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ODB Mailbag - What’s Next Edition: Answered

Baylor football, basketball, equestrian and other questions answered!

Any truth to the rumor that LJ Cryer…

…is just holding out until CSD gets his long-term extension?

Posted by PoppyBear

Joe Goodman: I would be highly surprised if an unpaid athlete was refusing to play until his coach who’s already a millionaire was given more money or guarantees. But I could be wrong! Still, no.

Andrew Miner: Lol. Still has to be torturous for LJ knowing he is trying to come back but having the run pulled out from under him each time. Maddening if nothing is ‘wrong’ like broken and all you can do is wait.


Should CSD start yelling at our players in the huddle the way Chris Beard does?

Posted by PoppyBear

Joe Goodman: Drew should do things that a proven championship coach does. Which is to say, what he’s always done.

Andrew Miner : Why would you want him to?

BNT: Poppy was kidding, Andrew. While UT has 2 of the most prolific screamers in the NCAA leading their men’s and women’s basketball programs, I’m more of a fan of JOY!

Equestrian questions?

O.k. What are the names of Baylor’s horses? Or alternatively, what should be the names of Baylor’s horses?

Posted by westjef

Joe Goodman: Conquest, War, Famine, and Death. Only makes sense to get Biblical with the horse names.

Andrew Miner: Can we go with Kentucky Derby inspired names?: DemoDay; PalaceofSilos; BrazosRunner; Independence; 1845; and Joy.

BNT: I’m pretty sure they are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and of course Rudolph The Red Nosed one. I hear they really fly around the arena.

Who’s the starting QB for game 1 next season?

Posted by aintathangbutachickenwing

Joe Goodman: Gerry. I won’t be surprised if there’s a competition, but a fully healthy Gerry is a proven commodity.

Andrew Miner: I am going to go Gerry Bohanon. Stability, skill and turnover free will be the values Aranda looks for under center and a monster returning O-Line.

BNT: The competition this Spring will be fierce between Gerry and Blake. Although I like Blake a little more, I think Gerry will be the guy...which I’m good with.

About Tchatchoua

Who is going to help fill in JTT’s role, and should we worried in the upcoming games before we stabilize?

Posted by SicEmOSo

Joe Goodman: I don’t know if we will see anyone new filling in, maybe more small ball and extra minutes for Flo. I wouldn’t worry, but it’s a tough player to replace no matter what. Will need someone to step up and be the energizer in his place. All that said, wouldn’t mind seeing Loveday get some minutes just because I want to see him play.

Andrew Miner: We will go small before playing Loveday I believe. Playing Texas is such an emotionally charged basketball game already, and they put everything in it once EJ went down. I was most worried about the trips to Lawrence and Lubbock to begin the year; I would not be surprised if Wednesday was a let down game where the Bears are emotionally fatigued after emptying the tank. That said, I like how Flagler and Akinjo have returned to form and how they look in terms of health and chemistry. EJ is a massive loss, but is also certainly someone you can win without. Its up for the Bears to figure out how.

Cody Orr: I posted an article about what the stats say we can do to replace Tchamwa Tchatchoua’s lost productivity. From a purely numbers perspective, Sochan, Mayer, and Thamba need to take a lot of those minutes.How quickly Cryer can come back from injury will dictate if we can change offensive styles and run smaller lineups.

BNT: Cody’s article about replacing Jonathan is excellent. We definitely know what is not the answer...after watching the Loveday experiment for a few minutes last night

Any news...

On NIL funds for our athletes? I know some schools are over emphasizing it, but we should hopefully have some people getting paid!

Posted by JustinAllison16

Joe Goodman: SicEm 365 has done a couple of deals with players and Rhoades has said they have over 300 NIL deals for their athletes. This isn’t an athletic department that appears to like to openly boast, they just get stuff done. Wouldn’t mind seeing some bragging though.

Andrew Miner: Wow, over 300 deals is great. That surprises me since there is little promotion from either Baylor, the athletes or the companies that I have seen. There is no collective or trust set up from a third party to my knowledge. Texas state NIL is very restrictive on what exactly the schools can do, and I know first hand that Baylor does a great job at doing their due diligence.

Cody Orr : I read rumors that a big of Aranda’s contract negotiation was a commitment to leveraging NIL and creating a top-tier recruiting department. I don’t have any specifics, but I expect more details to leak.

BNT: I’m doing my part.

What will ou’s record be next season in football?

With the wholesale changes in their program, will they hop or will they flop ON THEIR WAY OUT?

Posted by AleanUFOpilot FTLcertified

Joe Goodman: Don’t bet against Oklahoma. They’ve still got players, they’ve made (on paper) some great coaching hires, and they have all the resources in the world.

Andrew Miner: 10-3

Cody Orr: I’ll echo Joe’s point. They are going to be a tough team to beat in the Big 12 next year.

BNT: 9-3 regular season and 2nd in the Big 12 (you’ll have to wait until the end of August for my BNT’s Season Preview and Bold Prediction article for the final prediction). Here’s a peek, like in 2014 I think we have a good shot at beating OU in Norman this season.

How many Big 12 MBB teams make the NCAA?

I know some teams have struggled playing the country’s toughest league. Will the committee remember the impeccable non-conference record?

It was said in the past that teams needed a winning conference record to make the tourney. Is that still true in the NET era? especially for teams like ISU and OU?

Posted by Your_Bailey_Bear

Andrew Miner: Isn’t it crazy how you look up and Kansas State is fifth in the league? Not that they aren’t good but just how some other teams have fallen—ISU,Oklahoma, WVA—in conference play. I think 7 get in, but it will be weird for sure. Oklahoma State is ineligible; from reading the committee would love an Iowa State team who went perfect in non conference play.

Cody Orr: It’s incredible — 9 out of 10 teams are in the top 64 of the NET rankings, and the 10th (West Virginia) is 68th.I think Baylor, Kansas, Tech, Texas, and OU are locks. Iowa St is 8-7 in Quad 1, so I think they’ll get in. TCU and Kansas State will need to finish the season strong, but I think they can make it in.

BNT: You definitely don’t have to have a winning record to make the tourney. Quad 1 wins are more important (and Quad 1 loses are considered quality loses). Insane that every Big 12 team is a Quad 1 opponent. I’m calling it right now, 7 will get in.

Realistically, how much has the ceiling for this season been lowered now that Everyday Jon is out for the rest of the year?

Posted by PioneerSkies

Joe Goodman: Ceiling is the same, this is an amazing team. Expectations may need to be tempered, but that’s on us as fans more than anything. I say enjoy the ride game to game and we will worry about where we land after we play our last game in March (or April).

Andrew Miner: Still can win the Big 12, get to New Orleans and repeat as champions.

BNT: It’s dropped a little and we need a few games to gel the lineups, but we probably won’t win the Big 12. This isn’t new to Drew and staff. I expect them to have the team ready come March.

Are there any rumors in the transfer portal you can share?

Posted by BrentBear

Joe Goodman: The transfer portal is actually just a prop from Stargate that’s been reworked.

BNT: We will definitely see something happen, but Baylor is taking their time to see what develops. This is the right approach.

Does Adonis Arms have the worst hair in the Big 12 or what?

Posted by PioneerSkies


Appreciate the questions. Feel free to add your thoughts or other questions below.