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TCU Game In Gifs and Tailgating/Tweeting With BNT

TCU game summarized in Gifs.

Caters News Agency

UGH! I hate it when we don’t win, but it stings a bit more when it’s against a team like TCU. Let me be clear up front that I’m not going to bash anyone on the team in this article. Bottom line is we not only should have won, but comfortably. Overall the players were locked in, focused and played with energy.

Tweeting With BNT



Greater Than

Nail Biter


Tailgating With BNT

Loved meeting the group at the Flying ES Tailgate Boo, Z, G&D! They were have a 21st Birthday Party for Katie on my right. Happy Birthday again, Katie!

Speaking of party, I gotta say Mason, Crane, Zach, Cole, Alex, and Jake tailgate know how to throw one. Enjoyed meeting and hanging out with them a bit.

Game In Gifs

How you were feeling about our chances going into the game after last week

But then you watch our beautiful first drive resulting in a score it made you a little more confident

Watching the refs gift TCU a TD by calling PI on this play were the player is clearly 5 yrds out of bounds when he catches the ball (wasn’t PI even if he had not been OB),

You were

Even the TCU guys sitting close to me (don’t get me started on seating) admitted it wasn’t a penalty, but said they were still glad it was you politely responded

but inside you felt like responding

Expecting to get either a TD or FG to end the half only to watch Shapen throw an INT in the end zone taking points off the board

Looking at the Halftime stats and seeing that we are dominating TCU, yet tied 14-14

Baylor taking an 8 point lead into the 4th Q gave you some hope

Only to see TCU draw within 2 points with 2 minutes left and then getting the ball back with 1:34 left creating a little

And when they hurriedly ran their FG unit out with no TO’s and kicked the winning FG as time expired it felt like

How you felt leaving McLane

Post your Gifs below and Sic ‘UT!