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ODB Mailbag - Bye Week Edition: Answered

Football, Baylor football, and Big 12 football questions answered.

PingJockey83: It could be a combination of factors (the offensive line waking up, or that we’re finally wearing down the defense) but is it just me, or does the O Line, and the offense as a whole, look better with Mose Jeffery in at RG?

BNT: Mose will stay at LG. For me the biggest help will be getting NFL prospect Kahlil Keith back in the lineup. We have missed him.

SicEmOSo: How many wins will Kansas have at the end of the regular season?

BNT: I said they would have 6 before the season started and I’ll stick with that. Their ceiling is probably 7.

rberry444: What aspects of the defense need to get better to improve this down the stretch and is there a player whose improvement could make the most difference for the unit as a whole?

BNT: We need turnovers and pressure on the QB. When those start clicking we will see the D of last year. As for player, really need Milton to step up.

I have a need to see more of these

SkinthatSmokeWagon: Who would’ve thought Kansas would be undefeated at this point??

BNT: Not me and they aren’t now. But, I still think they’ll make a Bowl Game and that’s huge for the Jayhawks.

PingJockey83: What is the realistic ceiling for this team going forward?

pbpope: This is a question I think we’ll have a much better feel for after Thursday’s game against WVU... though, I’ve said that sort of a response multiple times this season. I think 10-2 may still be realistic, but I’m leaning more towards 9-3 or 8-4 at this point, given the level of play in the Big 12 through six weeks of ball.

BNT: Sticking with 10 and getting to the Big 12 Championship.

joshsm07: What are your thoughts on the Big XII teams ranked in the Top 25 (and those that aren’t).

BNT: I’m going to answer this with BUY or SELL. Buy means I agree, sell means I don’t.

8. OSU BUY - this is a legit Top 10 team

13. TCU SELL - the meat of their schedule is coming up and on top of that they have Texas and Baylor on the road

17. KSU BUY - their ranking is about right as they have the talent and leadership...but, I haven’t drunk the Kool Aide regarding Martinez

19. KU SELL - admire the turnaround, but I don’t think they’ll finish the season in the Top 25

22. UT SELL - they still have to go to KU

Just outside looking in is Baylor. I expect us to move back into the Top 25 after this weekend

bufb2007: Where do we get 3 more wins from?

pbpope: Beat three of the seven teams left on the schedule. While the Big 12 is absurdly competitive this year, there’s not a game on the schedule that is an automatic L.

BNT: We can get a W from every team we have left on the schedule.

Post other questions or comments below. Sic WVU!