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Bye Week In Gifs and Not Tailgating With BNT

How did you survive the weekend without a Baylor Football game?

Ugh, what a week without watching our Bears on the field. Coming off of a tough loss against Top 10 Oklahoma State, the bye week is just what we needed to work on some things and heal up.

I dropped a BNT Scientific Poll this past week as to what we needed to work on during the bye week and here are the results:

Interesting how close the WR’s and DB’s are. Special teams received the most write in responses. There were a few comments on play calling as well. Not a thing that was mentioned hasn’t been noticed and addressed by Aranda and the staff. We’re literally this close from being 5-0 instead of 3-2. I still feel good about Baylor getting back to the Big 12 Championship game. It won’t be easy as the Big 12 from top to bottom is the toughest conference in the country. That is with the exception of Oklahoma who is now officially

lol Scott Burghart gave a mic drop response to the above tweet

I asked you to tweet a Gif as to how you felt when you you woke up on Saturday and realized Baylor wasn’t playing. The whole tweet thread is hilarious, so I thought I’d share some of the responses with you.

Of course there’s always that person in the group

Not The Game In Gifs
What MLK Blvd looked like when it is normally a game day at McLane

If you would have gone into McLane expecting a game

What the sound would have been like without the BUGWB band, DJ, Baylor Line, and fans

How you might have celebrated not playing

Other things you might have done since Baylor wasn’t playing

like mow you and your neighbors lawns

Watch your kids play sports (and show brotherly love at the same time)

You got some work done

You were able to get to that project needing to be done on the house

Most importantly you got through the day without Baylor football and can now start to focus on Thursday’s game!

Post your Gifs below for how you filled your Saturday without Baylor. Sic WVU!