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KSU Game In Gifs and Tailgating/Tweeting with BNT

KSU recap in Gifs and Tweets...oof!

Caters News Agency

There are no words as to what we witnessed Saturday night, but I’ll give it a shot. I really thought our Bears would be ready for KSU as they controlled their path to the Big 12 Championship. Win out and we’re in. Lose and although not mathematically eliminated, our path becomes dependent on what other teams ahead of us do. Ugh!


Appreciate our fan engagement as the Baylor Family is awesome! BNT’s Ticket Exchange was very active filling many seats. We had everything going our way with a student led Black Out that the Athletic department got behind and endorsed

And the game was a sell out

Even Coach thought we’d win lol

Then the game begins and reality crushes expectations. Barstool KSU having a little fun

The refs couldn’t even help

At least there’s a silver lining?

Tailgating With BNT

Loved hanging with the Beall & Bower tailgate. Jeanne’s chili was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

Enjoyed meeting John and Monica. Great group of people, live music, good food, and they taught me how to play something called “flip cup”? (wink)

Game In Gifs

Before the game you had high hopes as you were telling your friends

But the confidence is fleeting once you see us march the ball down the field on our first possession, only to turn it over with an untimely Shapen interception

When when we finally generate a little offense and end the 1st Half was a FG by Mayers with the clock running it generates a little excitement

And some hope that we make key adjustments at halftime to come out and score to make the game manageable

But the 2nd Half begins and we continue to

As KSU rudely reminds us that we got

In the 4th Q it felt like

while leaving a bad taste in your mouth

But being the great Baylor fan that you are, you remind yourself and your friends

Time to refocus and get ready to watch our Bears knock TCU out of the CFP’s. Post your gifs and comments below. Sic’ TCU!