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KU Game In Gifs and Tailgating With BNT - Homecoming Win Edition

Time for some giggles as the KU game is summarized in Gifs.

Caters News Agency

Nothing like a homecoming win to make things feel a bit better and hopefully get our Bears back on track. This was a big win as KU isn’t your KU of yesteryear. They are well coached, have some talent, and on any given day can throw a loss on their opponent. Just last week they took undefeated TCU (yuck) to the wire before falling in overtime. Even though we let them back into the game the second half, we were in control from start to finish. Although it was the final was a comfortable 35-23 victory, we could have just as easily won 49-16.

My Keys to the Game pregame tweet proved true and as always, here are my Morning After Thoughts:

I’ve always felt that with the parity in the conference this season, 2 loses can still get a team into the Big 12 Championship. We don’t have any margin for error, but we can accomplish this. Just take it one game at a time and continue to improve.

Tailgating With BNT

I love homecoming as it’s a great time to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Being able to hang out with my buddies while catching up along with crashing, I mean going to some other tailgates to make new friends is one of my favorite things on game day.

Shout out to the Anderson Cattle Tx tailgate for providing some pregame mimosa’s...which are perfect for the early games. Good folks and very hospitable.

I had no idea the star of Halloween, Michael Meyers, was a Baylor fan and serving Jayhawk on a spit. Kinda creepy, but I appreciate his passion.

I always enjoy visiting my good buddies Brad and Lisa Mac’s tailgating. They definitely provide a home away from home tailgating atmosphere.

With my belly a tad full, I hitched a ride with one of our awesome BU freshman (Clint or Chad...started with a C, sorry buddy) who was on his way to run with the Baylor Line. Loved his mode of transportation.

Game In Gifs

Seeing the patriotic flyover before the game

Watching us shut down KU’s opening drive with a 3 & out and us marching down the field to score on a Shapen to Baldwin pass on our opening drive

Then seeing true freshman Richard Reese score on our second drive with a 14 yrd rushing TD jumping to a quick 14-0 lead

When the onslaught continued in 2nd Q with our running the Drones package to put us up 21-3 you were feeling confident

And when Nabors caps off the half with a 10 yrd scoring lead giving us a nice 28-3 cushion at the half you and your buddies

But then midway through the 3rd with Baylor driving, Shapen has another costly fumble that is returned by KU all the way to the 9 yrd line setting up their first TD you

All of the sudden we’re in the 4th Q and can’t seem to do anything right watching KU make the score much closer than it should be it felt like

Cutting the lead to 28-23 you say to your buddies

Then one more time Superman Reese scores to put an exclamation point on the game buttoning up a solid 35-23 win you’re like

Post your game reaction gifs below and Sic Tech!