first image is really. funny. If using your Smartphone scroll right for the clue and left for the article. Too lazy to google? Here’s the link: Baylor Mafia

How on earth is this still showing on espn’s site?

Go to NCAAF / Teams / Baylor and on the the Big12 Standings (for 2021) on the right it shows OKState on top of BU. Why? How? BNT, surely you have some pull with the ding dongs in Bristol.

Posted by RSWaco

Joe Goodman: Ok State was the top team in the regular season.

BNT: Hey @ESPN ding dongs!

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

In BB, who do you think is leaving/staying? What do you think they should do?

Posted by westjef

Joe Goodman: I’ll tell any kid who can make generational money to go make generational money. You never know what happens to your career tomorrow, strike while you can. In our case, I think Mayer and Brown are gone for sure, and there’s a possibility Sochan stays.

Branden MacKinnon: Good gracious. Anyone who has seen any of my tweets knows the love I have for Jeremy Sochan. Unfortunately I think Brown, Mayer, Sochan, and Akinjo are gone. Brown and Sochan are ranked as first round picks in most mock drafts. On ESPN’s most recent mock draft Sochan is the 17 ranked prospect and Brown is the 18 ranked prospect, with Mayer in the 60’s.Flo went through Senior Night but I think there is a good chance he comes back. Akinjo also went through Senior Night but I think he leaves next year. The guard room next year is really crowded and Akinjo will likely pick up an NBA Camp invite or go play overseas.I am in denial and holding on to hope that Sochan comes back and tries to play his way into a lottery pick but I doubt it happens.

Andrew Miner: The cool thing about college now is that kids can make generational money with NIL if they do it right. But I agree that Akinjo, Brown, Mayer and Sochan depart. Going to miss the hairstyles! I think Cryer, Flagler, Flo and Everyday Jon return. So it is very possible that Flagler anchors three Final 4 or championship teams. If that happens, Baylor and Flagler will be linked to Laettner & Duke for all eternity. But lets not get ahead of ourselves.

BNT: Brown, Sochan, and Mayer in that order. I think they should go, but I want them to stay. I tweeted that I knew Brown was a one and done player, but Sochan not only played himself into the draft but as a first round pick. Kendall’s dad liked my tweet, so...

What are the keys to a deep run in the tournament?

Posted by westjef

Joe Goodman: Make shots. Learn how the refs will call a game quickly. And make shots.

Cody Orr: I’ll also add, don’t turn the ball over.

Branden MacKinnon: I think it depends on mental toughness too. You often see really good teams get tired and mentally breakdown when they fall behind. Last year’s team never got too low and was always playing at 100% no matter what the scoreboard said.

Andrew Miner: It has to be key play by Flagler and Akinjo—turnovers, shots and assists. Play fanatical defense and get out in transition. Stay calm.

BNT: Don’t play Duke. Not because we can’t beat them, but because you know Coach K is going to get all the love from the refs. Seriously though (although I was sorta serious) O might come and go, but D travels. Bring the D every game and you’ve got a shot.

Is CSD a Hall of Famer or on the path?

CSD has done a lot for Baylor and left his name on the game with now three great seasons in a row and a Championship but what more does he need to do to really cement his legacy with the likes of a Coach K, Roy Williams, Jay Wright? One could argue that he and Bill Self are now the two most iconic Big 12 Coaches too as they are certainly the longest tenured.

Posted by CactusBear

Joe Goodman: If he retired today, no. But he isn’t retiring to my knowledge. If he stays for another decade plus, wins a few more conf titles, throws in another couple deep tourney runs and reaches 600 plus wins, he’s a lock.

Andrew Miner: I would argue that Coach Drew is a HOFer if retired today. To reach any of the three coaches you listed, he needs more national titles.

BNT: To take over a program that was given the near death penalty and accomplish what he has is historic. No big name coach would touch Baylor. Those same coaches want to slide into a program that lands the 4 and 5 star recruits every year just because of the schools name. I’ll even go further to say that none of the big names out there could have done what Drew did if they had taken over the program. Since the dark days what has he accomplished? Over the past 14 seasons, Drew has led Baylor to nine NCAA Tournament appearances, five Sweet 16 berths, three trips to the Elite Eight, and the 2021 National Championship. Baylor and Kansas are the only Power-5 conference programs to record 18+ wins in every season since 2008. The Bears have made nine consecutive postseason appearances, tied for the nation’s seventh-longest active streak and fourth-longest streak among Power-5 conference teams. He may not have the body of work over time yet, but he certainly has it over the last 14 years and I don’t see the Baylor program falling off under his leadership. Based upon what I just shared I think he is deserving, but with more time to rack up wins he will be a lock.

How do you feel about the Big 12 Men’s and Women’s Basketball Awards? Any Baylor snubs?

Cody Orr

Joe Goodman: I thought they played out nicely. It’s a deep conference for both MBB and WBB, it’s tough to honor everyone. Overall, I’m pretty content with how it all was handed out.

Andrew Miner: Adam Flagler and Caitlin Bickle were snubbed.

BNT: Mayer was snubbed as he should have been on the All Defensive team. Queen should have been 2nd Team averaging 12 points and 9 rebounds per game in conference. Otherwise, I’m good.

How many wins in Kansas City will it take for MBB to get a 1 seed?


Joe Goodman: 1, maybe none. I don’t think we will be judged too harshly on the tournament.

Branden MacKinnon: 1 win, we beat OU and we lock up the 1 seed hopefully in the South. To be candid I really hope we beat OU and then lose the next game. With our 7 man rotation rest takes priority over a conference tourney. Although winning that deal would be a sweet tie breaker after splitting the Big 12 regular season title.

Cody Orr: If Iowa State beats Tech, I’d rather lose to ISU and rest. But if Tech beats ISU, and we lose to Tech a third time, god help us, their fans will become even more obnoxious.

Andrew Miner: I think one win should lock in a one seed. I agree with Cody, there is no way I would want to lose to Tech again. And if we beat Tech and play Saturday, then we may as well win the whole thing—something a Coach Drew team has never done. I am not naive, I think the loss in the BIg 12 semis last year really helped Baylor rest, recover and get more practice time before the NCAA to win it all. But it was slightly different as the entire team was working to recover from Covid. I am not sure one or two days will provide the health improvement as drastic this year if we lose.

BNT: I think we’re a 1 seed regardless of the Big 12 Tourney outcome. We have more Quad 1 wins than any team in the country. But I agree with Cody, we better not lose to Tech a 3rd time or KU twice for that matter. So, we might as well win the whole dang thing!

Follow me on this one....

Baylor AD Mack Rhoades was previously the AD for Missouri. While there, Mizzou’s starting QB was Drew Lock. Today, Drew Lock was traded for Russell Wilson. Now that I have sufficiently established a solid Baylor connection to that blockbuster trade, how much better do you think the Denver Broncos will be with DangeRuss? How would you now rate their chances in the AFC West? Or to make a run in the playoffs?

Thank you in advance! ;-D

Posted by PioneerSkies

Joe Goodman: Rhoades also used to be the AD at Houston. Who lost this year to Texas Tech. Just like the Broncos will continue to lose to former TT QB Pat Mahomes. Just be happy you don’t root for Houston.

deppsrightsteps: JOE NO. Russ gets us back to the big game in the next 2 years


Is Nalyssa Smith the greatest Baylor athlete in history?

Who is in the competition?

Posted by Your_Bailey_Bear

Joe Goodman: Michael Johnson would like a word. Nalyssa is great, but in her sport alone I’d still take Griner over her. Not to mention other options like RG3, Thomas Everett, and Mike Singletary.

Cody Orr: I’m sure we are going to miss a lot of deserving players, but the list cannot exclude Yossiana Pressley.

Andrew Miner: Don’t forget about A&T as well! You can certainly make an argument for best player in BU women’s basketball history. The cool thing is we will get to see her make her case in March. If she goes her entire career without ever losing the Big 12 (7 titles) and bookends her journey with national championships, she has a case.

BNT: I think she just might be the most athletic WBB player we’ve ever had. The greatest athlete? Once upon a time we had this guy who was the glue to our NCAA Championship MBB team who is now a tight end in the NFL. A bit freakish don’t you think?

Is the unprecedented NFL interest in Baylor seniors a validation of Rhule’s recruiting philosophy of raw measurables over football skills?

Posted by Your_Bailey_Bear

Joe Goodman: You can’t coach speed and length, you can coach a guy on how to play a position. You’ll have hits and misses recruiting that way, but I think it’s more a testament to that staff’s ability to find elite athletes AND coach them up.

Andrew Miner: True story: I was at the Big 12 media days prior to Thornton’s freshman year in 2018. I asked Coach Rhule in breakout to give me one player to keep an eye on that we may not know about. He looked dead at me and without missing a beat said Tyquan, and then gushed about how great this kid was. Coach Rhule knew what he was doing.

BNT: Yes.

Does Equestrian put a good team together next year?

Posted by JustinAllison16

Joe Goodman: Do Baylor fans like the color green?

BNT: Let’s ask the expert

What is the ceiling for the Baseball Bears?

Is the excellent showing at the Shriners Classic a sign of great things to come?

Posted by PioneerSkies

MaxwellG: That’s still a good question and I’m not 100 percent sure what the answer is. Offensively we can compete with anyone, and still haven’t shown a full weekend put together. Tyler Thomas is as good as there is. I believe Jackson will be mostly good in his starts. So a lot falls on Rigney/ Helton in the 3rd starting spot, and the bullpen. I think Voelker, Needham, Oliver, and Marriott have to be good out of the bullpen in conference. If the bullpen rounds into form with 3 people we trust in the middle and Marriott closing games, I believe this is a top 25 team that would be a dangerous 2 seed to invite to a regional because the bats can beat anyone. I was very excited the last two weekends and the Rice game between, but its going to take a lot more to get Maryland out of my head.

BNT: College World Series here we come baby! I mean, how could I add to what Max said?

Transfer portal

Not sure if this has been asked so feel free to ignore. The women could take a huge dive next year without Smith and Egbo. Has Nicki done enough this year to get the same level of interest as before from girls looking to change teams next year? What are the greatest basketball needs for the men and women in the portal? How many transfers could you see each team getting and how many of those would need to be starters for us to be at the same level next year?

Posted by AkronBear

Andrew Miner: There will be a drop off but that’s what happens when you lose the best player in the country and No. 1 WNBA draft pick. Bickle and Asberry staying will help bridge the gap. But Coach Collen has a highly touted recruiting class with two four-star freshmen in Kyla Abraham and Bella Fontleroy and the No. 2 JUCO player in Catarina Ferreira. Perhaps each program picks up one transfer.

BNT: Both Scott and Nicki have already passed on some very good portal players and they can afford to. There isn’t a lack of players wanting to play basketball at Baylor (Men’s & Women’s). Both of our coaches aren’t just looking for the right replacement fit, but also the right cultural fit and they’ll land them. Obvious need on the women’s side is a big who can play immediately. On the men’s side a point guard who can plug in and maybe a big.


Do you think all of the injuries this year could have an impact on how Scott recruits or the lineups in early season in the future? For example, having enough shooters if a player or two goes down. Thinking more about necessary lineups as injuries occur. Also, do you think Bonner will get fewer minutes next year when we have a full roster or do you think his experience this year will propel him to bigger minutes.

Posted by AkronBear

Joe Goodman: I think Drew takes each season in a vacuum. It might take him a month or two to learn his team, but I don’t think a single year affects his philosophy. He already has elite guys coming in and I’m sure there will be a transfer or two. As for Bonner, I think that’s all up to him, he will have the opportunity to win minutes, he’ll just have to prove he deserves them, as will any of the new guys.

Branden MacKinnon: I’ll just address the Bonner question bc I love and trust Coach Drew and will provide ZERO thoughts on what he does. The guard room next year is Keyonte George, Adam Flagler, Langston Love, LJ Cryer, Dillon Hunter, Dale Bonner, and maybe a transfer. I think if Dillon Hunter doesn’t redshirt then maybe Dale has a chance to win minutes. But Dale is going to be the 5th best guard on this team.

BNT: Drew will recruit based upon position needs and not theoretically what might happen. He’ll continue to look for athletic guys who can switch positions. As for Bonner, the main thing he needs is confidence. They say he is deadly with his shot in practice (including 3 pointers) and he has proven to be a solid player in other aspects of the game. With a year of having significant minutes under his belt, I think he’ll compete for playing time. Having said that, the competition is going to be fierce.

If you have any other comments or questions, post them below.