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OSU Game In Gifs and Tailgating With BNT: Ouch Edition

Baylor OSU football game in gifs with some guest tweets.

Caters News Agency

Hardest thing as a blog contributor is to do a gif blog after a loss. But they say laughter is good for the soul, so hopefully this will help console your soul.

As usual I will give you my Sunday after game thoughts:

Before you give up on this team, and that should never happen, keep in mind our only two losses are against the #7 and #16 ranked teams in the country. #16 beat us in double overtime in the most hostile environment I’ve experienced. #7 played a great game and we went toe to toe with them. I think we will both meet in the Big 12 Championship, but it’s going to be hard as the Big 12 is the toughest conference in the country top to bottom and it’s not close. The team parity is crazy. Is it possible to get back to Arlington? Yes. Easy? No. Doable? With this team, certainly.

Tailgating With BNT

It was fun meeting and hanging out with true freshman DB Reggie Bush’s folks Reginald and Monica...perfect addition to the Baylor Family:

Had a fantastic time at John and Jeannie Beall’s tailgate...pulled pork, home made BBQ sauce, and the brownies were off the charts!

Finished up my tailgating on the McLane Stadium field where the Baylor Line tried to recruit me to run with them. I politely declined as I am not a fan of getting stampeded these days. Got some handshakes and “Sirs” from them...sheesh lol.

But, I did inspect the tunnel to the field to make sure there were no obstacles fo our amazing freshmen when they ran

Which helped our Line to make their run with no mishaps...with the exception of one lost shoe lol

I overheard that the ref was into the Gold Out...wish all of Baylor Nation would agree on this

Was hoping for an Apu dance, but this was close

Game In Gifs

I asked you on Twitter to share how you felt about the game after the loss and had very funny responses. I will include some of these in the Gifs this week. Thanks for contributing Baylor Family as I can always count on y’all to cheer me up!

Some of you when you found out the game was a Gold Out and were requested to wear, well, gold

But most of you (a big BNT thank you to y’all)

Your confidence level before the game

Which was bolstered when moved the ball down the field on the first drive ending up with 3 pts

But when OSU easily answered right back with a TD you

Then the unthinkable happened and we gave up a safety when we tried a quick pitch deep in our end zone, which you said regarding the play call

Somehow we manage to keep it to a two possession game going into the locker room at the Half, but then OSU scores on the opening kickoff of the 2nd H just like that you making it a 3 possession game you

When you watch Shapen twice hit Baldwin for deep TD’s making it a one possession game each time

But OSU closers the door with a late field goal putting the game out of reach you

Some final thoughts from the Baylor Family after the game

Thanks for contributing and making the game a bit more tolerable for me. Post your gif thoughts below concerning the game. Let’s Sic WVU!