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ODB Mailbag - Baylor Sports Edition: Answered

Football, Bowls, and other Baylor sports questions answered.

PioneerSkies: Can you just imagine the horror of what it would be like to lose to Kenpom #352 (now #342)?

Joe Goodman: I can’t. That sounds impossible to do. If someone had that happen I assume their season is over.

pbpope: Couldn’t. Be. Me.

Jenna Patteson: Sounds like a nightmare

BNT: I was so hoping they would lose 61-58, but 64-63 at home is pretty funny to one of the worst teams in CBB

Your_Bailey_Bear: Who would you prefer MBB to play on Sunday: Matt Mayer and the Illinois Fighting Mullets or the UCLA other bruins?

Joe Goodman: The Mayer connection would be fun, but give me UCLA, I like beating big basketball brands and we’ve crushed Illinois recently

Jenna Patteson: Mayer for the pettiness of it all

BNT: Mullett or blue blood...

Your_Bailey_Bear: Having seen the real FB team, not the hype-fueled rose-colored vision we had pre-season, would you say our six wins is a successful season?Would 7 wins be successful? 8 wins?(Consider the strength of conference and the fact that we beat OU in Norman and Tech in Lubbock and possibly UT in Austin)

Joe Goodman: I always thought this was an 8-4 team with the chance to steal a couple. After watching us for 10 games, I still think this is an 8 win team who has had some unfortunate games and will likely finish at 6 or 7 wins.

pbpope: Personally, I thought the team’s range was anywhere 8-4 to 12-0. I did not anticipate the maturity and leadership issues to be as prevalent as they have been this season. Now, as we look to the final stretch, the frustration for me is not so much about the number of wins but the inconsistency given the potential of this team. We’ve seen flashes of what the team could be, but they still haven’t put together a full, 4-quarter performance I don’t think. The Tech game came the closest. But they’ve continued to struggle with the same issues instead of being able to put things to bed and move onto the next like they did last season. Because of that, even with the benefit of hindsight, I view this season as something of a disappointment. Wins against TCU and Texas (as well as the bowl game) could go a long way towards changing that outlook, but overall, the inconsistency on the season as a whole will remain disappointing.

pbpope: (Also Joe is a dirty liar... he put Baylor in the CFP in response to a mailbag question at the start of the season )

Joe Goodman: Well yeah I’m a homer!!!

BNT: I’ll be the first to admit that this season hasn’t lived up to the expectations. Having said that, we have 3 very winnable loses that if had gone our way would have us sitting at 9-1. But, if you press me I suppose I just want us to win out and call it a successful season.

Your_Bailey_Bear: If the Bears beat TCU, will students rush the field? How embarrassing would that be?

Joe Goodman: It’s never embarrassing to rush the field. Let the kids have fun, it’s a game

Jenna Patteson: I’m rushing the field 100%. It’s a rivalry game, we’re knocking off an undefeated team, and it’ll be an occasion worth celebrating, especially because in my 3 years at Baylor we’ve never beat TCU!! Also, seniors are running the line so it’ll be a fun sentimental moment if we can rush the field after.

pbpope: I will never call anyone rushing the field “embarrassing.” It’s great. Winning big rivalry games is fun. Let people have fun.

BNT: Rushing the field should never be looked down upon if it’s the students. I hope to see Jenna sprinting onto John Eddie field to celebrate a Bear win. Let them have their fun and enjoy the moment. Besides, the players love it and it’s Senior Day. Now if I rush the field, please tackle me before I get very far.

BrentBear: For a moment, let’s assume that you are the HC and OC. Given the obvious decline at QB with Shapen and now with two games left in the season (that you thought was going to end with a championship—which fits you quite well—ouch!), what is your plan for QB this week? Don’t worry though, your job is still safe, and you’ll still be paid $500,000 per month for the next five years even if you make the wrong decision.

Joe Goodman: Fans always love the second stringer. Shapen was given the job for a reason, and he’s going to have good and bad days. There are so many things that can cause an incompletion. It wasn’t long ago we were all convinced Zeno was the answer. Shapen has missed some throws, but from the view I get in the box, there’s also plenty of plays with no one open (edited)

Jenna Patteson: Joe’s right, the grass is always greener with QB #2. We can’t play worse than last week, so may as well give Shapen another opportunity to bring us up.

pbpope: “For a moment let’s assume that you are the HC and OC” Okay first of all, who is putting ME in charge and giving me BOTH the HC and OC responsibilities? That person needs to be flogged.As to the question. I concur with my esteemed colleagues. Shapen hasn’t been consistent but he’s not been so bad that you’re at a QB controversy decision.

BNT: lol Peter. You don’t start the backup QB unless he earns it.

Bearsalwayswin: How can we still make it to the big 12 championship? All the ways.

pbpope: I think the question below states how it happens. Baylor has to win out and hope for a ton of chaos.

Westjef: If Baylor beats TCU and Texas, Kansas State loses to WVU and Kansas, and OSU loses to OU or WVU, Baylor would still make it to the Big 12 championship game.


Westjef: What do you think are the odds of this happening?

pbpope: Minimal. Kansas State had their shocking loss already. WVU may give them a game in Morgantown, but I think they’ll slam the door on the thing and secure their spot in the CCG.

Joe Goodman: Zero

BNT: There’s a chance until there isn’t. Although the odds are very slim it could happen.

Westjef: More seriously, what bowl do you expect the Bears to play in? (ESPN predicts Texas Bowl vs. Arkansas or Mississippi State.)

Joe Goodman: Texas bowl is my hope, as I live in Houston. I think it’s also likely we could land a Dallas game, but I hope we avoid having to go out of state to say the Cheez It or Liberty bowl

Jenna Patteson: I second wanting the Texas Bowl, it’s a fun SEC matchup and we can pack the stadium since it’s not far for a lot of fans.

pbpope: Alamo is still on the table, depending on how the conference shakes out.

BNT: Ran into an Alamo Bowl rep heading up to the Club before the game last Saturday. I guess I shouldn’t have popped off, “KSU is a good team and will be a good representative for y’all’s bowl.” Yikes! I’m good with the Alamo or Texas as I always have a good time in both places. Oh, and we are going to win!

westjef: TCU seems to have a knack for upsetting Baylor when BU is the better team. What is the secret for us returning the favor?

Joe Goodman: Play a mistake free game and get some luck


BTN: lol Agree with Peter.

westjef: Why has TCU overperformed and BU underperformed?

Joe Goodman: I’ve said it a bunch, TCU is loaded with talent. Dykes brought a new voice and system that the guys have taken to well, and they play hard all 4 quarters and never give up. That wins football games. Baylor fans, myself included, never really grasped how much we lost from last year’s team, athleticism, experience, instinct, leadership. Add in the hell schedule and honestly Baylor hasn’t underperformed as much as we think they have.

pbpope: TCU had a ton of experience on that team, and sometimes all that experience needs is a fresh coaching approach. Dykes was able to free up talented players to do what they do best. They have been able to ride momentum early and then solidify themselves as a very, very good football team.While I agree with Joe about underestimating what we lost to an extent, I do not agree on the “underperforming” aspect of the season. I don’t know how you look at the losses on the schedule and say that Baylor did not underperform when you look at the actual results. We haven’t seen this team with all cylinders firing... and to me, that is the definition of underperformance. And that’s why I view the season, thus far, as a disappointment. We haven’t seen a full four quarters of what this Baylor team can do.As to the why, I think that the team lacks player leadership, or a disconnect between the players and what leadership there is. There are a few that have stepped up, but they haven’t gotten the buy-in that Pitre, Bernard, GB, etc. were able to get. We also haven’t seen progression like we hoped at certain positions on both sides of the ball.

BNT: I’m a simple guy so I’ll break it down like this, TCU maximized their opportunities and Baylor has minimized theirs.

bufb2007: What are the odds this staff starts Drones?

pbpope: Absent a Shapen injury, 0%. The staff isn’t going to create that kind of chaos in the QB room.

Joe Goodman: Zero

Jenna Patteson: We learned with Charlie Brewer in 2020 that Aranda usually sticks to his guns with QBs barring injury, so as much as people want to bring Drones into the conversation, realistically I doubt it happens.

BNT: Like I’ve already said, unless Drones wins the position it’s not going to happen.

Leave other questions or comments below. Sic’ TCU!