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ODB Mailbag - Football Stretch Run Edition: Answered

Baylor football, basketball and other sports related questions answered.

yourbearman: What was up with Shapen?

pbpope: He was definitely off. We were wondering in the pre-show for the podcast if maybe he was one of those affected by the flu? Have zero info on that, though. I will say, I was impressed that he didn’t let his inaccuracy conflate into a full-blown confidence shaker. He stepped up and delivered an absolutely massive throw to Hal Presley on a 3rd-and-6 with the game on the line.

BNT: As Peter said, could have been recovering from the flu. Could have been the wind, which was pretty bad. Could have just had an off day, which happens to all athletes from time to time. Regardless, he overcame and buckled down leading us to victory making the plays at key times. He’ll be back to normal against KSU.

PioneerSkies: On Monday’s broadcast, King said that Baylor doesn’t have a “true point guard” on their roster. Can you please explain what you think he meant by that? And also, what about Big Dale Bonner? Granted he might not be starting, but his passes were SO CRISP!

BNT: A true point guard is the QB on the hardcourt. He’s a good game manager, ball handler, passer, and 3 pt shooter. Hmm, that pretty much sounds like Flagler to me.

I’m very high on Bonner. Even though he is not one of the starting five, remember Drew likes playing an 8 man “starting” rotation. There’s a reason he was the first guard off the bench. He’s not only a great passer, but a lock down defender. Maybe our best on the perimeter. Oh, and it looks like he’s found his shot. Watch out Big 12!

PioneerSkies: Precisely what is an appropriate amount of schadenfreude? It’s okay to hope that OU doesn’t become bowl eligible right? But is it wrong for me to want the Horned Frauds to beat UT this weekend, just so that Baylor can hand them two losses and crush their CFP dreams?

pbpope: I mean, that’s what I’m cheering for... The second one. I really don’t care about the first.

BNT: It would be funny if OU, like UT last season, didn’t become bowl eligible. As for the ‘horns and TCU, I want both to lose every time they play. lol Actually, I’m just looking forward to winning out and making it to the Big 12 Championship.

Your_Bailey_Bear: In retrospect, did firing their coaches mid season give TCU and Tech an advantage?

BNT: Maybe it helped in recruiting for Tech as they hired Joey right after the firing, even though he didn’t start until this season. TCU probably not. They hired a good coach, but it was after the season.

Your_Bailey_Bear: What would you say to commenters who three weeks ago thought Baylor would likely miss a bowl game?

pbpope: It’s okay. We’ve all been wrong before. Even Mark.


BrentBear: Did you ever imagine a BU-OU game being relegated to ESPN+? I just watched a 20 minute “version” and the announcers (particularly play by play) were so bad I turned the sound down more than once. Is this the future of college football broadcasting?

Jenna Patteson: It’s so wild to think that last year the Baylor-OU game was worthy of Big Noon Kickoff, and this year it was on ESPN+. Unfortunately, I don’t see ESPN+ leaving anytime soon, but if I’m wrong I won’t be upset.

pbpope: Yeah, ESPN+ is here to stay for Tier-3 rights. The worst part about it is the home team production, I think. You would NEVER see an interview with the softball head coach on the networks... and that’s not intended as a slight against their softball coach. That team is insanely good. Just not the venue for that kind of feature, normally. (fwiw, the interview with Roy Williams was equally distracting from the on-field product.)

BNT: Me to ESPN+

BrentBear: I keep reading about Amazon (and I assume others) pursuing streaming deals with college football conferences. Do you know anything about those plans?

BNT: Nope. They have the platform and need content I suppose.

Membry412:: What is better for the Big12, getting only 2 teams into the playoffs and NY bowls game or getting 6 teams into any kind of bowls games?

BNT: More exposure and better payout to have 6 teams bowling.

aintathangbutachickenwing: Whose better, Reese? Sqwirl? or the OL?

BNT: While I love Reese and Sqwirl, it’s the OL that makes our O go.

Chilimac: Who is bigger: Sqwirl or Reece? Who “runs bigger”, and is it really a compliment or a backhanded compliment?

BNT: Reese is about 10 lbs heavier. They both run mighty big imho.

yourbearman: What are the chances that we win out and get into the B12 championship after the start to our season?

pbpope: Three one-game seasons in front of this team. Let’s win the first one.


Post other comments or questions below. Sic’ KSU!