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ODB Mailbag - Just Ready For OU Edition: Answered

Baylor football, basketball, Big 12 media, and other Baylor sports questions answered.

Your_Bailey_Bear: CBS is projecting three Baylor MBB players in the top 50: 11. Keyonte George, 16. Adam Flagler, 40. LJ Cryer. What is the ceiling for a Baylor team with 3 elite guards?

Jenna Patteson: Ceiling? Never heard of it.

mattisbear: We’ve seen what the ceiling can be, and it’s still really fun to think about almost two years later.

BNT: I would add Love and Bonner (who would start most anywhere else), but our ceiling? How about another

BearButtocks: Who else do we have ready to play at RB? I thought we might see another backup play mop up last week, but we kept in our 2 main guys. Was that due to keeping redshirts in tact?

Joe Goodman: I doubt it was due to redshirting, as you can play in 4 games and keep it. My best guess is that A. the game really wasn’t put away until later in the 4th and B. Qualan and Reese earned the right to close the game out.

BNT: I don’t think it was to preserve red shirts, as Joe said you can play 4 games and keep it. It was more the personnel needed to execute the running game plan were Qualan and Reese.

Your_Bailey_Bear: I’ve heard “complimentary football” so much it’s becoming a cliche. It seems to just mean offense and defense are both playing well. But if offense is playing badly does defense also have to play badly to be “complementary”? Can you define “complimentary football”? Or do you just know it when you see it?

pbpope: I think “complementary football” means that both sides of the ball are working together to be a complete unit. The offense does its job of sustaining drives so as to give the defense rest, even if it isn’t resulting in points. The defense, in turn, gets off the field quickly and covers offensive mistakes.The phrase is used so frequently in football that it runs the risk of losing all meaning, it’s true. But I view it as each side of the ball playing off each other, feeding off the other’s energy, and covering for the other’s mistakes. For example, Reese’s fumble on Saturday. Complementary football would have been the defense coming out and getting a stop, and not committing any further mental mistakes. That didn’t exactly happen, though, and Tech scored to pull within 7 points. The offense, though, responded, driving the length of the field and scoring another TD, essentially putting the game away. To me, THAT was complementary football.

BNT: Don’t think I can add to Peter’s answer, but when it comes to BU “complimentary football”

Your_Bailey_Bear: I will buy a premium subscription to ODB if you respond to every question with only: “Just ready for OU.”

BNT: Just ready for OU! Now that I’ve responded to every one of your questions with “Just ready for OU”, you can Venmo me $199 for your premium memberships to BNT_SicEm as I’ll make sure it’s credited to your account.

SicEmOSo: where can I find some links for all of the picks

BNT: You can find the game here

kdavis01: I believe BU played a lot of 3 man front defense to start and it was working great! Then they switched to a four man front and it seemed they were slightly less dominant, but still good for the most part. Was this 3 man front reason for their success, or was there something that I missed? And do y’all think we start seeing more of this moving forward or does this just work against TT?

pbpope: I’m not sure I remember seeing what you’re talking about specifically, but the Aranda/Roberts defense utilizes a three-man front as the base defense, which also utilizes the JACK position, that functions as a hybrid DE/OLB. The JACK can line up in both a 2-point and a down look, so it may be that’s what you

BNT: What Peter said. I’d have to take a closer look, but Tech’s OL is terrible and we may have run a few more stunts against them.

saw.garydyer: What is the story on Armani Winfield and Josh White?

pbpope: From what I understand, Josh White has been learning the defense this season, which takes time. He’s made plays on special teams. Winfield is a true freshman. I believe he’s probably redshirting.

Joe Goodman: I agree with Peter, White is a special athlete, but look at him like a true freshman playing one of the most difficult positions on our team. For Winfield, he got some time early in the season, but as Peter mentioned I’m sure they aren’t looking to play him so he can get that extra year.

BNT: Ditto

aintathangbutachickenwing: Hey BNT, explain this one to me, so OU and Texas leave, but our new media deal is going to increase?? Bwahahahahahaha!!

BNT: Yormark is really kick butt Yoda in disguise

PioneerSkies: Do you have any food centric Baylor and/or gameday traditions? Any that are specific to a particular opponent (such as having frog legs when we play TCU or tortilla soup when we play Tech, etc)?

Joe Goodman: So a weird one for me, when I drive to Waco from Houston for a game, I always stop at the McDonald’s in the Love’s in Hearne. I don’t remember when I started doing it, but I always stop for something even if it’s just a coffee. The couple times I haven’t, we lost, so I don’t take any chances.

BNT: McDonald’s in Hearne, Joe?! lol I have many, but I’ll limit my answer to my favorite drink when playing OU as I’m “just (getting) ready for OU”.

westjef: What were the keys in Baylor’s defense success against Tech’s offense? What improvements did you see that made that pleasant surprise posssible?

pbpope: Secondary growth and a MASSIVE advantage on the defensive line. Baylor’s d-line basically lived in the backfield all game long, and it was a beautiful sight to see. But more than that, when he had time, Morton didn’t have any options because coverage on the back end was, for the most part, excellent. Baylor had 7 passes broken up in addition to the interceptions.

Joe Goodman: I will echo what Peter said, and add in that as the season has gone on, our defense is getting more complex. Aranda likes to fool QBs, but you need experience to pull that off. The defense is smarter today than it was just a few weeks ago. Tech’s QBs weren’t ready for that either.

BNT: What the guys above said. I loved how our DB’s played aggressive and with confidence. I thought they’d play better, but didn’t expect that much of an improvement.

westjef: What do you think of the reported new Big 12 media deal?

Joe Goodman: It’s in line with my personal expectations. I was hoping for more mid 30s level, but overall I’d consider it a win. We will be in line with whatever the Pac gets most likely, and we are still miles ahead of what the ACC is stuck with for about another decade. The marquee names are being consolidated into the B1G and SEC, so they will reign supreme. The best hope for more money is that we didn’t lock ourselves in long term, so if one of the Hateful 8 or the New 4 can pull off a miracle season or 2, we may be in a really good position to renegotiate even before the ACC deal is done. No one thought of Clemson as a big name just a decade ago, we really can control our own destiny as a conference by just winning.

BNT: This is a huge win. With the addition of CFP’s, Bowl Games, MBB’s, etc we could see up to $50M per school, which definitely out paces anything the PAC will get. Also, there are incentives and additional revenue for bringing in additive schools and expanding the Big 12. One more thing to point out is that we will have the best value having a relationship with the coveted media platforms and time slots. Not sure what value you can put on that, but it’s pretty big.

bearchitect: Seeing as how I always want what’s best for Baylor, do I need to swallow my pride and root for that team that plays K State next Saturday?

pbpope: No, you don’t have to ever do that.

Joe Goodman: Nope, here’s the deal: win out and root against OK State. That’s all that matters. If we win out and OK State loses 1 more game, we go to Arlington. Root against any and everyone.

BNT: No lol

bufb2007: Will the network change from ESPN+ this week?

pbpope: I don’t think it can?

Joe Goodman: There is no flexing in CFB as far as I’m aware, and even if there was, I doubt it would happen for this game as it doesn’t have national implications at the moment.

BNT: Nope

Your_Bailey_Bear: Is it incredible that an OU conference game would be broadcast on ESPN+? Does that foreshadow their TV ratings when they move it the SEC?

BNT: No but it should as they’ll be good, but not great in the SEC...just like how they are trending in the Big 12.

bufb2007: Is Richard Reese a shoe in for Freshmen all American?

Joe Goodman: Reese is certainly having a stellar year, and in other seasons may have been a shoe in, but not in 2022. While certainly in the running, there are 3 other names I can think of to watch out for: Jaydn Ott from Cal, Quinshon Judkins from Ole Miss, and Nick Singleton from Penn State. Judkins is especially having a seriously dominant year as a frosh, with 1,036 yards and 13 TDs already. Reese has 12 TDs but only 791 yards. His TDs beat out Ott and Singleton by a lot, but the yardage is comparable. The other thing to consider is this is a Baylor RB, and a name from Penn State or Ole Miss is going to bring more media “glory”, whether it should or not. If you’re thinking “wow, Joe knows a lot about freshman RBs!”, it’s because I asked this question myself earlier this week.

pbpope; Semi-related: Quinshon Judkins is an all-name candidate.

BNT: If he closes out the season at the current pace, heck yes!

Chilimac: When was the last time we head a freshman that showed this much promise?

pbpope: There have been quite a few, but it’s hard to think of a freshman RB that showed this much... I guess you’d have to go back to the current Freshman RB recordholder, Shock Linwood. We had a number of WRs that were electric and showed a ton of promise early, but the position just doesn’t have the same sort of feel that a QB or RB does in terms of overall promise.

Joe Goodman: I really liked John Lovett as a freshman, but he didn’t have near the production that Reese is showing. Off the top of my head, you’d probably have to go back to RG3, though I’m not saying Reese is a future Heisman winner. The best comp is probably Shock Linwood, who had 881 yards and 8 TDs as a freshman before putting together a solid career.

BNT: I recall a watching a guy named Walter Abercrombie rushing for 207 yds in his first game as a freshman vs A&M. He had a pretty good career at Baylor and the NFL.

Post your thoughts and other questions below. Sic OU!