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ODB Mailbag - Football’s Back On Track Edition: Answered

Baylor football, basketball, and penalty rules answered.

This Is My Next Post: I keep waiting for TCU to get exposed and they keep winning... was Coach Patterson just holding them back all these years? What are the odds they remain undefeated until we play them on the 19th? Should we be hoping that happens?

Joe Goodman: I hope TCU loses every game they play. They play hard for 4 quarters and the offensive system is working. They won’t be undefeated by the time they come to Waco though.

BNT: They are well coached and Duggan’s is a good QB, but I agree with Joe and will say the odds of their being undefeated by the time we play them will be very low. I’m hoping they lose before we see them.

GraysonDupre & bufb2007 (pretty much the same questions: I heard about a basketball scrimmage against LsU, did you hear about anything that happens in the game and if so any major takeaways?

Branden MacKinnon: They scrimmaged LSU in Houston I believe. No major word out of the scrimmage just the Instagram highlight.

BNT: Word is that they looked very good against a talented LSU team. The next scrimmage is on Saturday against A&M. Understand, the scrimmages are closed so information is very limited.

westjef: Texas Tech’s offense is 3rd in the nation in passing yards per game. Baylor’s defense is ... uh, way down the list in passing yards allowed per game. How does Baylor try to stop the effectiveness of Tech’s passing game? Does the BUTT bowl have to be a shootout?

Joe Goodman: The BUTT Bowl will be a shootout, just in time for our offense thats looking really good. They throw underneath a ton, so being sound in position and making tackles will be key, but this game will be all about who can score, score, score.

BNT: Tech’s OL is terrible and they do not want to run the ball. This will play in our favor game planning against their offense. On the other side we will use the same strategy of running, controlling the LOS, short to intermediate passes, and eating up the clock. We’re no slouch when it comes to scoring and avg more pts per game than Tech in conference play. Best way to negate a high scoring team is to keep them off the field.

Your_Bailey_Bear: Would you please make a list of all the Texas Big 12 schools that are undefeated against Kansas over the last 15 years?

BrentBear: Has the SEC changed their mind about inviting OU and UT yet? What I’m trying to say is do you think UT will ultimately “be back”?

Joe Goodman: The SEC still has Mizzou. I think they’ll be fine with some even bigger names coming in to lose.

BNT: Don’t forget Vanderbilt, A&M, etc. Specifically will UT be back?

Chilimac: Why the disparity in our first and second half performances against Kansas?

Joe Goodman: KU made adjustments on offense and they worked well. Our offense still moved the ball but we’ve had some terrible luck this year. Nothing to panic about

pbpope: Devin Neal talked yesterday during media availability about the defense getting “too comfortable” with the big lead that they had at halftime. Couple that with KU’s adjustments like Joe said, and I think that’s probably a good part of it. The team has to focus on playing a full four quarters and not allowing mistakes on the other side of the ball impact how they play.

BNT: What Joe and Peter said, but let me add:


That’s is all.

bufb2007: Can a team be penalized for facemasking their own player, saw this in the Clem-Syracuse game where a defender yanked his teammates helmet off trying to sack Clemsons QB?

Joe Goodman:

BNT: This should not be a penalty as it’s considered an accidental incident. The player whose helmet came off must leave the field for one play. But then again, who knows what Big 12 refs would see/not see and throw a flag?

Post any other questions or comments below and Sic Tech!