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ODB Mailbag - Bowl Game, Football DC, and Basketball Edition: Answered

Baylor Defensive Coordinator, Armed Forces Bowl, and Football questions answered.

PioneerSkies: I realize that there are probably a thousand factors that would have a bearing on this, but since McLane is such a jewel of a stadium, why doesn’t Baylor explore hosting a bowl game? Maybe call it the Brazos Bowl? Or get Chip & Jo on board as sponsors and call it the Silos Bowl?

BNT: McLane could host a CFP game with the new 12 team format beginning in 2024-25. The first round of games will be hosted by the team with the higher seed or that program will choose another location based upon logistics. If we host, I suppose we can call it whatever we want.

Has the Ron Roberts firing actually been confirmed by Baylor or by Ron? If so, has any statement been made about the coaching search?

BNT: It has and there has not been a statement made. CDA, like ADMA, is very tight lipped about this stuff. Leaks don’t happen at Baylor.

TheCalvinator: I was looking at an ESPN “article” listing the top players in the transfer portal. A lot of QBs and quality WRs. Who should we target at those positions, and who are realistic options?

BNT: Haven’t heard of Baylor looking for a QB and if they did it would be a backup. There really aren’t any headline grabbers in the portal that are better than Shapen in my opinion. There is definitely interest at wide receiver and we should see addition through the portal. The staff is evaluating players right now.

As crazy as it may sound, would Spencer Sanders actually be a good one-year option?

BNT: No. If Shapen’s mistakes (although glaring but not many) upset you, Sanders would make you

If we do get a QB in the portal, does that mean it’s likely Shapen hits the second window after spring ball?

BNT: Not going to happen.

PioneerSkies: As soon as the news broke that Ron Roberts had been shown the door, fans started salivating over the possibility of hiring Jim Leonhard as the next DC. Do you reckon that hiring him is actually feasible, since he might have HC opportunities elsewhere? Would he be your top DC choice? Aside from him, who would you want to see get the gig?

BNT: Leonhard would be great and I think there is a chance. Alternatives would be Illinois Ryan Walters (‘22 Broyles Finalist) or Cincinnati’s Mike Tressel

aintathangbutachickenwing: What is Baylor’s best move at QB, 1. tread water until we get Novasad ready, or 2. go after one of all these high profile QBs currently in transfer portal?

BNT: Best move?

  1. Watch Shapen have an excellent ‘23 season while Novasad learns the system.
  2. See #1

PioneerSkies: Of all the Big 12 teams going bowling, Baylor has the best chance to win their matchup, yes?

BNT: Yes. But, I also could see TCU and KSU winning. Tech and UT might and I wouldn’t count out KU. The 2 that I see losing are OU and OSU. It’s an Oklahoma thang I suppose.

proudpapabear: How in the heck did Baylor end up in the Armed Forces Bowl? Yes we didn’t finish strong, but come on, we are not the 8th best team in the Big XII! Shouldn’t we have ended up in either the Liberty Bowl or the Texas Bowl? This is a cherry on top of what has been a disappointing season.

pbpope: The Cheez-It Bowl selected Oklahoma. The Liberty Bowl selected Kansas. Liberty kind of makes sense. The Cheez-It Bowl makes less sense. Yes, OU travels like crazy... but that still is a surprise to me.

BNT: OU used the “Blue Blood” trump card which threw everything out of whack. But, to see KU and OSU in the Liberty and Cheez-It are gut punches. Regardless, I’m excited about the Armed Forces Bowl and what it stands for. Baylor Family has already bought up their entire allotment of tickets (in the first day). We’re going to show up and show out. Looking forward this

BrentBear: Do you think playing the last game of the year at TCU seems to be an appropriate reward for this year? Will Gary Patterson do the coin flip to start the game?

BNT: Patterson doing the coin flip would be hilarious. It would be the best to have the Towel Girl trailing behind him and him wipe his face before the flip. As for playing the last game this year in Amon Carter, every BU fan needs to have any type of BU sticker in their pocket and leave it as a present stuck on your seat. Let’s mark our territory. I’m enjoying the thought of Amon Carter getting a color upgrade with our fans filling up the stadium like

bufb2007: How does Aranda prepare for Air Forces’ offense defensively?

BNT: Pretty basic D principles. Be disciplined while controlling the line and containing the pitch & QB.

PioneerSkies: Do you think that practicing against the Grimes misdirection offense will help the defense prepare for USAFA’s option scheme?

BNT: Yes. Basically the same principles I mentioned above to defend the RVO.

bufb2007: What will be/was more disappointing? BU’s 0-2 finish in 2019 or tcu’s in 2022?

BNT: Although we lost the conference championship in 2019, we didn’t lose the national championship when we lost in the Sugar Bowl. For Frog fans to experience a double disappointment like that would be the ultimate in

which would make me very happy!

Leave your comments or other questions below and Sic’ Air Force!