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3 Things the KU Game Will Confirm About the 2021 Bears and BNT’s Bold Game Prediction

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2 games into the season and so far so good as we have already matched the win total for 2020. Granted it was against teams that we should have beaten, but we know that can go haywire (Liberty anyone?). While the game against TxSt was sloppy, we controlled the game and it was never in jeopardy. Against TxSouthern the Bears used the opportunity to clean things up and obliterated other words, took care of business. Oh and before you complain about the weak opponent, consider that WVU played Long Island University and won 66-0. I didn’t even know they played football. Maybe their lacrosse team showed up? Even mighty Alabama played Mercer last weekend. My point is everyone does it, but it’s not bad if you take care of business, keep everyone healthy and give the back ups some experience. Three checks for Baylor last Saturday.

After the first 2 games, I’m still a strong buy on our Bears having a very good season. The Kansas game will confirm that we are trending upwards and these are the 3 reasons why.

  1. Our offensive line is vastly improved. I would grade them above average at this point and they’ll just keep getting better while gaining confidence with each game. They play hard, nasty mean, and hustle. Any team that has OL executing second level blocking, is a team that will be successful on the ground the majority of the time. Last year we averaged a little over 2 yards per carry. So far this year we are averaging an eye popping 7.5 yd pr carry and 328 yards a game. This will drop as we get into conference play, but I think we will settle around 4-5 yds pr carry. What do I expect to see from the OL and our ground game this week? The KU run defense is their achilles heel. We should see over 200 yards rushing and have a least one back going for over 100 yds. I’ll go with Ebner.
  2. Although our Defense hasn’t been electric, they’ve been doing their job. I see them having a big game this Saturday with Apu Ika back in the line up and angry to prove something. Our best edge rusher, Garmon Randolph, should be back as well. Matt Jones has been a pleasant surprise and the firm of Bernard, Pitre, and Doyle should get us some sacks as the KU O Line well be exposed. Bean (even though he’s a scrambler) can be roped and hog tied. With the pressure he will face and his susceptibile to poor decision making, we should have some picks. Of course, JT Woods is going to be JT Woods which is a good thing. What do I expect regarding the D against KU? We should have 3 sacks, 1-2 picks, and a fumble recovery while controlling the line of scrimmage.
  3. Gerry Bohannon is the real deal. Many out there still have “the jury is out” mentality about Gerry. Let me make this clear, Gerry is the X-factor. His athleticism is certainly off the charts and we all knew he could run, but I’ve been very impressed with his arm strength and execution. He has shown just enough throwing that teams can’t pack the box against us and now have to respect our passing game. This game will confirm that Gerry is not only our leader now, but the future. What do I expect from Gerry against KU? 50 yds rushing and a TD along with 225 yds passing and 2 TD’s.

BNT’s Bold Game Prediction

BU 48

KU 17