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Tech Game In Gifs and Tweeting with BNT

Is this the game that changes the Bears season? Let’s find out and have some laughs as well.

The team we thought we’d see at the beginning of the season finally showed up against Tech. Baylor executed on both sides of the ball dominating the game and improving to 5-3 overall and 3-2 in conference play. Win out and we have a great chance at being in the Big 12 Championship again. It won’t be easy, but I feel better about controlling what we can (winning out) after last nights performance.


Every game day morning, I drop a Keys to the Game tweet. Bottom line was if we execute, we win. We executed and we won.

Some of y’all chimed in this morning lol.

I appreciated Tech honoring a former athlete who had a losing record against Baylor at the game against...Baylor lol.

And couldn’t help myself with a couple of playful comments about Tech’s coach.

Game In Gifs

When some of you heard we were playing Tech in the BUTT Bowl you thought about

but made some of you

and the rest of us

It felt even better as we took control of the game early and never let up

True freshman Richard Reese being unstoppable and going over 150 yds rushing for the second game in a row (while scoring 3 TD’s) to the Tech D

Gabe Hall to the Tech offensive linemen on his way to recording 3 QB sacks

When you’re asked how many more INTs did Baylor’s DB’s have against Tech than they’ve recorded against the first 7 opponents

Watching Tevin Williams III with one of the most amazing ints of the season

Tech HC Joey McGuire heading home after the game

Feel free to post your gif of the game below. Comments are welcome too. Sic OU!