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ODB Mailbag-What’s Next For Baylor Sports Edition?: Answered

Football, basketball, and other Baylor sports related questions answered.

MBB Question

Does the MBB team need to win out to have a chance at still being a 1 seed in the tourney? I would say 3-4 losses is probably max.

Posted by bufb2007

Joe Goodman: Win out? No. But they will have to avoid losses to teams in the bottom half of the conference. Can’t have another Okie State game and need at least a split with KU. But I don’t think anyone is getting out of the Big 12 this year without at least 3-4 conf losses.

Evan Hebert: I think they can afford 2-3 more losses total to still be considered a #1 seed. This year feels like there are far fewer elite teams than your standard year and Baylor is in that grouping until proven otherwise.

Cody Orr: Here are the win-loss records of #1 seeds over the last few years: 2021: 31-1, 28-2, 24-7, 23-5 2019: 25-6, 33-4, 35-3, 29-7 2018: 31-3, 29-6, 36-4, 31-8 2017: 32-4, 37-2, 31-5, 33-7. Baylor plays in the toughest conference in the country and is the reining Champion. I think we would get the #1 seed with 5 losses. At 6+ losses, it starts to depend on other factors.

Andrew Miner: It may feel like the sky is falling, but that is not the case. Keep in mind that the selection committee also takes injuries into consideration when seeding the teams. In order to win the Big 12; however, we may be able to only afford 1-2 more losses max as Kansas is just sitting there with a single loss yet again. But the Bears do not need to win the conference in order to be considered for a #1 seed.

BNT: This team would be a #1 seed with 6 losses as we are now in conference play and any loss would be a strong Quadrant 1 or Quardrant 2 loss. But let me be clear, even if we are a 2 seed no one wants to face us early!

How good will our D line be next year?

Elite or Super Elite? With the addition of Jaxon Player? I feel great about how good both lines will be!

Posted by bufb2007

Joe Goodman: Should be a blast to watch! Plus with another year under Aranda, expectations should be huge for the D Line, and the depth Player adds is super nice. Ika may be one of the best in the country when all is said and done next season, enjoy it while we have it because it’s for sure a special group.

Evan Hebert: Midway High Forever baby — Baylor should have the best Offensive AND Defensive line in the big 12 next year. If we stay healthy, we might be able to rush 3 players on most downs next year and still get to the quarterback. Look for this defense to remain salty next season.

Andrew Miner: The Baylor defense has been dominant since 2019; no reason to expect that to change next year. The key will be to get pressure with the fewest guys possible—felt like that took some time to develop this past season but once it did it was a thing of beauty.

BNT: In 2019 we won with a great D Line and very good linebackers/STAR. In 2021 we won with a very good D Line and great linebackers/STAR. In 2022 we will win with maybe the best, yes I’ll call it elite, D Line we’ve ever seen at Baylor with a scheme that maximizes their use and frees up our excellent linebackers/STAR. With basically our entire OL and DL coming back, we should be picked to repeat as Big 12 champs, but you’ll have to wait for the BNT’s Season Preview and Bold Prediction article in August to see my final thought.

Who do you see stepping in at the skill positions next season?

Posted by kbbaylorbear11

BNT: Taye McWilliams, Jordan Jenkins, and Sqwirl at RB. Hal Presley, Josh Fleeks, Elijah Bean, Monoray Baldwin, and newcomers Winfield and Nabors at receiver. Sims and Dabney at tight end. We will probably take a proven WR in the portal as well. We should be fine.

CDA contract?

Posted by aintathangbutachickenwing

Joe Goodman: I’m with all of you who want to see this get done. But, I’m in the camp of not very worried people. Aranda has made it clear he wants to be here, and my assumption is they are working out assistant payouts and the little stuff that goes in. It’ll happen when it happens. Until then, I hope Dave is enjoying his offseason.

Evan Hebert: This is one of the things that is particularly frustrating about being a fan of a private school. We will never know anything about this contract except what they specifically want us to know. In my heart I feel like the deal is already done and they are sitting on the news until the most possible opportune time to leak that information.

BNT: I’ve given multiple reasons, but a reason that I have yet to give is the fact that my next door neighbor is one of CDA’s assistant coaches and he doesn’t have a For Sale sign in his yard.

Who decided that a 4pm tipoff was acceptable?? On a Tuesday that is...

Posted by PioneerSkies

Joe Goodman: ESPN

Evan Hebert: Personally, I love 4pm tip-offs. I work from home and was able to watch an entire butt-kicking and still have my night to myself. More daytime basketball please.

Andrew Miner: I agree, it was actually nice to have earlier games and then accomplish other things. I think 6 p.m. is the ideal start time. The better question is how did WVA pack their arena at 5 p.m. on a Tuesday?

BNT: I have no idea (I really do), but it worked out in our favor as those hillbillies were only half liquored up on moonshine as they didn’t have all day to drink before the game. Also, it was probably scheduled earlier as a safety measure so there would less drunk driving incidents as they were heading back up into the mountains and didn’t have to navigate the narrow, winding dirt roads in the dark. Although that is optimum time for ‘possum hunting.

Who replaces LTU potentially

Next year for our ooc opening? I think Mid Ten St has a opening.

Posted by bufb2007

Joe Goodman: MTSU is one that has an opening, but I’d look out for James Madison. They are making the jump to FBS in 2023 and need some games against the top league ahead of that move.

Evan Hebert: I would like to get a good test for the guys without risking an embarrassing loss. Bring in A&M.

Andrew Miner: I was very surprised they cancelled the game. Let’s invite an SEC team to Waco—A&M would be preferred, but also Tennessee, Auburn or LSU would be fun!

BNT: I’d schedule Vanderbilt as they are the KU of the SEC. There is a psychological reason for this as our 56-7 beat down of them would intimidate UT since Vandy willl be replacing the KU rivalry and UT will be losing to them soon enough.

Is Texas the worst basketball team in the Big 12 at this point?

Posted by Andrew Miner

Mattisbear: OOOOOOOOF. I hadn’t considered it through this lens yet. It’s…. possible.

Evan Hebert: You lose to Kansas State you are the worst team in the conference those are the rules

BNT: Absolutely and that makes it unanimous.

Add any thoughts or additional questions below.