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ODB Mailbag - Big 12 Basketball Begins Edition: Answered

Baylor’s Key basketball freshman, glue guy, support players, CFB playoffs, Defensive Coordinator, and more questions answered!

PioneerSkies: What are your big predictions for 2023? Any new years resolutions??

BNT: Prediction? Another Men’s Basketball natty.

Resolution? To fit into my speedo by Spring.

PioneerSkies: Your thoughts on Jalen Bridges?

BNT: Bridges is a good defender and shot blocker. His shot is serviceable, hitting over 45% from the field. He does need to gain confidence in his 3pt shot. He’s one of the least turnover prone players, which is a good thing. I think he’s a nice fit overall. Between Bridges and Lohner we get over 14 pts and 9 rebounds a game. Pretty complimentary to our guards.

BrentBear: What is your prediction for the playoff games? Semis and Final. In other words, how much will TCU lose by? And then who will be the ultimate Champ?

pbpope: Georgia over Ohio State. Michigan over TCU. I could see both games being close-ish, but I could also see both being absolute blowouts. If I had to pick, I’d guess UGA-tOSU will be closer than Michigan-TCU. I’m hard pressed to go against Georgia repeating, even though I’m extremely tempted to take Michigan.

Joe Goodman: Peter is correct on the winners here. Though I won’t be surprised if TCU keeps it close for a while because of the style Michigan plays. I do think the Frogs will really struggle to score though. Duggan can only carry them so far (which has been pretty far), but this Michigan team isn’t like anything they’ve played this year. And to the other game, Georgia is better than everyone, they win the whole thing.

Cody Orr: Georgia > Michigan > Ohio State > TCU

BNT: I don’t care about anything playoff related except that I want TCU to get drummed. But since you asked, I’ll take Michigan. They’re a solid team on both sides of the ball.

PoppyBear: What’s your prediction on the long-term outcome of the Chris Beard situation? Does he coach another game for the Longhorns?

pbpope: OOF. I don’t really want to wade into this one, except to say that the silence from the Texas administration is a little surprising, I guess. That’s all I’ve got right now.

Joe Goodman: Oh buddy, this one ain’t easy. We are so used to getting immediate reactions and information on almost every subject that with this it’s starting to feel like things are being hidden. In reality it may just be that the legal system is playing out and conversations are being had in the background. I really don’t know what Texas is doing or thinking with this. But, no, I don’t think Beard coaches with the Horns ever again.

BNT: Regarding UT and Beard

BrentBear: If you could pick one BU basketball player to play QB in 2023, who would that be and why? Why do I ask? Well, at this moment we NEED a backup of SOME KIND. Merry Day After Christmas to us all!

Joe Goodman: I can’t tell you why, but I’d bet Langston Love would be one of those QBs who just doesn’t let you lose.

Jenna Patteson: Caleb Lohner simply because the dude is massive and an amazing athlete. I’m sure he could get it done.

willdb26: I feel bad for copying and pasting but it has to be Lohner. Dude is a freak athlete, has the length and the strength, and can move. Honorable mention to Adam Flagler. Don’t ask me to explain it, but he moves like a quarterback in my opinion.

David Hornbeak: Give me Love as well. Seems to have good enough size and the right build, we know the athleticism is there.

BNT: I’m on the Love band wagon. Tough as they come. You wouldn’t see that guy slide short of the sticks on 4th down.

Chilimac: With non conference drawing to a close, who is our best young player? Who is our “glue guy”? Who has been a positive (or negative if you wanna go that way) surprise?

Joe Goodman: Well best young player is Keyonte George, that’s the easy one. The glue guy is LJ Cryer, if he’s on, we are almost unbeatable, he’s the real key. A positive surprise to me has been Caleb Lohner. I think he’s really stepped in and meshed well with the team and what his role is.

Jenna Patteson: I agree with Joe, Keyonte is the easy answer for best young guy. I would say Dale Bonner is the glue guy so far. He makes stuff happen on offense and has been playing fantastic defense. On the same line, Bonner’s improvement has been the most exciting surprise this season, you can definitely tell he’s put in so much work offseason. Very fun to see that pay off on the court.

David Hornbeak: Bonner has to be the glue guy. He is the quintessential “Scott Drew Bought in” guy. Need defensive intensity? Dale. Need a ball handler? Dale. Need an [insert play here]? Dale.Positive surprise? Langston Love. We knew the dude could ball, but to see him playing this well early in the year coming off an ACL, bonus.

BNT: Key is amazing for his age. He has the it factor for sure. Enjoy him as a Bear while you can, because we won’t have him long. As for the glue, sheesh I can’t believe no one said Flagler. This team struggles without him.

PioneerSkies: It goes without saying that this season was a big disappointment for Baylor football, but what are your favorite memories from the 2022 season?

pbpope: Probably the double-reverse flea flicker to a wide open Gavin Holmes against Iowa State. That was a fun one.

Joe Goodman: Peter nailed the play of the year. But the best memory has to be Dave Aranda spanking coaches on the sideline. That wasn’t on a single Baylor Football bingo card this year.

BNT: My best 2 memories are losses. BYU was maybe the most amazing road trip I’ve ever experienced from a fan engagement standpoint. It was beyond surreal. Would have made a good Twilight Zone episode lol. The other was making history in the most miserable way, attending the coldest bowl game in history last week. Even though the outcome was terrible, I had a great time overall.

TarBear69: Will Tchamwa Tchatchoua return this season, or would that hurt his eligibility for next season? If he doesn’t return, does that mean that Lovejoy will get serious playing time backing up Thamba in conference play?

Joe Goodman: I don’t think eligibility would be the reason he wouldn’t come back, I think it’s recovery. I wouldn’t expect to see him this season. I’m guessing the team will take their time to make sure he’s back to full strength, much like with Cryer’s foot last season. As to Lovejoy, I’d like to see it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Josh Ojianwuna also gets significant conference minutes.

pocketchange: We talking about Loveday?

BNT: I’m hearing that Everyday Jon is way ahead of schedule in rehabbing. If he can go by March, you can’t keep him off the court. He would make us natty favorites just lacing up his shoes.

aintathangbutachickenwing: When new qb?

pbpope: Tuesday! Who knows, man. When they find the right fit and the right guy for what they want to do... which I’m not sure I even fully understand.

Joe Goodman: It’ll be the day that you aren’t paying attention to twitter. That’s when it’ll happen.

Jenna Patteson: Maybe by the time Blake graduates!

David Hornbeak: I’ll guess roughly 30 mins after Peter and crew record their football season wrap podcast.


Bearsalwayswin: When new dc?

pbpope: 42.

Joe Goodman: I like getting away from sports sometimes, so thanks for this question. As we all know, James Gunn is taking over the DC film universe, much like Kevin Feige on the Marvel side. With Gunn now in the fold, I would expect new dc that’s solid and good starting around 2024.

Jenna Patteson: Maybe never, who’s to say?

BNT: lol y’all.

Feel free to post thoughts or other questions below. Sic ‘em and Happy New Year!