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ODB Mailbag - Sic ‘Em Edition: Answered

Baylor basketball, football, Super Bowl, and other questions answered.


Do you think the ESPN+ show Our Time is a distraction to our basketball teams?

Posted by 86bear

Andrew Miner: I specifically asked Coach Drew about his thoughts on Our Time and more so if he was grateful for the opportunity to share the stories of the players. He gave the answer that you would expect from Coach Drew and that he loved that the nation can see that all these players on both teams are more than one dimensional. So nothing specific about it was distracting, but it seems to me that both teams are learning how to play with the doc crew in the building.

BNT: No matter what is said, it had to distract us a bit. But, it’s great exposure for the teams and I think it’s been a necessary distraction. The good thing is that by now, everyone should be used to it so it’s not that big of a deal.

The announcers emphasized the rivalry nature of the BU-UT WBB series.

Is it fair to characterize it as a rivalry when one team has won 27 of the last 28?

Is Baylor WBB subsidizing UT?

Posted by Your_Bailey_Bear

Andrew Miner: It is certainly a rivalry, albeit lopsided. Baylor WBB has lost once during their 11-year Big 12 reign; beaten Texas three times in the Big 12 championship game and lost both contests to the Longhorns in 2010 even though the Bears made the Final 4 (28-4 since the 2008-09 season). Still trying to understand how Baylor blew that one game in 2017–the best season in arguing for a rivalry— at home (Horns by 6), but it produced an instant classic in Austin when Brown had 35 and Cox had a huge AND1 late (Bears by 3).

BNT: Carolyn Peck has a disdain for Baylor and talked up UT the whole game. It might be a rivalry, but as for it being a competitive rivalry...

Do you ever get tired of the ironic “S-E-C” chants? (I don’t)

Posted by Your_Bailey_Bear

Andrew Miner: Nope.

Cody Orr: Against UT and OU? Not at all. When playing against a real SEC team? I’d prefer a pro-Baylor chant.

BNT: Never gets old

NaLyssa Smith

I would like to read the article recently published in the Houston Chronicle about NaLyssa Smith, but whenever I click on a link the Chronicle wants me to subscribe before allowing me access to it. Can you help?

Posted by DLKey0523

Reading Mode

If you use Microsoft Edge. If you use Chrome and you’ve used up your “free” Houston Chronicle article, open a new “incognito” window and you should be able to get another free article.

Here’s the URL he’s referring to: Meet Baylor’s NaLyssa Smith, the best basketball player in Texas and the WNBA’s next No. 1 pick

Posted by derek.tonkin

ESPN posits that running backs is the biggest “question mark” for Baylor’s football team next fall.

If you agree, who do you expect to step up ro fill this need?

If you disagree, what do you think is a bigger “question mark” the team will have to address?

Posted by westjef

BNT: Honestly, with pretty much our entire line coming back I don’t think RB position will be an issue. McWilliams, Jenkins, and Jones are strong downhill runner types, and if Sqwirl is healthy can be a great all purpose back along with Fleeks. I’m more interested in seeing how our young WR’s perform.

When do we win

Another basketball game? Does it look like we will be at full strength in time for the tournament?

Posted by JustinAllison16

Andrew Miner: I think both squads can get it done vs Kansas State this evening. Even thoughts Cryer’s foot worries me, I think all should be able to play close to full health come March.

Cody Orr: I don’t have any inside info on Cryer’s injury, but I want to remind everyone that losing Langston Love before the season started was/is a big hit to the team. 4* No. 28 recruit in the country. When we say “full strength”, even that’s shy of the ceiling this team could have had.

BNT: We will win again...last night. I think we’ll be close to full strength come tourney time. If so, we have as good of a chance as any to make it to the Final Four. We have seen glimpses of how a full strength BU can dominate games. The wild card for me is if Mayer gets out of his funk. If not, the road will get a little tougher.

Will we see in MBB something similar to what the football team did?

In November, Gerry and the crew got punked on the road against TCU. However, that ugly loss became something of a turning point in the season, and the team became better for it, as the late season results show.

Will the MBB team handle the beatdown in Lawrence in a similar fashion?

Posted by PioneerSkies

Andrew Miner: This may help the Bears clean up a few spots, but I do not think this is similar to the TCU football loss. The end result, to your very good point, could be the same. In football, it taught the importance of being clean across the board; in basketball, I would argue that Kansas exposed coaching complacency; hesitant player leadership; and the need for star players to be more assertive. Drew finally got in the face of the officials in the second half and took the blame for letting the game get out of hand. The unstable rotation of guards has really affected the chemistry and leadership on the court—really need a healthy Flagler to lean on his experience from last March. And stars like Mayer and Brown cannot be afraid to take over, no matter the consequences. I asked Brown recently to self reflect on the biggest opportunity to improve his game now that he is halfway through league play, and he said he still has the mindset to let the game come to him and do whatever the team needs to win. As we saw Saturday, sometimes what the team needs is for him to carry a heavier load.

BNT: I think that was answered last night against a tough KSU team to beat on the road. KSU is a Quad 1 win. We dominated even with Cryer out, Flagler and Akinjo still not full strength, and Mayer having a stinker of a game.

Which current Baylor basketball player would win in a dunk contest?

Posted by Your_Bailey_Bear

Andrew Miner: Without question, I believe it is Kendall Brown.

Cody Orr: Seconded.


Any chance at all the football team could get some black uniforms? Just miss our old swag and the night magic of the black every since we punked K State.

Posted by CactusBear

BNT: Yes

Kansas rematch

Do you think everyone will be healthy by the time the Jayhawks come to Waco? What are the chances that we get the W? Any chance that we can win in a blowout like they did?

Posted by BU87

Andrew Miner: We all saw Texas beat Kansas, right? Anything is possible. And what that Longhorn win means is that Baylor controls their own destiny to win the Big 12. I believe I responded in the last mailbag how I really did not see the game in Lawrence as the biggest game for the Bears for a number of reasons, one of them being that the game in Waco should bring a healthier team with (potentially) more at stake. I would be surprised if Baylor puts out a lackluster performance like that again, but that also does not mean that the Bears are guaranteed to win. But yes, I do expect a much more competitive game. And by the way, I am very curious as to how Baylor performs on the road against Texas Tech on Feb 16. I would argue that is your litmus test, thought the two Texas games also got much more interesting.

BNT: This will be a different team than KU faced in Lawerence. So, can we win and in a blowout...I’m calling it now...yes!

Ok, seriously

Why do we have a timeline as to CSD’s contract but not CDA??? I just don’t get what the heck is going on here.

Posted by aintathangbutachickenwing

Cody Orr: On SicEm365 radio, February 2, AD Mack Rhoades said, “We’re just looking for the right date, but Baylor family can rest easy. It’s done.” and “We’ll provide a few more details at the right date.”I don’t know what “right date” means, but I’m sure it will happen soon.

BNT: 1) Mack wouldn’t lie about it being done, 2) CDA hates the limelight and wants everything to be focused on Baylor and the players (refreshing), 3) Wing, my friend

As you prepare to cheer on Clay Johnston....

What is your ideal Super Bowl food/bev spread?

Sic ‘em Bears!

Posted by PioneerSkies

Cody Orr: BBQ Chicken Wings, Chips and Salsa, and Shiner

BNT: Super Bowl special chili and beer (um root beer)

As always, leave any comments or other questions below.