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WVU Game In Gifs and Tweeting With BNT - Ugh Edition

Baylor football game against WVU in Gifs. Time to laugh and move on to Sic’ing KU!

We’re halfway through the season and sit at 3-3, 1-2 in conference play. No doubt Thursday was by far the worst game we played and yet we should have won. Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, as a tip of the hat to WVU for doing what they needed to do to win. The flip side was we didn’t do what we needed to do to win. There is the difference. As usual I tweeted out my next morning thoughts

Which generated some interesting responses:

Always have some venting after a tough loss

Of course, I had to answer

A few of the players parents responded to the tweet and always enjoy their positivity. As much as we love our Bears, they are vested!

Friday morning I added to the Thursday morning thoughts as it’s time to move forward

With some encouraging responding tweets

Game In Gifs

Driving through the hills to get to the game in Morgantown was a little creepy and eerily familiar for some reason

Once you arrived at the stadium, it was interesting seeing WVU’s tailgating

When the game begins and we have a 3 and out and then watch WVU methodically march down the field and score

But Shapen finds his grove and we score 17 unanswered points your mood changes

But then you see WVU tie the game when Baylor is driving on offense because Shapen fumbles only to be recovered by a defender who takes it 65 yards to score

With the game tied in the 3rd Q and Blake moving the team down the field, you see he’s down after a nasty target by a WVU player

When things begin to unravel for our Bears after WVU blocks an extra point attempt that would have extended our lead to 7, but instead return it for 2 points cutting our lead to 4 it felt like

What our tackling in space looked liked, particularly in the second half

Seeing WVU take the ball down the field and kick the game winner with 1:30 left

Losing a game that was certainly winnable

Post your thoughts/feelings about the game below. Sic KU!