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ODB Mailbag: Answered

Baylor football, transfer portal, Christmas movies, music, and more questions answered.

aintathangbutachickenwing: We have we lost so many recruits?

BNT: Not really. Three so far. Cory Huff was a mutual parting of the ways, so his decommitment wasn’t a surprise. Losing recruits happens every year for most programs nationally.

PioneerSkies: Has the basketpod’s Starting Five ever featured Christmas movies/specials? If not, couldn’t we all agree that the ideal Starting Five would be:

Die Hard

A Christmas Story

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Christmas Eve on Sesame Street

Mr Magoo’s Christmas Carol

Honorable Mention: How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966). Wouldn’t you agree?

Joe Goodman: I’m sorry but any list without Arnold and Sinbad’s Jingle All The Way can’t be considered.

Cody Orr: First, I would like to thank you for not including Elf. Second, I have soft spot for Tim Allen’s Santa Clause, so that would be in my top 5 for sure.

BNT: Good list except for A Christmas Story. Never been a fan. I love old movies, so here’s an old school list:

  1. Three Godfathers - 1939 starring a young John Wayne. A cowboy movie focused on the Christmas theme with 3 outlaws as the main characters.
  2. Miracle on 34th Street (original version) - 1947 the ultimate feel good Santa movie.
  3. Little Shop Around the Corner - 1940 featuring a young Jimmy Stewart and really fun romantic comedy.
  4. It’s A Wonderful Life - 1946 classic again starring Jimmy Stewart, a true classic.
  5. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer - 1964 another classic. I love the old claymation Christmas stories and usually watch them every year.

BrentBear: If you were the HC or OC, is there any reason you wouldn’t try to recruit Grayson McCall from Coastal Carolina? Dual threat. 28-4 as a starter.

Joe Goodman: Of course you’d love to have him, but so will everyone else. He’s not a hidden gem. So the reason to not recruit him is if you know a ton of blue bloods are and you know you only have so much time and so many resources during this period. I’m sure Aranda and Co will kick the tires, but I expect McCall to land somewhere big.

pbpope: I’d say that the reason is you have Shapen as a starter, and if the staff believes he’s the guy to carry you through to the Novosad era, Baylor won’t threaten his position. Plus, I think McCall is either following his HC or he’s landing somewhere big, like Joe said.

BNT: Not gonna happen. As mentioned the staff is vested in Shapen. It’s going to be interesting to see what improvement he makes during the off season when the staff can help him focus on his mechanics instead of prepping for games. I’m not saying they won’t take a QB, but he would be more of a capable back up. We have a limited number of spots and other needs.

Chilimac: Which players are sitting out the bowl game, and will anyone else (beside me and my son) brave the cold to watch a 6-6 team play?

pbpope: I don’t believe there have been any announcements regarding players foregoing the bowl game... at least, none that aren’t in the Portal.

Joe Goodman: Concur with Peter, no announcements that I’m aware of. And I hope tons of Bears will be there, unfortunately I will not be as I have other family plans.

BNT: Ditto.

aintathangbutachickenwing: Why was Ron Roberts fired?

pbpope: There are rumors about cultural fit and off-field issues that were less of an issue when the team was winning in 2021 that became a much louder issue in 2022. I have no inside information on those rumors, though. Suffice it to say, the 2022 Baylor defense is the worst fielded by an Aranda team since he began his DC career... by a wide margin.

Joe Goodman: I know a lot of people, but none of them are people who would be in the know in this situation. There’s plenty of rumors, as Peter noted, but unless the boss himself decides to come out and give us an answer, I doubt we’ll ever have the full story. I’d say the answer truly boils down to this: Roberts was fired because Dave Aranda thought it was the best move for the team moving forward.


IrvingParkBear: So who’s better....Merle Haggard or George Strait?

Joe Goodman: George is the GOAT

Jenna Patteson: I second that

Cody Orr: If you think it’s Merle...well I have some oceanfront property I’d like you to take a look at.

BNT: Fun story. A good buddy of mine who owns Junque In The Trunk in Waco was the exclusive manufacturer of George Strait t-shirts for Strait’s concerts and shows for many years. Met George here in Waco. Anyone who gives business to Waco is at the top of the list for me. Yeah, his singing is pretty good too and it should be noted that he credits Merle as one of his influencers.

aintathangbutachickenwing: what is the status of CSD’s contract extension??

Joe Goodman: Just waiting on BNT to fax it over to him

BNT: lol Joe.

Your_Bailey_Bear: Is it kind of crazy how many college sports people have been in trouble with the police the last few weeks? (Now add Beard to the list). What is going on?

Joe Goodman: College sports people are, well, people. People are flawed and do things that get them in trouble. Add in a media environment that doesn’t miss anything and a social media environment that can make things spread like wildfire, when these people make those mistakes, there’s fewer and fewer places for them to hide.

BNT: What Joe said. I’ll add that character is amplified in today’s social media, video on phones, etc. If you have character issues it’s hard to hide who you are. I’m so thankful we have men like Dave Aranda and Scott Drew (along with our other HC’s) that are committed to the culture of JOY (Jesus, Others, Yourself). Building into our student athletes for life, and eternity, is a priority. We all should be and remember that when things aren’t going so well.

Your_Bailey_Bear: What do you do during finals week, with Baylor sports on break?

Jenna Patteson: Try to pass my finals and occasionally sleep

Joe Goodman: Thank God that I haven’t taken a final in over a decade and never will again


Bearsalwayswin: what qb transfers are we looking at

pbpope: This is probably unpopular, but I will be surprised if Baylor pulls in a QB through the portal that is in a position to directly compete for the starting job in 2023. There hasn’t been a ton of noise surrounding the QB as a spot the staff is looking at for 2023. While that surprises me personally, they know way more about the sport, this team, and the players than I do, so I will defer to their good judgment.

Joe Goodman: I agree with Peter. We have to remember that fan reaction and perception isn’t the same as what happens in the coaching offices. As far as I know, Shapen is the starting QB and they are excited about Novosad coming next. There’s a balance here of believing you can develop what you have and making sure what’s next stays feeling like a priority. Going after a grad transfer to boost the room and be a solid backup is sure a possibility, but I don’t think we are going to see some splash from the portal in the form of a new starting QB

BNT: No one that I know of.

Post other questions or comments below and Sic’ Air Force!